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  1. AndyPok1

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It appears this is right. The vacant land hasn't sold since 2001, whereas the Peabody sold in 2013/2014. (Also, if someone wants to waste time trying to figure out what in the hell the purpose of all these minor transactions dividing up equity are, be my guest... ). However, the vacant land is bringing in 500k in tax dollars a year, so that's nice.
  2. AndyPok1

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Looks like it's mostly part of the Hyatt
  3. I'm sure they've caught on by now, but every time I'm in WP, I go into the Morse Museum and find an excuse to leave a comment card saying they need to display the neon signs and leave.
  4. AndyPok1

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Concur about FK. Everyone that's had it I know was raving about it. I found it good, but expensive. And I'm generally not a fan of places that don't have any sort of "pre-set" or "suggested" bowls. I'm like uhhh I feel like a lot of these things don't go together.
  5. Welcome back and great pics! I mean it's a little high, but that does seem to be the going rate. A 1/1 in 55W was $1400 when I was shopping 6 years ago, and my 2/2 that I ended up getting, I was paying $1800 a month for before I moved out. I'm sure that whoever is renting it now is paying more than me after being there for 5 years. That was one of the reasons I couldn't wait for Citi and Modera to get built. Was hoping the addition of inventory would stabilize prices, but with housing in general the way it is, doesn't appear like that's the case.
  6. AndyPok1

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Well, that's extremely upsetting.
  7. AndyPok1

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    ... what is it and where?
  8. AndyPok1

    Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    Hey guys! I found a beer bottle!
  9. AndyPok1


    I've walked, biked, and driven past that so many times and never even noticed it. Crazy!
  10. AndyPok1

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The big one closest to Irish Shannons. Across the courtyard from Rusty Spoon.
  11. AndyPok1

    Hourglass District

    This this this. I *despise* critical mass because it gives people who bike a bad name. They don't want to share the road, they want to own it. As far as when it comes to traffic laws, I obey 95% of them. Sorry, I'm not going to come to a complete stop if there's no cars around, even if it makes me a hypocrite. But I do rolling stops in a car too if no one is around, so I'm an equal opportunity rule-breaker.
  12. AndyPok1

    Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    I think there's a different argument between commercialism and materialistic. Edit to add context: the reason that music festivals have become profitable is because there is more of a desire to see bands in person and have an experience, literally the opposite of materialistic. Sure, at that experience will there be the Corona Lounge? Yup, because it is a good marketing opportunity for Corona. I don't know if beer brands are a material possession though. (How do all my posts keep coming back to booze at this point! It's a trap!)
  13. AndyPok1

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I do other things besides drink :sideeye:
  14. AndyPok1

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Love gentrification. Don't love gentrification when it involves tearing up a moderately safe historic community with lifetime residents. The soccer stadium/church thing aside... I didn't realize how much of that first block is owned by the city, and the second block owned by the supermarket owners Starting at Division: Housing Authority, 532 W Church (new restaurant opening), City owned parking, Elk's Lodge, City owned parking, Historic Church Starting at Terry: Sy's Supermarket owns basically the entire block except for the garage on the south side. Orlando City owns everything but the church on the north side. So ripe for infill. I think it's clear the city is waiting for the right people to sell it off to.