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  1. Good stuff. 1946 doesn't seem crazy either.
  2. Yes, 911 is based out of that building too. I have a friend that use to work there so I think its both. I could be totally wrong here, but my understanding is that AT&T's (ie: Bell Systems/Southern Bell) historic switching center for Spartanburg County is also at that location, so while they don't use a physical switch board anymore, there is still a lot of important communications infrastructure in that one place. It makes sense that 911 would put its operations center there from that historical perspective. If this is incorrect I'd love to know... but given where that building is in town, it seems like it would have been built in/around 1910-1920 or so which is about the right time for a telephone system to be built to serve the fancy new homes on in Converse Heights.
  3. I'd rather them take down the AT&T tower behind it than the building.
  4. That's actually pretty solid. If it ends up looking like that, then that's a really great infill type of building
  5. I drove by when I was in town for Thanksgiving. These photos are great, but you really have to see it in person to understand what's going on. It's a lot of work, and new people are already living downtown. Very exciting. Maybe someday there will be a downtown grocery store that can survive.
  6. I'm less interested in this addition - its pretty ugly - but more interested in the future "worship center" as that could be a very nice front door for that church to Main Street. Agree on the parking out front. That's unfortunate, but that block of Main Street will always be huge gap. Hard to see the vibrant part of downtown expanding past FBC anytime in the foreseeable future. The skybridge is dumb - are the 7 cars per hour that use Converse Street too much for them to handle walking across the street? First Pres has a tunnel under Chestnut St, though, so it's going to be hard for the City to say no. Maybe they could convince them a tunnel is a better route?
  7. The concrete(?) edges of that building are weird. I know it says "cast stone" but TBH if that means the beige of the Montgomery building then I'm not a huge fan. It only works for that building because its actually historic. I'd love to see something more detailed and interesting than flat beige there... But this is a solid project. Great design, great location. Even if its a bit weird looking its still a win!
  8. Feels like a gas station is significantly smaller than a bowling alley. Will they tear down the old building?
  9. Did you see the project called out on a list somewhere? Odds are good that is an error.
  10. The mere fact that you have to ask a question like that is everything that is wrong with contemporary architecture
  11. I don't know much about Aiken - but it feels like this is a bad idea if their plan is to tear down these historic buildings to build a parking deck and a conference center. I could be convinced otherwise if there is more info on why they think this is a good idea.
  12. Is it good though? I'm not anti-growth, but I'm not in favor of the garbage subdivisions that are being built in the western portion of the county being built on the east side too, though I suppose its inevitable. More like Sprawltanburg if you ask me...
  13. It's kind of hard to see what's going on there. Would this annexed into the City? I'm concerned with how the street network would function out there. I hope they are required to connect streets in a way that doesn't result an a warren of cul-de-sacs.
  14. I never thought I'd say this about anything in Easley, but that looks pretty cool!
  15. Typically you don't apply unless you have the matching funds available. This is great news! This is a crapload of $$ for trails. 15 miles ain't shabby!
  16. If only there were some sort of ordinance that could make all of the development processes more efficient - You know, unify the development process to make it so that development that follows the plan has fewer barriers to getting built. One day we'll realize that permanent single family neighborhoods work against well functioning cities. Probably not anytime soon though. IMO we shouldn't be debating a twitter comment when they guy isn't even on here...
  17. I wish the Graham St side had more active ground floor uses. The RailYard has set a new bar, IMO. This is ok - not great, but could have been worse. IMO probably a function of UMUD vs TOD design requirements (just a guess)
  18. The could, in theory, be designed to allow for walk up service from the sidewalk and drive thru in the back. They aren't being designed that way, but the compromise exists - they just can't have a triple drive thru lane.
  19. They do it strategically. When they annexed portions of Hillbrook a few years ago, they used it to grab some other parcels along the way. The HJ specifically said they worked it out to maximize the annexation area using the 75% rule. The parcels have to be adjacent, but also parcels that the City wants to annex. Providing services to residential communities is a net loss for the most part - so you have to evaluate the cost of services. That said, I have no idea what is going into the annexations being discussed here or why they wouldn't be more proactive.
  20. Given the way the republicans are gerrymandering the shit out of everything, I highly doubt any new transit funding will be heading to Charlotte or anywhere else in North Carolina. I am not a Tariq fan for many reasons, but to his credit, building an alliance with North Meck is a more successful strategy than going it alone. If the majority of leaders in the County aren't on board, it will certainly never advance in the General Assembly. The (rail-based) Red Line could conceivably happen if there is enough money for a second track + sidings to accommodate passenger rail in a way that doesn't preclude freight. That would be significantly more expensive than the current plan, though. All of that said, I am highly skeptical of a Bokhari-led transit movement for the reasons others stated above.
  21. Yes. It was called "LaVecchia" or something to that effect.
  22. Would love to see anything other than that crappy office building on that site.
  23. It's understandable because road projects take a long time to engineer. We talk about it at a meeting and get excited about it, then it takes 5 years before you see any change. It's aggravating but also just the nature of the process. SCDOT adds an extra layer of BS though. I think this project is funded by SPATS allocations (which is connected to SCDOT).
  24. Right, but most of that is courtrooms and holding cells and what not. Actual office space is probably less. But that's just a guess. I have no idea what it could be otherwise.
  25. Maybe they're counting the Courthouse? The new project at 100 E Main isn't approved yet, so it wouldn't be counted towards this total.
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