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  1. Is it just me or do they seem super not uhhh deep? The floor plans show a "bedroom" (more like an office maybe) on the first floor that you walk into off of Pineloch before the steps to the main living area/garage, but when I walk by these a few times a week they feel much smaller than similar units I've been in.
  2. To be clear. CMX has owned Cobb since 2017. This is more of a rebranding than new ownership. Similar to how FedEx kept the Kinkos name for 5+ years before retiring it.
  3. I'm a Giant Eagle man. Back in my day, they were all Kro-ghettos.
  4. AndyPok1

    Orlando Transit

    I largely hated the e bikes. Way too heavy and bulky with no shocks. With that said, yes I wish we could have both so bike casuals had the option if they wanted. I know it's a running joke that I'm the forum drunk, but short one-way trips are the vast majority of the business model. Oh, I'm drinking downtown and I have friends that are at Hammered Lamb. Oh, I'm running late leaving my apartment and people are waiting on me for Brunch at Stubborn Mule. Let's have dinner at Delaney Tavern but then go downtown for the night. You don't want to take your personal bike or scooter (I actually know 3 people that have bought their own scooter because there aren't ENOUGH bird/lime and/or there are too many regulations on them) because then you have to move it with you when bar hopping and/or have to come back the next day to get it and hope no one stole it.
  5. AndyPok1

    Orlando Transit

    Me and most people I know ride them regularly. We would ride them even MORE if they were more available. I walk 2 miles downtown for lunch at least once a week. I'd love to take a scooter sometimes, but there's rarely any around for me to pick up. They used to place them at Page/Orange, but not recently. There will always be bad apples. We need to regulate them, not ruin the perfect solution to last-mile transit. A few weeks ago I went from downtown to Ivanhoe. If there weren't scooters available, there's no way I would have gone there. That's another 2 miles away from my house when I had already walked 2. I may love urbanism and walking, but I'm not about to walk 4 miles home.
  6. Cecil's is complete trash BBQ, and you can even tell from that picture he included. Where is the marbling? Where are the lines of fat that make the brisket melt? That entire plate looks dry as hell. Place wouldn't last a hot minute anywhere that does BBQ. In an effort to be positive... I recently stopped at Smoke and Donuts, its one of the food trucks at A La Cart. First they asked if you wanted sliced or chopped brisket, THEN they even ASKED if you wanted lean or marbled brisket, which I literally haven't had anyone do in Florida. Whereas in Texas (and Oklahoma sometimes) its common. With all due respect to Ellie Lous in Ocoee which in my opinion has the best Central FL Brisket. I think Smoke and Donuts may be a new number 1.
  7. I posted a few years back a comparison of my bills of 55W vs my home in SoDo. They were very in line.
  8. Ugh. I get depressed everytime I see the lack of use of the Chilled Water system now.
  9. I'm actually worried about this. Beyond the deliciousness of Chicken Fire, a lot of the appeal was it was a great meet-up spot. Whether that be A La Cart, East End, or Barley and Vine. I don't know what their drink plans are in a permanent location, but I can't see me wanting to hang out there for 3 beers while eating. Not to mention, pandemic, so I won't be hanging out inside anyway. Maybe it will create a destination? I hope so.
  10. I don't think its that outrageous. They went from being primarily a bar to a market. Pre-Covid there were tons of people there all the time. 3 different types of food, so groups that couldn't decide. It's just not a good Covid setup. Too small to effectively distance, the food isn't THAT good to be a draw from people outside the immediate area. If I want a poke bowl, I can go to a dozen places. Most of which are more convenient unless I'm already downtown. I've walked there a few times because I heard they weren't doing well, but without lunch/happy hour traffic, its just a hard go of it. Especially at Plaza which is known for having drastically high rents.
  11. Unsurprisingly OC's website not that useful: Virtual Meeting Room: https://vmr.vhb.com/v/531BwBJozBL Survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=mV5cNo_260uJ2avstBsaG1Q4S3XoIm1KkaLbiXdiZElUN1NCRkdSRlY0VFVUQTJGNzhaOERLN1IzSy4u General Info: http://www.ocfl.net/CultureParks/Parks.aspx?m=dtlvw&d=131#.X7v9ZGhKj-h -- Got two days left to submit survey responses. I ranked the options 2, 3 (no-build), 1. But I emphasized that the MOST important thing is to finish building the gap. I'd love a bridge, but I'd settle for at-grade for a few years if it meant avoiding Hanging Moss.
  12. I actually love this installation.
  13. Were these rendered on a potato? It takes talent to pixelate that badly.
  14. The guys that run Cavos are awesome people, and I'm hoping its the start of big things for them. If you haven't had it, be sure to try to try the salad.
  15. Also, the teardown of the old 408 trumpet feeder ramps is arguably more important than direct "barrier" to the CBD. Parramore and Westmoreland are good "major neighborhood" streets. Similar to Delaney in SoDo. And they lead you right to Church St. ... Once Under I is built, it'd be an enjoyable walk.
  16. Latin Square is one of the most underrated food places downtown IMO. I need to make a trek up for lunch!
  17. I went for a walk this afternoon and coming up Magnolia and turning around Skyhouse, it's incredible the imposing-ness of Radius. In a good way. Also, it's SUPER hugging the street corner. I'm very much in love with everything about it.
  18. This is the one I went to the MPB to protest. What was approved was one retail space on the northeast corner. The southeast corner (LITERALLY AT THE MAJOR INTERSECTION) is going to be a resident-only coffee shop or gym or something just like Post Parkside. It still makes my blood boil.
  19. Just want to say thanks to @ChiDev and @jack for that. I assumed there were differences, but didn't realize they were largely black and white and not gray.
  20. Yeah my friends lived in Fulton River/River West whatever that area is called, so it makes sense. Just never have thought about it. Great discussion! I would be fascinated by a Modera/Skyhouse study.
  21. This is interesting. I've never heard of this term. I somewhat get it, having someone on a 2nd floor balcony you can wave at feels more active than someone on a 6th floor. But at the same time don't get it. If someone wants to use the apartment gym, it doesn't matter if its on the 6th floor or 22nd, they aren't leaving the building. And if they want to go get food, they're either taking the elevator down from 2 or down from 7, no matter where the parking is located. The only way I would see this being different is if an apartment didn't have amenities, so you'd have to leave the house to go to the gym/take the dog out/etc. But that would hurt the appeal of the apartments because most people see them as important.
  22. I don't disagree, but what type of activation would you be looking for that these didn't provide?
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