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  1. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    I don't think we need to focus so much on the 8 million number. They want 500K immediately and "up to 8 million beyond 2027". I mentioned it super briefly, definitely has potential.
  2. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I see it as a bit of a both? I don't think any of us envisioned Citi Tower rising up on what is largely a narrow lot, and giving us our best building in a decade. At the same time, with 420, and 520 once it gets going, where else do you want to build in South Eola? I know there was a proposal at one point to knock down one or two of the houses on Pine and replace them with a tower, but I actually like the bungalows that are offices to give it a different less CBD feel. Once Modera finishes and if Capital Plaza 3 ever kicks off, there's basically no empty lots on either Pine or Church except for the two assisted living tower parking lots. The question is how do you activate it more. I have the same question with North Quarter. I love that Orange is entirely filled in. However you go up there after 9, its a ghosttown. How do we get those people out and about, sitting in cafes or on patios.
  3. Creative Village [Proposed]

    @Urban Mail Carrier We have a good thread going in the Coffee House. CV is def a big thing we have going for us. Jump in and give your thoughts!
  4. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Yeah I'm torn. I like that it's there, but depending on what FDOT does with the corner of Garland and Amelia, It may be neccessary to truly activate that street. I wish there was an easy way to have a pedestrian cap over I-4 there, but it isn't feasible there. That's the issue of my whole idea, crossing I-4 at Amelia is a crapshow at best.
  5. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    I think we sell them on the Creative Village with the ability to run the entirety of Amelia into an "Amazon" corridor. There's already open land at CV. There's the empty space next to Central Station (also hello transit). Those are your two "shovel-ready" sites. Then long term, add in the Sentinel property, and assumably Southeast Steel could be bought out. It's a little sprawly, but suddenly tons of space, and activates the connection between CV and Downtown. The other idea is the industrial area on Division behind SoDo.
  6. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Trust me, I desperately looked around for a hurricane souvenir, but I didn't venture out until almost 5. I'm sure someone already scooped it up.
  7. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    @dcluley98 HA! I spent like 5 minutes searching for what window created all the glass to no success. Here's a few of the pics I took. Pine Street got it the worst, Casey's got lucky.
  8. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Saw this article about an hour ago and was like YES PLEASE (just not in Nona)
  9. I agree that connectivity is the most important. That 1 mile gap between Cady Way and Little Econ pisses me off to no end.
  10. Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    Every time it comes up I recommend Ellie Lou's in Ocoee. Their pork is average but the brisket and turkey are definitely comparable to some of the stuff I had when I lived in Tulsa. Nothing else I've had here comes close. I'll have to try H+L though. Oklahoma Joe's if it comes to fruition will definitely be the best and it isn't close though. (And it was only my 3rd favorite in town)
  11. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Not really meant to be snickery (which I don't even think is a word? Even if it was, an adverb form of a sly laugh doesn't really make sense in context). I love Gnarly Barley, and try to go there whenever it's moderately convenient. Hell, two years ago I made my birthday a Sunrail crawl and we went southbound to GB. The signs are referring to it as a "pop-up" stop, so there's no indication that is what the permanent kitchen is going to be. That's exciting news if so. Don't get me wrong, I love liquor, and adding it is a good thing. But 90% of my times at Burtons were spent with friends bullcrapting and ordering rounds of pitchers. The lack of liquor made it unique in the immediate vicinity. Now there was live music and no pitchers and no specials outside of a single craft IPA can. It's just a different bar, and one that doesn't really offer anything to attract me there. I'll go to Casey's and get a stiff pour, or if I want decent prices and food, Hideaway, or Johnny's depending on the side of town. Once Gnarly opens a kitchen full time, then that'll be a different story.
  12. My concern with Lucerne Promenade is location. It's amazing of course, but it's also an island unto itself right now. The city need to find a way to make the lake not a burden to cross for the people downtown and Orange needs to have some retail that isn't medical offices between Kaley and Gore.
  13. Oh I see the side, but I'm just saying it's a burden. My home shouldn't be a burden. It's a reason I haven't purchased there and I know others that haven't for the same reason. Plus that parking garage.
  14. Well it's cliche, but A) that mindset is what terrorists want, so I do my part by not believing in it. B ) Don't get me wrong, I want security. But when I use my FOB to open the door, I wave to security, and I'm talking with the people walking in with me, they're my guests. They don't need to register. That's overly cumbersome and a massive turnoff for me.
  15. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I went and didn't really enjoy it. No pitchers of beer anymore. Pints were $5 for anything that wasn't Yuengling or Heineken. And it doesn't affect me personally, but no dogs inside now because they're gonna start serving food at some point. They're bringing in Gnarly Barley to do food during NFL games as a hold-over. Obviously the old business model wasn't working, but there's not really any reason for me to go out of my way to go to Burton's now. It's just a normal bar.