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  1. I mean, I do typically walk up Delaney but if Orange was activated I could easily see myself preferring that route.
  2. Yeah, I'm torn on this too. The health system expanding is great for all the things @WAJAS said. My concern a little bit is that as they continue to expand on the west side of Orange (this project, whatever is going to happen at the Orlando Brewing site), we're going to have a 4/5ths of a mile of "dead" zone from an urban activation philosophy. Which wouldn't be awful if the east side would be built up. But look at what's happening on that side. The Mama B's into Foxtail. The plaza where OTF/Smoothie King was built. Good additions, but has no scale or density. If the entire west side is going to be ORMC and related uses, the entire east side needs to be AT LEAST 2-3 stories with lofts above the retail if not entire complexes. I run this route and walk downtown often the 2 miles from Wadeview. It's pretty boring and miserable. You have people that want to spend a Saturday going to and hopping around Ivanhoe or Mills or now Hourglass. No one says that about SoDo. We're perilously close to becoming a suburban environment less than 2 miles from downtown.
  3. I think the human brain is wired to prefer objective over subjective situations.
  4. Hmm maybe its just me, but I've always considered the CBD to stop at Rosalind. It's such a natural divider. I get that OC HQ is on the other side, but meh.
  5. I've been pro-remove all highway speed limits and simply enforce wreckless driving for years. The 408 speed limit has always been comical. It's 6-ish lanes going eastbound out of downtown. There's minimal reason for it to not be 70.
  6. Potentially, but its moving an organization from Maitland into downtown. I'm okay with it. If I were an NBA team I would not want anyone to be able to see into my practice. That's a massive competitive disadvantage.
  7. AndyPok1


    I came across this guy a few months ago on my YouTube recs and he does great videos.
  8. Oh I didn't even think about the S3 buckets. Yeahhhhhh. I've been using self-hosting for pictures for years but obviously most people don't do that. And for sure. I don't mind ads in general until they get in the way of experience. That's wild that it had that much impact. Good to know.
  9. Thanks for the response capt! I never knew about it and just subscribed. Thanks for all you do. This is pretty much one of the only sites I actually disable adblocker on, so happy to contribute. I assumed that it was out of neccessity, but wanted to provide the feedback. Appreciate it taken in the right manner. I doubt there's any need, but if there's anything I can do to help with the site, I'm in tech with a certain mouse so happy to help.
  10. Look, I'm all for UrbanPlanet making money so we can continue to have this wonderful outlet. But these interstitial ads are getting to be a bit much. There's no obvious way to exit them. I already have Spectrum, and I have no desire to add or remove service. It's making me visit the forum less, and that isn't good from a retention POV.
  11. I know I'm the outlier as usual. But I largely don't see this phenomenon of people moving away from downtown. Orlando is not NYC or Chicago. There are urban neighborhoods with single family homes. If you have the option to raise kids with a backyard versus in a high rise, I think that's a pretty easy decision. But that doesn't mean that the people are moving to the sprawl like what was happening 15-30 years ago. I'm 2 miles as the crow flies from Orange/Central. Others in my friend group are 2.12, 2.05, 1.54, 1.3, 1.05. I believe @codypet is like 1.8. We have a whole community just south of the 408. And guess what, Casey's is still our primary hangout (post-covid fingers crossed). When you have this housing stock available, it's just a better financial and livelihood decision than buying a condo in Solaire and paying a $600 HOA. We spent our 5-10 years renting and saving up for a down payment, and now we're still only a long walk or a short uber (OR SCOOTER) away. Sure, I want there to be more things downtown that are "high" culture. But guess what. I've been to the Morse museum once in 8 years. That's not going to give street level activation the way bars do.
  12. I think this is more about traffic moving on 535 and getting people to CR 535 better. Having lived back there for a few months, it can easily take 5-10 mins to get onto CR 535 past the 3 lights on SR 535.
  13. To be clear, I'm very anti them inside Eola. Granted I'm also anti the cops being on bikes within Eola as well since bikes aren't allowed. Set the example.
  14. Oh yeah, I fully understand why they set the limit where they did. But I think its because they're looking at the problem the wrong way. Except on MAJOR streets (Orange, Rosalind, South), scooter riding should be in the street. Same as bicycling.
  15. As, I believe, the most prominent scooter fan on this forum, it will most definitely be to let her know I disagree with her vote. My biggest problem with the scooter system is the nonsensical 10mph limit (most cities I've been to have it at 12 or 15), and the fact they are OVERLY concentrated in the CBD, so I actually use them less than I'd like. Just because users are bad doesn't mean we should scrap the entire concept that is literally perfect for solving last mile transit. Add additional regulation. Make it so the city can subpoena and fine users that park improperly. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. ESPECIALLY during Covid. I live in Wadeview. Right now if I want to go support local businesses downtown or in Hourglass, I either have to walk 40 minutes or get in an Uber. Scooters solve this.
  16. Note to self, e-mail Patty being that I'm one of her constituents.
  17. In fairness, this is the project I went to an MPB meeting to complain about due to the lack of storefront in the building. Didn't have to be retail. Could have been a damn Ale House.
  18. I went once in late summer. The menu was pitiful, and the food was lackluster. This was my bacon apple grilled cheese. ... Wut. Why in the world would you open a downtown food spot without having been there?
  19. Yeah, its pretty common in urban areas up north, but I hate it just as much!
  20. Yeah, they've been building on the site of the old vet hospital for months. Its a nice building for sure. Intrigued to see what happens with the old location. BANK THEMED BAR?!
  21. Yeah the 3 that stick in my head are Post (the garage is across the street), Solaire (that windy ramp up to level 4 gives me nightmares of scratching my car), and 55W (majority of resident parking isn't until level 8 (I was on 9 and it didn't bother me a ton, but it definitely discouraged making multiple car trips a day).
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