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  1. They have a trench dug and were filling it with concrete today.
  2. Just some random pictures while walking around.
  3. I took a video of the blast today the one around 11:30am. Warning the video is pretty loud so adjust sound before playing it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SP33ydxknTNZEw7RA Sorry for the bad quality, I was using my phone while zoomed in.
  4. Some pictures from yesterday. I just think the parking deck looks so neat being built like that.
  5. Like ricky_davis_fan said above. I have heard the hotel was going to be put at 401 S College st. BUT I heard this 6 years ago. That's when they started getting the third party vendors to start getting their data equipment out of the 401 building. (not sure if everyone knew, but 401 was/is a data center that had every ISP there.) There is still a company in the building as of today so they have to move out (which has been in progress for 5 years). Then like already mentioned the new duke tower has to be completed before all the people move out of the buildings.
  6. They were installing some windows in the background of my picture, also the guys on the new crane just standing around waiting for the next piece. These were taking earlier this morning.
  7. Just some random shots from today.
  8. Some shots from today. They brought the other half of the trailer in and were drilling some hole in the sidewalk.
  9. They are still digging in that same hole. They took the drilling machine away today. Not much else has changed.
  10. Sorry for the bad pictures but here is a small update from today.
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