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  1. I don't disagree that minimum-wage jobs need to be higher paid, but that isn't going to change the fact that they're minimum-wage and thus depress the overall average wage. I'm not going to speak in regards to the H-1B stuff, but the Disney IT presence in this region is booming and continually expanding. The entire truth never came out.
  2. I don't agree. When you have the nation's (worlds?) largest single-site employer in WDW, plus Universal, Sea World, and all the others, that's going to drag down averages. That's how statistics work. There will never be enough ridiculously high paying jobs on the other end of the spectrum to balance out those 50,000+ [close-to] minimum-wage jobs that are a part of the backbone of our economy. However, they have absolutely no negative impact on the amount of "good" jobs that are ALSO here.
  3. So here's my issue. We have a VERY vibrant downtown. I lived there the past 5 years. It's significantly more walkable and urban and livable than most other cities of our size. We had a downtown grocery store and movie theatre while most other cities were lucky to have a handful of condos and a downtown that turned into a ghost town at 5PM. Sure, as the generations have changed and economy has improved, other cities are catching up to us, so we need to keep doing more. Invest in expanded Lymmo and Bike lanes. Invest in bringing more jobs into the core. Continue to invest in housing to try to bring the insane cost of downtown living down. That way we can continue to be a leader and expand the vibrancy that already exists in a downtown where people can Live, Work, and Play. Anecdotal evidence sucks because its just that. Your reality is that people are gone. Mine is the exact opposite. With the exception of a negligible percentage (seriously I can think of two of the top of my head), everyone I know in Orlando ISN'T from Orlando. There's a group of ten of us that were interns over a decade ago for the tourism giants. We've stayed and made a life here in professional careers. There's another group of ten that met in the dorms at UCF and have stayed and built careers and families here. There's another group of ten that all met playing kickball because we needed a way to meet other people because we moved here by ourselves for professional opportunities. We are from South Florida, and Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and North Florida, and Indiana, and New Jersey, and Michigan, and Wisconsin, and Kansas, and Illinois, and Texas, and New York, and Germany even! We are Engineers, and IT, and HR, and Recruiters, and Teachers, and Nurses, and Sales, and Finance, and Marketers, and Realtors, and Researchers, and even a Lawyer or two as well. Wander around downtown one Sunday afternoon. You'll see every bar and restaurant packed with people spending $30+ for brunch and mimosas. You know who can afford that regularly? Professionals. It may not be your scene, but I'm a transplant who has embraced The City Beautiful as my new hometown, and it is honestly the only place I ever see myself calling home for the rest of my life (partially because I have a successful career with many opportunities). When I read your words, I see an entirely different city than that one I know, and that makes me sad. Are there a lot of lower wage jobs? Absolutely. I'm also friends with many a bartender and waiter. They have families and they find ways to not only survive, but THRIVE. A good bartender makes a good wage. A good waiter who can snag a job at one of those higher end restaurants that the tourism economy supports can make more than you or I. We need more and better jobs, just like we need more and better housing, and more and better transportation, but we don't have to shun the girl that brought us to the dance in the first place. We have a great city that I'm proud of, and each day we get better.
  4. Yup! I'm very excited to see how it turns out. I'm just sad that the basketball courts weren't open during the 5 years I lived in 55W.
  5. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I despise using cities as population data. The city of Columbus, OH annexed so much that it (and the suburban cities) basically takes up the entirety of Franklin County, so much so that they've largely gotten rid of county government. For comparison, there's roughly 900,000 people in Unincorporated Orange County compared to the 430,000 living in the cities with a majority being Orlando (240k). Comparatively there's roughly 125,000 people in Unincorporated Franklin County compared to the 1 million living in the cities with a vast majority being Columbus (790k). The fact that my neighbor a few blocks down who lives less than 3 miles from the CBD isn't part of the City of Orlando is a joke and is why any statistics that solely look at cities are faulty.
  6. I'll feed the troll. What better way would you like to use the space while promoting a connective tissue between the CBD and Parramore sides of our downtown? I'm all for criticizing, but have solutions. Massive parking lots as were the previous use were an artificial boundary. Because of our water table, doing a cap would be cost prohibitive.
  7. Other Metro Area Projects

    Fixed it for you.
  8. So much going on here... yeah, I'd love to become NYC. I want to live in NYC, but my job is here and I significantly prefer the weather. NYC is the only place I'd leave Orlando for. With that said, I'm not under any delusion that we can do that. But can we become the best 3rd-tier ish city? Absolutely.
  9. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    Give me my NS path so I can get there. Biking on Orange or Delaney or Summerlin sucks And moreover, to the point I've made many times before. While I'm happy to attempt to be as car-less as possible, many others aren't. Simply shunning them is not a good alternative. If there's no parking, suddenly my friends will be going to other places besides Tasty Tuesdays... or playing pool elsewhere besides Sportstown... or getting beers somewhere that isn't Barley and Vine, etc etc
  10. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    Because we had perfectly fine buildings/retail and a garage and now we have dirt and surface parking. It was always planned to be a two phase effort so that they didn't have to wait for the entire block to be cleared... yet they've done nothing.
  11. I have called people out for the 7-Eleven bashing, so I agree that there can be lots of negativity around here. But there's negativity and there's realism. Until they have any sort of deal with the property owner, and are willing to announce who this mystery healthcare partner is, it's entirely a pipe dream that I see no point in even getting excited over.
  12. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    I know I'm the only one, but still think this is a solution in search of a problem. There are east west bike lanes a block north. Also, alternative 2B leaving street parking in the Milk District please. There's a lack as there is IMO.
  13. The Park is closed. The sidewalks are not.
  14. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It is. Segment 2 of I4Express/BTU construction is slated to start in the second half 2019 because of how bad the Kirkman <--> 528 stretch has gotten.
  15. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Cursory googling says they contributed 1 mil, and the bridge and eventual interchange is going to bring them so much money from the rest of their holdings, that's the cheapest expense ever. Again, if they want to name it Carter Pkwy or Daryl Pkwy or Maury Pkwy, I'd have no qualms. Just first and last named streets should be reserved for exceptionally notable people or inside of gated areas. Dude is a real estate investor. Beyond being on an advisory board for UF Real Estate studies, he's non-notable. Off the top of head, what are the other full name major streets we have? Barack Obama, John Young...