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  1. I pretty much agree with all 3 of the above sentiments. I mean, I'm still looking for NYC relocation possibilities.
  2. I mean, I don't disagree. But I also think having a nice step down into our historical single family home neighborhoods is important.
  3. I absolutely agree with this. But it also may be a thing of the past. It's been all but confirmed that my role is permanently remote. Solaire is diagonally across the street and 55 west is a few hundred yards down the block. What's weird about it?
  4. You're correct. The problem is the down payment. Even if you have good enough credit to qualify for 5% down. A house in one of the urban areas is largely at least 300k. Being able to get 25k for 5% down and closing costs takes a while to save. Which means you need to keep overpaying for apartments until then if you want to live downtown.
  5. Is that 4th lane permanent? I don't remember it on the drawings. I thought the only auxiliary lane being added was from Conroy to Turnpike.
  6. I live west of Delaney but east of Orange. It is most definitely Wadeview. You can make the argument that SoDo is the commercial area and Wadeview is the residential, but it's all semantic to some degree. I'd bet sewer as well.
  7. Probably not officially, but I'd say within popular parlance the plaza with La Fiesta, Roque, Winn-Dixie are included in Hourglass, and since Lucky's was annexed into the southern border of SoDo that I can claim it (especially since they stole my Starbucks). I think that's actually a pretty cold take honestly.
  8. If this goes forward, it will be a street-wall development. Wadeview got the largely car-focused Lucky's plaza. Lidos and a few other places closed and were replaced with a health facility. Vet being replaced with a bank. The infill plaza is just a giant 2 story SimonMed building. We're adding "stuff", but nothing that I'm ever going to walk to or gives people a reason to come hang out in my hood rather than Ivanhoe, Mills, (or now) Curry Ford. Basically we're the inner city commercial suburb that people run errands in, but don't stay or play.
  9. I've given the Hourglass group a lot of crap over the years (primarily for attempting to do placemaking when the city already had a moniker for the neighborhood), but this is a great addition if they can pull it off. I love my Wadeview, but it definitely seems like we're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to urban (re)development versus our neighbors to the (north)east.
  10. As someone that walks to Starbucks on the reg (and Tijuana Flats/Hungry Pants/Mooyah/etc), f everything about the design of that plaza. Both pedestrian and vehicular.
  11. AndyPok1


    It's the Lamp/Shade Fair building just off of Virginia. Article also mentions the old 7 eleven is going to be demoed and rebuilt as different commercial.
  12. This is interesting. In the past 5 years, I think this makes a ton of sense. There's a need of upscale living near the Kirkman corridor. Between Universal, Disney (the reservation center and lots of IT are there), Lockheed, Golf Channel, etc, there's a LOT of office jobs right there. I'm sure lots of people would move there from the UCF/Davenport/Ocoee areas to have short commutes. BUTTTT... Covid. Office jobs aren't really, well, going in the office. Seems a risky bet that everything returns to normal by the time they're ready to occupy/sell.
  13. I'll take, Accurate Summation of All Parts of Life for $200, Alex!
  14. I'm all for integrating facades or that small building, but making it so that Colonial to Livingston isn't a dead zone is the most imperative thing. Two full blocks can do placemaking and create a transitional district that is sorely needed. ALL HAIL THE INK DISTRICT
  15. Regarding Bad As's prices. They are high, but generally a full sandwich is overly filling for me. 3/4 is more the right amount, but it tastes so good that I finish it anyway. You're paying for quality. I love me Jersey Mikes and Pub Subs, but this isn't a sub, and shouldn't be compared to it. This is a gourmet sandwich, and worth the cost.
  16. Noooope. No sir. I was at Wall St March 14 for a friend's birthday and what I (rightfully) assumed would be a last hurrah. Beyond a few stops for take-out and to leave excessive tips to try to contribute to service industry friends, won't catch me near any bars. 2020 is the year of the patio drinks in Wadeview. Take a ride on your bike down Summerlin or Delaney and join us Spenser!
  17. It'll be a great building. No need to rehash tree debates. We all know where we stand. But yes, agree with @JFW657 that this isn't newsworthy.
  18. I mean, its a lovely spot that has needed developed for some time. I don't think I'd personally ever buy a townhome there, but that corridor has potential if the west half of Sodo on the far side of the tracks ever gentrifies to be less industrial.
  19. It may not look like much from street view, but I will say from experience having gone on a lot of random 2-3 mile runs in the neighborhood, this "hill" is not fun.
  20. I'm just happy to see the valley thriving
  21. I thought I previously posted it in here, but I tried Castle shortly after they opened. I cannot recommend the soft shell crab bao highly enough. Plus, open late. Non-pandemic / weight-loss Andy is VERY excited about this addition to the hood. Well, guess I know what I'm trying for one of my meals this weekend. FYI when I walked by last week they had a sign that they were reopening August 6th. I'll double check the next two days and report back.
  22. I will also die on the Fenton hill.
  23. I think we're arguing the same point just differently. Yes, I would love to not have a car. However, I don't necessarily find it feasible unless you hit an EXTREMELY narrow set of guidelines (which you apparently do). I'm like 85% of the way there. But this is a community of people that are on an urbanism message board. Even my friends that largely want to live downtown/thornton/ivanhoe/etc to live close to bars and restaurants.... they would never dream of getting rid of or even downsizing to 1 car. And as long as that is true, if we want downtown to succeed, we have to accommodate them in various ways. (The student thing is interesting but probably better for the coffee house if we're going to go into a treatise about that)
  24. I considered putting my experiences in Columbus to discuss parking, but this point hits in on the head. The comparison just isn't the same. Yes, as a freshman I parked about 3 miles away and had to take a bus to get my car on the occasions I wanted it. Yes, as a sophomore we had neighborhood permit parking where you could only park on the street if you paid the nominal ($25/yr) fee (Which I have asked the city to look into in places around Wadeview where instead they went the route of simply no parking 8-2p to discourage Boone students from parking in the neighborhood). And my junior and senior years I lived on one of the areas that both had no driveway and no permit. When I worked at the mall across town and came home, I often would have to park up to two blocks away. I think all of these are valid issues for Eola/Thornton/etc. I used to get in a fight with my ex that lived in Eola because she would complain when someone would be parked in front of her house and she had to park a whole house farther down the street. However, they are not remotely valid for a CBD. Where is the closest non-metered parking to the CBD? Eola Drive? And even then its only until 2am, right? 2-3 blocks, I have no sympathy. Almost a 20 minute walk? That's unfeasible.
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