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  1. This is an ad-nauseum argument in here. Orlando's DT is a restaurant/bar/event/residential downtown. With the additions of the residential buildings and the lower amount of office workers, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more people living than working in DT. And I'll take that over the opposite every damn day. CBDs where every restaurant closes by 3PM and is a ghost town by 6 is miserable.
  2. Agreed. Wadeview is completely haphazard. I walk in the street 90% of the time. I don't mind it per se, but it definitely is strange. I've reached out to the city and we're just not on the near term list.
  3. I think this is a bit of a disingenuous complaint. I mean, I agree with the premise. But how many buildings really make an impact 7 blocks away? For reference, this is the same as looking at City Hall from roughly Washington or Jefferson. And I kind of like that it helps create a step down into Eola Heights... and I like Landmark around that side of the lake. It makes Eola feel much less fast paced.
  4. Agreed. I love this idea. Very strange that it was resurrected after a 9 month lull by an OMA press release, but that can be seen as a good or bad thing.
  5. I typically only use it like a month or so a year (typically ~March) to just get a nice base tan quickly in like a week or two. Sure you can go outside, but when you work 9-5, you miss all the good sun, and it takes multiple hours and multiple days to get the same base tan I can get in ~10 mins a day for 6-8 days.
  6. As much as I would love to see the new buildings, I think over the next few years as we see how things shake out, the county occupying various unused office space due to WFH migrations would make a lot of sense to consolidate the various departments. I will partially defend the Election Supervisor being on Kaley. It's downtown adjacent. We should/need to get to a point where SoDo and North Quarter are basically extended parts of downtown. Also, with the popularity of early voting creating an influx of people to the location, having it just off a highway ramp and largely easy in/out is
  7. O-Town Tan is the latest Covid Casualty. They closed up shop earlier this week and made a deal with South Beach to move memberships/assets to them. Calling it a merger, but it's pretty blatantly a sell. TBD if South Beach will be assuming the lease in the Publix plaza or if it is one amenity that SoDo will no longer have (Closest South Beach locations are Lee Vista and Colonial Plaza).
  8. I mean, I do typically walk up Delaney but if Orange was activated I could easily see myself preferring that route.
  9. Yeah, I'm torn on this too. The health system expanding is great for all the things @WAJAS said. My concern a little bit is that as they continue to expand on the west side of Orange (this project, whatever is going to happen at the Orlando Brewing site), we're going to have a 4/5ths of a mile of "dead" zone from an urban activation philosophy. Which wouldn't be awful if the east side would be built up. But look at what's happening on that side. The Mama B's into Foxtail. The plaza where OTF/Smoothie King was built. Good additions, but has no scale or density. If the entire west side i
  10. I think the human brain is wired to prefer objective over subjective situations.
  11. Hmm maybe its just me, but I've always considered the CBD to stop at Rosalind. It's such a natural divider. I get that OC HQ is on the other side, but meh.
  12. I've been pro-remove all highway speed limits and simply enforce wreckless driving for years. The 408 speed limit has always been comical. It's 6-ish lanes going eastbound out of downtown. There's minimal reason for it to not be 70.
  13. Potentially, but its moving an organization from Maitland into downtown. I'm okay with it. If I were an NBA team I would not want anyone to be able to see into my practice. That's a massive competitive disadvantage.
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