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  1. Oh I agree, but I don't know what reducing podium garages does in this instance. If you don't need a car, then you won't have one just for the sake of it because you have a spare parking space. Plus, then you'd have a VISITOR parking space which is worth its weight in gold. I might still be in a relationship if I had one of those
  2. Not gonna lie, I skimmed a bit of the back and forth. And I've made this argument before. But I think you are vastly overrating the practicability of true urbanism in Orlando despite wanting it to be so. 55 West for as long as I lived there basically had 0 free parking spots. I know people that had to park in the Suntrust garage across the street (not a deal breaker for me, but for plenty of people it would be). My 2 bedroom wasn't even "guaranteed" a second parking spot. And it's not like, oh, just find a street parking spot, because they are basically all metered and very few nearby. Like it or not, a significant portion of downtown residents are A) reverse commuters and B) not families. There is no way to not have a car. Even if you work from home, it is VERY difficult and you have to be VERY committed. Sure, you can go to the grocery and out to eat. But it starts failing unless your entire circle is similar. My friends live downtown, Wadeview, Mills 50, Curry Ford, Lake Davis, Lake Como, College Park. Some of these are hour+ walks, and better hope I don't need to bring food or drinks for the party. Heck, just to one of my friend's house that is 1.2 miles away, its a 38 minute walk because of Boone and Hourglass Lake in the way. Its just not practical. With all that said, I recently started looking into selling my car because while the $10 Uber trips will add up, it will be cheaper than the $500/mo car payment, and in this exact situation of permanent WFH and pandemic it makes sense, at least in the short term... but I don't even know the first place of trying to sell a 6 month old used car with 4000 miles to even remotely break even on the transaction without buying a new car to replace it.
  3. Sunday night I literally took Delaney to 408 E, turned around at Bumby, got back on 408 W, took the new ramp, and off on Michigan to get home JUST to try it out haha
  4. Last time it was discussed I proposed buying up industrial lots along Division in SoDo. The Pulse Memorial and a Baseball Stadium would create a whole new infill district, while still being urban and basically the same distance as Camping World, but still have easy car connectivity.
  5. Yeah, I was wondering how it would compliment Waverly. Long story short, if it actually happens, worse case scenario its an interesting addition that you can justify the design choices even if they aren't your particular cup of tea.
  6. I think I prefer the older rendering but its interesting if a not bad way
  7. Don't get me wrong, I agree that is what and why @JFW657. But I'm a proponent of fixing the wrongs of the past.
  8. I live literally less than two blocks from the intersection, hard to call me a non-resident of the greater neighborhood. It entirely breaks the urban fabric and basically makes my house a southern boundary. If you want that isolated lifestyle, move 10 miles away. Plenty of sprawl to accomplish that. But even beyond that, I feel like if I were a resident within that square (and again, it isn't just southern oaks, its that entire square.), it would be very frustrating every day because there is no walk-ability, so that means you are commuting via car every day, and that means rush hour backups at those those 4 choke points.
  9. Oh agreed, and not just Southern Oaks, but that entire screenshot. That's why I don't go on runs/walks that direction because there's LITERALLY only 2 ways in/out Osceola/Summerlin, Gatlin/Pershing
  10. I find it hard to believe we're only at 16k. I bet those numbers are underestimating the amount of people living in some of the bigger apartments. Many 2/2 3/3.5s have 3-5 people in them. @smileguy put it best on the last page. The biggest issue downtown retail has is that there is no money business in downtown Orlando. Yes we have the code to create ground-floor retail, but as long as its priced to make large profits for the developers, its going to sit empty or have a lot of failed businesses. The old Pipers at the Plaza had an 18k rent before it was split in half. The margins are just soooo slim. I think it was @popsiclebrandon that said years ago that basically the reason that we have so many empty storefronts is because the developers can make more money off of tax writeoffs for an unrented storefront, so they fiduciarily have to set the rent higher than that amount, and well... that rent is too damn high. If the money were local or had stake in the growth of downtown, they'd sacrifice some of that money for vibrancy, but we just don't have that situation.
  11. At this point, its pure speculation. If I had to guess, its the unique reverse commute that is somewhat common in Orlando. People Live and Play downtown, but don't work. This necessitates owning a car. And if they're already in their car, it's plenty easy to get off on Kaley and stop at the SoDo Target (or Colonial) on the way home. Plus being in SoDo is more advantageous for the retailer because they will get more traffic from the various close-in car-dependent neighborhoods (Delaney, Bel Air, as discussed in other threads).
  12. This is true, but that's also during "releases" which is ~2 months a year. The rest of the year they have quasi-normal lives.
  13. Yes, the exchange isn't a mall anymore. Guess what, malls are dying everywhere. Microsoft just announced they're closing all of their stores. I know we all want to love retail, but its just not a thing. We've been in quarantine for, what, 4 months? The extent of my "retail" has been Publix, Freshfield, Target, Ace. I know we've agreed in the past a bike store and a hardware store are two things downtown needs. Beyond that? We shop online.
  14. This is my every so often post to remind you that downtown is quite vibrant, just not with the vibrancy you are looking for. (Obviously COVID changes that, how permanently, we shall see). Harry Buff has been there 6 years, Ceviche a decade until just closing. Mary's going strong despite landlord interference. German bar had a solid 5 year run. Kres been there forever despite me thinking it is mediocre and overpriced. Jersey Mikes been there as long as I've been here. Latitudes has been a rooftop hangout for over a decade. Chase and Walgreens are anchoring the corner. When you turn onto Orange, Dunkin and Starbucks are mainstays, Corona has been there a decade, Pourhouse almost a decade, Underground and Avenue 6+ years. "Main and Main" circa a year ago is as healthy as its ever been. It's changed a bit in the past year, but everything is cyclic.
  15. That "review" is my exact issue with Scott J. He didn't need to post anything. He could have sent that sentiment in a tweet, or not at all. But no, he has to write some haughty extraneous thing. I think the role of food reviewer has shifted in the past decade with the explosion of blogs and vlogs and instagram. He hasn't.
  16. I mean, this is true. But also not really in "walkable" neighborhoods. Over a mile from Pom Poms to the nearest Publix, almost 1.5 from Bad As's. Same thing with Mills Market on this side of town.
  17. Bad Ass is definitely great. One of the quick service places I take people from out of town (as well as Tin and Taco)
  18. Honestly, I agree that YUM! has been distracted. They've done various things this year that largely do nothing but anger their most passionate fanbase (removing the Cheesy Gordita Crunch as a combo, only offering the last LTO nachos as a party box, having a LTO that is "hidden"). Coming up with an entirely new and gratuitous burrito is the exact thing that excites taco bell fans.
  19. It's a guilty pleasure food. There's nothing wrong with that. I find Beefy King bland and tasteless. We all have our things. (With that said, the Grilled Cheese Burrito I found to be meh. Decent concept, execution was meh. The beef and rice and double cheese just didn't work right together.
  20. Yeah, it cost more than I would have like to get added, but I think it's already paid for itself in the past 6 months.
  21. I pay roughly $25 a month for sewer and think that's a completely fair price to say too-da-loo to all of my poo.
  22. It's obviously in jest. I've just always lived in the city, so the concept of septic tanks are gross and foreign and dumb and uncivilized to me. I'm well aware of their benefits, but its easy to make a running joke out of.
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