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  1. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 8am to 11am. Lol
  2. I'll just set this right here...behind the pay wall..
  3. TnNative

    Air BnB Legislation

    So is there anywhere to see how each state representative voted? I am particular interested in how the representatives that represent the areas that would have been affected (metro Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga) and the outer laying counties after these locales where taken out of the "mix". I was all for owner occupied. Non owner occupied is an abomination to already established residential neighborhoods. It is troubling that Air BnB and their 7 lobbyist still pushed this just on Nashville when it when it was clear other areas/cities were not going to be affected. To me, the worse thing about non owner occupied houses is not the possibility of large parties or loud people. It is having empty houses sitting around when no one is there. No one starting families, no neighbors, no kids using the local schools. This is not a residential neighborhood, this is a commercial district. I am trying to raise kids in an urban neighborhood, I want them to have friends and I want to have friends and good neighbors. Unfortunately, the fox has been let into the hen house. Money has been smelled. My opinion, this will absolutely wreck neighborhoods like Lockeland Springs, Edgefield, Germantown. The ones closest to downtown. EDIT: At best, another reason for people to move to the suburbs. At worst - They will become fake neighborhoods.
  4. TnNative

    Air BnB Legislation

    Apologies if this is being discussed on another thread. Looks like the esteemed state senators from Air BnB hotbeds of Huntingdon and Crossville are now just targeting the inner neighborhoods with their overreaching "legislation". East Nashville is already beginning to be eat up with out of state non owner occupied AirBnB's. Lovely it's ok these people can run full businesses next to our houses but not in any of the Republican strongholds. This could be the death knell of any real neighborhood building. It's becoming Disney Land for drunken tourists who want to experience a "an urban" neighborhood. Total BS -
  5. Besides the Fond Object building, pretty sure the rest of the buildings aren't much more than some cinder blocks cemented to each other. There was rumour earlier that Fond Object was moving into the old Bailey & Cato house but I am not sure how reliable that was. I had heard it from some restaurant employees nearby.
  6. Please don't be Air BnB...bye bye neighborhood.
  7. I can't wait to hit Three Points tonight to enjoy me some Jeni's and then maybe a jaunt over to Historic West Town.
  8. Not complaining but I just Googled mapped and the Biscuit Love in the Gulch is literally 3.4 miles away. Shorter as the crow flies.
  9. Looks like a Micro-tel off some random highway interstate exit.
  10. I would totally buy this. When the Publix was first rumoured to go where Sprouts is going, Inglewood Kroger all the sudden put in a sushi bar and fancy mushroom bins. When that never happened any more upgrades seemed to have stopped although I'm glad the sushi bar was put in.
  11. Apologies if these details have already been discussed here.
  12. Here is an update on the massive Chicago based Monroe development on the East Bank. Site plan is showing Cleveland Street extending over the interstate through the development and bridging over to 2nd Ave in Germantown. Also Grace Street is extended over the interstate with a pedestrian bridge to 2nd Ave. Slated to begin in the spring.
  13. There was a permit to demo 2619 GALLATIN PIKE. It's that cool old Tudor house across from the YMCA and Save A Lot. I thought a little start up music studio bought it. It looks like they half butted tried to rehab it and then must have sold it. GUERRIER DEVELOPMENT, LLC pulled the permit. Anyone know anything about them?
  14. Pretty sure a lot of people said that after the tornado in 1998. We all know how that turned out. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Southern Grist pulled a permit for their craft brewery on Greenwood and Porter.