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  1. AndyPok1


    One thing I'm intrigued by is how full they're going to go on this renovation. Generally when a store does revamp, they close down almost a third of it. It feels a bit like Publix is trying to have their proverbial cake and eat it by basically shutting down almost nothing. Adding 2018 fixtures doesn't really matter if your floor still looks 2005. I also decided to forget how to use multi-quote. Gotta artificially inflate that post count!
  2. AndyPok1


    Yes this. I stopped in Walmart Market for uhhh... I don't even remember what, shampoo maybe? on the way home from the gym since I didn't feel like walking to Target. Extremely slow process that was not efficient at all. I kept apologizing to the lady behind me because I'm like, a one item transaction should *not* take this long.
  3. AndyPok1


    I believe they all are. You just enable it in your profile (same as digital coupons) and enter in your phone number into the pinpad before you pay.
  4. AndyPok1

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    I'm okay with him collisioning anywhere he wants. We have Ryan Day waiting.
  5. I dunno... maybe I'm just different. When I go to other cities I basically eat, walk around, take pictures of fountains or other weird geometry that I think would make a cool picture, and drink. I can do all of that here as well. Unless you're a *destination* attraction, I don't really know what else people are doing...
  6. AndyPok1

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Just south of the shopping plaza.
  7. AndyPok1

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Yeah, a direct exit to Turkey Lake has been planned as part of BTU for years. I'm intrigued to see if they eliminate the left turn entirely.
  8. I... don't know... what mid-major cities have that? When you go to Cleveland or Detroit or Indianapolis or Oklahoma City or Cincinnati or Pittsburgh what do you show them for more than 30 minutes? Unless you're San Antonio that has the Riverwalk or New Orleans with French Quarter, it's just not a thing in my mind. I was in San Diego recently, and I wandered around during the day... there was nothing of note.
  9. Memories are flawed, that's fine. But even if it was a late afternoon game, we haven't had one of those since April. Unless your friend was using "football" in the European sense... the science just doesn't check out. We basically only have night games because of the Florida sun. Ignoring that, let's go back to the original question I posed. What does your friend like to do for fun that doesn't exist? Where can we improve? Unless they have a very niche interest, or they only like bowling/trivia/karaoke/shopping malls, I'm hard pressed to understand what we don't have.
  10. AndyPok1

    Hourglass District

    You mean, like they talked about like 4 years ago, before a developer tried making "Hourglass District" a thing? Whoaaa
  11. So maybe I'm off base here... but the specific discussion that started this was AFTER eating AFTER a soccer game. The Houston game started at 7:30. That means it ended at 9:30. By the time you walk to Wahlburgers and eat its 1045 optimistically? I know I'm the local drunk, but... you aren't doing any of those "culture" activities at 11PM.
  12. AndyPok1

    Downtown Orlando Tallest Buildings (Meters/Feet)

    Also, pools. Parking Garages.
  13. I know my role :shrug: With that said, outside of [obviously] the craft beer, country bars, and "unique" drinks (and potentially the rooftops), you can easily do any/all of the rest without drinking. I have many times.
  14. I mean... what do they do for fun? In addition to what Spenser posted re Wells/History Center ... DTO has just about anything that most people would want. Live music? Tanquerays / Caseys Craft Beer? WoB / Tap n Grind Sports? Harry Buffalo / Graffiti Games? Joysticks Movies? Cobb Cars? Ace Cafe "Unique" drinks? Pudding Shots at Lizzys, Capri Sun at Basement, Tequila Coffee at Artisans, Campfire at SHOTS Hookah? Kush Rooftop? Latitudes, One80 Patio? Relax / Ember Country Bar? Saddle / Stagger People Watching? Anywhere The only thing we really don't have on weekends (I'm assuming since you mentioned an OCSC game and football) is karaoke and trivia downtown. But the other 5 nights of the week, it's pretty easy to find.
  15. AndyPok1

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Glad to see Med Deli get 3rd at least. Best Gyro in town IMO. Med Blue a close second. I'll have to try Mykonos