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  1. I assume this will start work on the Boone/Sylvia connector?
  2. I don't necessarily disagree and I'll be honest that my biases against whomever runs social media and marketing for SoDo is playing a part. The past few months they've been advertising some random alterations business selling masks that's practically in Edgewood. I wouldn't mind that much but there's LITERALLY alterations businesses selling masks that are WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF THE OFFICIAL MAIN STREET DISTRICT. I'm a huge proponent of living in the city itself. Yes there's a slightly higher tax rate, but it is worth it. I have friends that live in unincorporated Orange in hourglass and pineloch and such. Some of whom brag that they get basically downtown living but cheaper taxes. I like to remind them that they poop in their yard, and one day I want to troll them by hiring someone to follow them around the farmer's market at Eola saying I DONT PAY TO COME HERE.
  3. @spenser1058 I legitimately have 0 idea how to make that are trail-worthy without removing the trees. Please, give insight. I'm pro-tree, but having a good path there outweighs the value of 3 trees imo.
  4. Wut. I mean, yeah there's congestion in that area, but this will just move the choke points to inane locations and hurt a trail. We need to express a big no to this.
  5. Yeah, went down Delaney which changes to Osceola and then into Southern Oaks to Gatlin to Fern Creek and back. Agreed about BelAir. But that's like 2 streets. It was largely the biggest problem trying to find a house. Realtors base things on zip codes by and large, and while Delaney/Lake Davis is more desirable/closer to downtown/part of 32806, it isn't walkable. I'd argue its still urban though. There's just something about... I dunno. I can't put my finger on it what feels different besides the Cul-de Sacs, but there's something.
  6. So I've been going for walks lately. Almost entire north, simply because... well, walking south sucks. Gotta cross Michigan, cross Pineloch, and then you're basically forced to make a giant loop because of the lakes. The other day I went south. I had no idea Southern Oaks was so.... suburban. It depressed me. We're 2.5 miles from the city center and there's an HOA suburban community. The thing that made me the most mad, is one of those mediocre "ORANGE IT GREAT TO LIVE IN SODO" signs were in some yards. Screw off. The SoDo Main Street has literally the worst marketing and social media I haven't seen (to their credit, they haven't banned me yet unlike Bungalower and Wadeview Park when I tell them they are bad and need to do better to serve the community). Moreover, when you're in a car-centric suburban neighborhood, you don't get to claim any part of a main street district.
  7. AndyPok1

    College Park

    I went for the first time early in quarantine as a "support local business" type deal since it was easy to park. Thought it was unremarkable. Anything special you recommend?
  8. AndyPok1

    College Park

    Went twice. Had a fine time. Couldn't tell you what I had. Places such as this are going to be the biggest losses of our current environment. Things that aren't a "destination", but rather serve as overflow when you can't get to your desired spot (Rusteak). Menagerie serves a similar role downtown to Stubborn Mule (although those are both owned by the same people). Beths/Loading Zone are similar in their spot next to Gringos.
  9. I found out about it shortly before I broke up with my ex, so I haven't had an opportunity to go but want to. When my parents moved to town for 2 years, I told them and I think they went 4 or 5 times.
  10. That's fascinating and I had no idea. I didn't even realize Kaley was an ave in the county.
  11. Agreed that sidewalk was horrible. I didn't even know there was a path to the south because every time I went to Cady Way I had come down Livingston from DT. Great addition even if it does mean losing trees
  12. I've been wanting to try Mint for a while, but there's no easy way for me to get it.
  13. Its a place I always consider but opt for elsewhere. Guess I'll join the crowd.
  14. I understand the goal is there. But it's to incorporate it into the park, not to make a useless isolated enclave as depicted, right?
  15. This is the first I'm hearing of anything, either Star or this new development's side, so I'd love to hear the more information and the whole picture. For me personally, I'd prefer to be in a high rise condo. But the HOAs on most of them are close to my mortgage living in Wadeview. Unless somehow I double my salary, I have a hard time justifying that extra payment. Also, last I looked into it, most condo loans are still requiring a full 20% down payment, which, when we're talking 500k+... is just money most younger people don't have.
  16. The Y's hours are completely awful for night owl's like me, and also doesn't help me in SoDo. 24 hour and Youfit being right here was part of the appeal to me over College Park or other urban neighborhoods.
  17. So uhh.... what gym should I be going to that I don't have to drive to?
  18. Split the difference. And Hanging Moss really sucks. Whenever they finally build that connector is going to be a happy day.
  19. Random notes... Ceviche closed. Sign for a Cucina Pizza and bar at 54 Church. Cholo Dogs has replaced GB's at Market on Magnolia. Bao's Castle in SoDo is EXCELLENT (get the soft shell crab). The shakes from Mooyah at Lucky's Plaza are decadent. I've heard that Pipers on Curry Ford is closed and becoming a Graffiti. The KFC chicken sandwich thats supposed to compete with popeyes and chick fil a that's being testing in Orlando... does not compete, but is fine. Hungry Pants kale caesar (and bacon and chicken) came recommended and was great,
  20. I'm probably biased just because there's so much hate, and I just LOOOOVE the way it fills in the lot when coming off of I-4 from South St.... but I can't get enough of this building
  21. Oh I mean, I do. My Target Schwinn has done the entirety of the OUT and Cady Way innumerable times as well as the entirety of the Little Econ (getting to UCF and suddenly realizing how far away from 55 west you are is not a good feeling), and most of the Seminole Wekiva. Plus now that I'm in Wadeview instead of DT, the 10 min ride to places in the CBD for lunch happens a decent amount, though not as much as it should.
  22. Y'all really amping up my sadness at not having pulled the trigger when I was shopping in February... and then I bought a Peloton so its hard to justify a new bike purchase... at least until the fall
  23. Yeah, I very much enjoyed Big Time, but it never felt like they were trying to expand beyond Burton's clientele. The pricing and sizes made no sense. I LOVED the pesto fries, but the portion was huge and it was $9. Great when I'm with a group of people hanging at Burton's... not so much when I just want dinner.
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