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  1. AndyPok1


    When I lived downtown, I wanted to get a Y membership, but they closed so early that it wasn't worth it for me. Combine that with the main reason I wanted to go to the Y rather than elsewhere was they had basketball, so I could get back into pick-up games (there's a ridiculous dearth of pick up basketball in this town), but most of the times I would be able to go, the courts were scheduled for programs.
  2. No idea what you're talking about. I've taken Birds and Limes all over the place, and I constantly see people riding them down the street as I stare out my window. Until someone tells me a better answer, as far as I'm concerned they ARE the perfect last mile solution. We are actively in a pandemic, so I mean, arguably its good people aren't scooting around.
  3. I've been actively looking at houses on the other side of Orange north of SoDo, since well... its in essence the exact same as Wadeview. But hasn't been any deals worth it. Oddly enough a home I was looking at back in 2016 before I bought mine got taken off the market abruptly. Saw it a few months later... on Zombie House Flipping
  4. Okay, but if "through" riders and "connectors" are the impetus... Put a protected bike lane on Illinois to connect Cady Way to OUT. Would be much more usable.
  5. I know I can often seem anti my own interests here... and I'm all for adding all of the protected bike lanes... but on Pine? Pine is one of the streets I've never had a concern about riding on. Especially on that side of Rosalind. Edit to clarify: My mindset tends to be that we need to make sure we are advancing our own urban interests and picking our battles carefully so as to not outrage the general populous. The Curry Ford effort was clearly a failure there. I have a similar concern here. The benefit of a protected bike lane for like 4 blocks on Pine is close to 0, but it has the chance of creating a lot of (untrue) outrage which then would hinder the possibility of getting a more important protected lane on Orange or Rosalind.
  6. I have 0 idea what this article is trying to point out. Moreover, what part of Ultimate is "unnecessary"? Rebuilding all the exit ramps and adding 4 lanes while maintaining 6 lanes of traffic? Not easy.
  7. I don't think we need to rehash this again. You're right. Cars are not more important. But they are also not second class citizens, despite what we want it to be. I walk around downtown all the time and have 0 issues crossing any of these streets.
  8. Am I missing something? It's the same width as 55W? Most major buildings take up an entire block when possible?
  9. AndyPok1

    Orlando Transit

    Bird is one of the "original" scooter companies, and as a brand loyal person, I tend to try to use them whenever possible. Lime is their biggest competitor in the grand scheme. I'm not sure why you think someone will get pushed out (beyond standard capitalism, and with each company limited to 200, there's not actually free market forces happening). Most cities have 3-5 companies. You just have all the apps on your phone. The 10 mph is definitely an issue. I think it needs bumped to 12 and that would be a reasonable compromise as opposed to the 15 in other cities that have tons of bike lanes and side streets.
  10. Wait wait... Aloft was the old OUC building. So FDOT eminent domain'ed it. OUC got paid and given the current plot. OUC built new building. Old Building ended up not needed. Eminent Domain retracted and replaced with Aloft hotel.
  11. Fact. I've bought the same Schwinn Ranger from Target 5 or 6 times in the past 15 years (mainly because it got stolen a decent amount in college). Especially once I added bar ends and a good seat? It gets the job done quite well. I was gonna check out Orange and Kyle's, but haven't had the chance yet because they're closed on Sundays. I went in David's the one time and didn't enjoy the experience.
  12. Yeah, I def love trees, but they can be a hindrance. Gotta find the right balance.
  13. Figure as good as a place to ask as any... Thinking about finally investing in a real bike. Thoughts on where I should buy from and types/styles for combination commuting around town (aka pure road bike seems bad because of all the brick/curbs), but beyond the occasional going into the grass to avoid people, I'm not really offroading, so the schwinn mountain bike I have is probably being more harmful than good
  14. As someone who goes to the airport via Semoran, I'm very ehhhh about this. Yes, it is getting to be needed. But it isn't that bad yet except for the worst days. Not looking forward to the 2 years of having to probably leave earlier being that I'm the most last minute person when it comes to travel.
  15. Better known to us "newcomers" in the past 10 years as the AECOM building
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