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  1. I'm not convinced of a suburban revival coming at the expense of urban areas. I think markets that are extremely overvalued like SF Bay, NYC, etc. may see a drop - but it's likely more of a market correction than anything else. Work from home may be more integrated into work culture, but I don't think it lasts forever in its current state. People who write "news" make predictions to sell subscriptions. Sooner or later the intangibles associated with working IRL (camaraderie, innovation, sense of community/cohesion, etc.) will force people back into the office. I do think office space will continue to get smaller, though. Charlotte doesn't have any actual urban neighborhoods. Even uptown is basically a large office park, so I can't see any part of the city hurting. And the so-called "urban" market here seems to be quite strong at this point.
  2. Wow I thought this one was dead. Glad to see it's moving forward! No parking should keep the cost per unit down, too.
  3. Gotta say, I was a bit disappointed when they figured out removing the atrium wasn't really a viable option, but I like the Tryon Street side a lot.
  4. Its weird to be excited about a building that I sincerely hope I never have to go into. I think they've done a good job with the design. Looks like a proper courthouse, and the space out front will be a nice public open space for people to enjoy.
  5. We were talking about that in another thread, but I created a separate topic for it.
  6. I like the annexation, but I'm not a fan of the apartment design. I didn't realize the land doesnt go up to Drayton Ave. It's dissapointing that they can't at least point a street stub to it so that the apartments could have more than one entrance onto Drayton Rd.
  7. Spartan


    Had not heard about that. I assume some sort of brownfield / superfund cleanup situation?
  8. Developers/architects will often dig a bit to find some way to connect their project to the city. It helps them sell their product if they can do it well. I think it's next level to name it after a street that hasn't used that name in many decades, so kudos to them if that's the connection.
  9. Nice. I hope they will extend Beverly Drive to Drayton St.... or is there a railroad in the way?
  10. Fantastic. Can't believe it only took Duke 116 years to listen to their customers!
  11. Wow who convinced them to do that? It seems atypically generous of Duke.
  12. Spartan


    Good to know. plans don't typically get "cancelled" or scrapped. They're always more of a guide... so if we're straying too far from the plan then it's probably time to revisit. That one was really more of USC's plan, though, right? Anyway, I hope the riverfront park situation can gain some momentum. Talk about a game changer - that will be transformative beyond anyone's imagination, I think.
  13. I always love to see old buildings restored. Can't wait for that work to be complete. Columbia's Main Street is taking a lot of positive steps these days.
  14. So this is really more about County Council.... but I didn't realize Linda Dogan had been elected to County Council but i was still pleasantly surprised to see her defeated in the primary. https://www.goupstate.com/news/20200623/abusaft-defeats-dogan-mccorkle-beats-farr-for-spartanburg-county-council-seats
  15. Spartan


    Is all of that from the Sasaki plan from a while back? I thought all of it was just "in the plan" and not necessarily a done deal.
  16. This is cool. Glad to see this happening in Sparkle City!
  17. If you're going to count Bon Haven, you should could the townhomes over by Converse too!
  18. Ever notice the subtitle of the Greenville forum? It says "Foothills Metropolis." If you go to the main SC forum or the top left of the Greenville subforum you can see this text. If you've ever wondered why it says that, it was something that a former admin came up with waaay back in like 2004. This was before we had the wonderful cadre of contributors that we do today. The name was totally arbitrary because I didn't have any idea of what else should go there, and we needed to put something in that space when we were setting up the subforums in order to be consistent. So, I've decided that I'd like to change it. My first thought was to make it say "yeah, THAT Greenville." - but I'd like to know what you all think. We can also leave it the same. I'm also open to other ideas. Is there a nickname, phrase, or motto that resonates with the community? Would you prefer to just leave it alone? It's up to y'all - I just wanted to throw the option out there.
  19. For reference: https://www.flagofcolumbia.com/
  20. Gotta say that I like this. I like any effort to get away from the standard white flags with city/county seals on them. This has potential, but I think it's going to take a while before people know what it is.
  21. Publicly owned property doesn't pay taxes, so if the City is now providing trash pick up and other services then it's technically a loss. However, the City will be in a better position to annex the adjacent properties when the time comes. I'm betting that's the play here. When all of that new development starts going up, they'll get annexed in and contribute to the city's tax base. AS the city expands, I assume they would be intentional about not creating donut holes too. My understanding is that what history guy said is generally true... however, the City must want to annex new residential property too, otherwise they wouldn't have tried to annex all of Hillbrook a few years ago. It should, in theory, have to do with home value and density, and maybe ease of service relative to existing service areas?
  22. Somewhat OT here, but the fact that the P&C is posting articles about Columbia small business openings says a lot about the quality of The State these days. I hope their realignment and printing consolidation helps address this reporting problem.
  23. Anyone have any pics of activity here? I hope that they get rid of most of the huge parking lot over there. The area around the old Bates House was always a bit disappointing, IMO. This should be a massive improvement regardless of what they do, and I feel like Carolina has done a great job with its new buildings over the past couple of decades or so.
  24. Spartan

    Columbia Transit

    I realize I'm over a year late on this reply, but I seriously doubt it. It's expensive to operate and maintain and Columbia/Richland doesn't really have the demand for rail transit at this point, or transit in general.
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