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  1. Being that I've now moved and reside on the backside of the aforementioned little strip center, got any fun knowledge about said heydays?
  2. Uptown

    Yeah, NQ amazes me. It has great streetwalls the entire length now, but when I go for runs in that area, I'm often the only person on the sidewalk. Do these people just never step foot out of their apartments?!
  3. Orlando Mayoral Race

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only person I personally know that voted today, and I have no connection to any candidate. Unfortunately, my vote against Commissioner Hill did no good. To @spenser1058's point, I'm content that the good path the Dyer administration has us on will continue, but I yearn for a D5 commissioner to simply ACKNOWLEDGE the thousands upon thousands of residents s/he represents east of I4. But for better or worse, no longer my fight. In 10 days I'm off to District 4 and can happily vote for Patty until she's ready to retire.
  4. The first 4 lots on Orange ( the plaza, Insurance and 321 Creative) as well as the first 3 lots on Hollenback (including 1810), are all under different LLCs but have the same mailing address... which is the offices of
  5. I spoke to management about that. They kept enough of the existing structure that they weren't forced to update the setback. I don't love it, but if the patio actually gets used, I don't mind.
  6. Because the station is in the middle of nowhere (relatively speaking) and is largely disliked?
  7. Amway Center

    The black one makes a lot more sense
  8. Amway Center

    Interesting. Wonder if we can requested updated renderings because that definitely isn't shown on the public ones. I put the blue X approx where that white square is.
  9. Amway Center

    I'm one of the worst in history of a "Look at that over there where I'm pointing!" game... So pardon my incompetence, but uhhh where is the pillar going in that picture?
  10. Eh, I don't consider 420 or The Sevens to be downtown. I like that North Quarter has a "style". I don't particularly want South Eola to turn into all towers. I think a mix of brownstones, towers, and efforts like 420/520 is a nice mix. Agreed about Crescent, but at there's still over half the block left, and it added needed retail there (Yay Greenbeat!)
  11. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    Because Church is almost always closed, so Pine street is the first street that can actually go from Division to downtown. Having lived in 55W for almost 5 years, not having to make a ton of turns to have another way in/out without using Hughey/Garland is huge. Traffic is hellish during events. -- With that said, from that picture posted (I'm too lazy to go to the MPB right now and I refuse to click Bungalower links), if looks like they are getting rid of the elevation/hillside that was in the initial renderings and making it a normal plaza. If that's the case, I understand making it a pedestrian plaza. I imagine Church St District would fight that though. It would make that the last stop for Magic games AND OC games.
  12. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    What?! I thought part of the reason for it was to reconnect Pine Street...
  13. All of our high rise residential are between 250-425 feet tall, and 20-35 stories. Modera fits that mold perfectly. You don't want an OKC situation where you have one massive tower. It sticks out like a sore thumb and makes the skyline look bad.
  14. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    133 space valet lot on Church/Division; 30 space "Business Use" lot on Church/Hughey since their current side lot on Hughey is inaccessible due to I-4 Ultimate. Personally, I'm writing the city commissioners expressing displeasure at approving the valet lot, and hoping they don't renew the temporary permit after three months. I have no issue with the 30-spaces for the one year span due to I4 construction. It is on part of phase 2 anyway. However it has been over 3 years since this project was approved to be built in phases, and over a year since the parking garage was demoed and tenants forced out. No excuses for it to still be in design phase and getting surface parking.
  15. Ugh. I noticed that the other night and took a pic but never uploaded! Thanks for picking up the slack @Jernigan!