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  1. Resurrected? When did it ever die?
  2. Couldn't agree more. By far the project that has gone from "Meh, well at least it's replacing a parking lot." to "Wow, that's actually a pretty spiffy building." I think they're behind schedule. Any timeline on tenant move-in (both residential and commercial)? I'm intrigued to see if Rosalind gets truly activated.
  3. I'm a weirdo and just love going to polling places on day of.
  4. AndyPok1

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Definitely one of the coolest pics I've seen. Impressed they were able to get that from a plane.
  5. This. I've been to the one on Semoran and the one in the middle of nowhere (it felt to me at least) Ocoee at least two or three times. Having stores you can get equipment from is one of the things that makes Spectrum >>> UVerse IMO. But yeah, bit of a waste in that prominent location. Would rather them be in one of the strip malls being built across the street or back in SoDo itself.
  6. AndyPok1

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Couldn't agree more @JFW657. I love me some symmetry, but this isn't a place that needs it.
  7. AndyPok1

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    Yeah I believe half or so of the intersection of Church and both Garland/Hughey will be beneath the interstate.
  8. AndyPok1

    Creative Village

    I think it's perfectly fine for that location. I think having a dense mid-rise section in CV is good. It differentiates it from the CBD proper.
  9. AndyPok1

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    You make a ton of good points, but you lose all credibility when you resort to bad puns/insults/name-calling when trying to educate/teach/debate. Rivalries are one of the biggest things that are fun about college football, but using them in this context diminishes the argument.
  10. AndyPok1


    I've said this before, but most metropolitan areas have one way multi-way streets through the core. I understand the benefits (slower, safer, encourages stopping at local businesses), but if that's the case why doesn't every other city get rid of their one-ways. I'm perfectly content with Orange how it is and think making it smaller or two-ways will only increase congestion and ultimately make it less safe because you have to be watching traffic from both sides. (Yeah, I shouldn't be jaywalking, meh. When I can blatantly see there's no traffic coming, there's no reason not to.)
  11. AndyPok1

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Full build out is 2 more buildings and 1 more parking garage. Basically mirroring the same design on the other half of the lot, but working around the retention pond. It's already a nightmare at 4-6PM. You have the thousands of Lockheed office workers trying to get on I-4, and the thousands of Disney office workers trying to get on I-4. And both complexes will have another office building running by end of next year (Kirkman Pointe is scheduled before November, and I believe Lockheed's building is supposed to be done next summer). The Grand National Express interchange can't open soon enough.... and it won't until 2021 most likely.
  12. AndyPok1


    Correct. That's why I put "county taxes" in quotes, because they are assessed to everyone in the county, but do not go to the county. Bit of a semantic difference when you're talking millages and payments, but important to note.
  13. AndyPok1


    Eh, for me, city services are worth it. Sewer (granted parts of OC are, but vast swaths are septic), Better Trash (especially post-hurricane), Dedicated Police/Fire, Generally better maintained roads, significantly better online meeting minutes of various boards (trying to find info about OC projects is extremely cumbersome compared to pulling up ARB/MPBs from Orlando). Yada yada. That's worth an extra $300 a year to me. Also, in those little not-quite-enclaves, OPD will generally respond, so you're getting the benefit of the service even without paying for it.
  14. AndyPok1

    Other Metro Area Projects

    I get a tour of it this Wednesday
  15. AndyPok1


    I live in the city of Orlando. I refuse to live in unincorporated because of the lower quality of service. You pay one giant bill. The county tax collector splits it up to whomever each part goes to. To aent's point, the City of Orlando tax replaced the Unincorporated Orange County tax. You still pay "county taxes" for things such as schools and libraries. But you don't pay "Orange County" tax AND "Orlando" tax.