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  1. In other news, Pine 22 is closing/closed (https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=594140953981511&id=124278644301080), and from the looks of it walking by last Friday night, On the Rocks closed as well. However, Schaumann's Jager Haus opened and is AMAZING. Great theming, Great food, Great prices ($10 for a liter of quality German beer). Talked with the manager, seemed like a cool guy. Living basically right above this is going to end badly.
  2. There's an ARB notice for a new high rise sign outside of Aspire. Looks like there will be a new name. I'm glad, no one ever called it the KEL building.
  3. This would be awesome... but that intersection needs fixed first. The right-turn lane when driving southbound on I-Drive is nowhere near large enough to handle all that is turning onto Sand Lake to try to get to I-4/Dr. Phillips.
  4. From their website, it looks like its a cross between Chipotle and a mongolian grill. If it's priced right (aka I can get a bowl and drink for under $9), I'll be going there way too often.
  5. This. I've lived here 5 months and only went twice. And that second time was solely because I saw it was about to close and felt compelled to. And it's not like I'm lacking for burger options. Harry Buffalo, Hamburger Mary's and Piper's all serve sit-downish burgers within the block. And a little farther up Orange, and there's Pine 22 and Beth's. And Beth's is the exact same as Five Guys, but local.... However, it's partially that I think 5 guys is overrated and overpriced. I mean, for some forsaken reason, I'm addictied to the junk that is Taco Bell. If they were to ever move in there, my 25 additional lbs would become 50 and there'd be no chance at losing it ever again.
  6. I just moved back to Orlando after spending 2 years in Tulsa. Don't be jealous of the Devon Tower. It's really too high for OKC. I love urbanism and skyscrapers and think that there's nothing better, but it is simply SO tall compared to the rest of OKC that it doesn't look right. It is 14 stories and almost 350 feet taller than the next highest building. Imagine putting 55 West on TOP of The Vue, and leaving the rest of downtown the same. That's basically what it looks like. With that said, I do miss the walk up Boston Ave in Tulsa leading to the BOK tower (A half size-WTC building)
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