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  1. I'm all for Spirit getting out of my airside.
  2. The carpet is literally an MCO signature within the aviation community. They sell socks with the pattern.
  3. Include me in this. I fly AA, so I hadn't seen that side of the airport in over a decade until I took the C shuttle a few weeks ago. So one thing about those computers at airports like MCO is that they are owned by the airport, not the the alrlines. They're common-use. Basically (virtually) any airline can take over (virtually) any check-in counter / gate simply by logging in. As far as physically goes? I can see as renovations/new builds happen, it turns into more of a podium model rather than a counter, similar to what Disney has done at its hotels and theme park entrances.
  4. Exactly. I was in a hotel in Chicago for work and could easily see what was on the tv in the building on the other side of the parking pedestal. It's just normal
  5. I've worked in the airline industry, specifically setting up check-in terminals and kiosks. I was literally in the Willis Tower at United HQ when the cutover from Continental to United happened. There are a variety of reasons why what happened to you and your friend could have happened. None of them are merger related. For example, AA can sell you tickets on United, Delta, JetBlue, and many others. They often won't, but they can. I've seen it happen many times you think you book a ticket THROUGH one airline, but your FLIGHT is on a different airline. This seems like the most likely answer for your specific scenario though. International is often not coupled with Domestic because of gate and plane requirements.
  6. Haha yeah, I like giving Mark a hard time. But they went with the name John & Johns Pizza
  7. Airlines can sell other airlines tickets. This is nothing new or special and has nothing to do with the merger.
  8. Agreed love Chicken Fire. To me that's a bit different genre, but I guess it isn't conceptually.
  9. Cava opened in the old Zoe's. I went at 3PM and it was a ghost town. Food was fine to good-ish. $14 for a Mediterranean version of a less filling chipotle bowl though... ehhh John and Johns by the braintrust of Cavos is soft opened in the old Med Blue. Solid pizza by the slice or pie which we haven't really had in SoDo.
  10. I agree. It's... fine. Zaxby's has better sandwiches/salads. Canes has better sauce.
  11. What do you mean by Skytrain? There is already a train connecting Term C and The AB Main Terminal.
  12. Do people live on Park Ave? Do people spend time in Park Ave in the evening? No. These places are dead after dinner. The only reason I go to Winter Garden is either for the bike trail (daytime activity), a show at the garden theatre, or the brewery. If doing fine == the 2020s version of a suburban mall that shuts down at 9PM, then yes lots of places are doing fine. A) the first video you posted happened on a Sunday. And yes, it was a fight at a bar. No one is saying these things don't happen. Security jumped in immediately. B ) the second video you posted is from 2012. The scene downtown is nothing like it was a decade ago. But regardless, you're missing the entire point. People can get drunk and then go wherever they want. It's a pretty common occurrence to be at a BBQ or pool or whatever drinking all day on a Saturday before changing and heading DT. They can be drunk without being served a drop of alcohol in DTO. You may not even want to drink anymore, but you don't want to go to sleep yet and you want to hang out with your friends. So you go out.
  13. I think that sentence says everything we need it to. There's more than 15,000 coming to our downtown on a weekend night when most Central Business Districts are deader than a doornail after 6PM, let alone on weekends. It's part of what makes Orlando attractive to the 20-40 year old crowd. You can Live. Work. Play. No one here is saying we shouldn't add more retail. But that's perpetually going to be a struggle with or without the bars. And as far as "entertainment", we already have an amazing performing arts center, an arena that is considered a standard for modern arenas, a movie theatre, an improv comedy venue, a full time karaoke bar (as bad as the sound levels are), and numerous music venues. What entertainment that occurs after dinner would you like to see downtown that we don't have? Maybe I'm a simpleton, but I legitimately don't know what the other forms of entertainment are.
  14. It's not perfect. But a vast majority of those bars have been around 5-10 years. They are successful businesses. I know people don't want to accept this, but bars are the primary driving factor of activity from 8P-2A. Happy Hours and Dinners are done. Events have started. The only reason people are out and about are because of bars. And that's true virtually everywhere. It's good that we have it downtown. It's what makes lots of people want to live downtown. It's what increases urbanism. There will always be bad actors.
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