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  1. 6 hours ago, WebberThomas4 said:

    Two new zone changing request popped up on Metro’s Development Tracker map. The first is for three parcels owned by Samaritans Recovery Center at the corner of S 5th and Shelby totaling 4.61 acres.  Reason for zone changing request is for Multifamily Development.  The second is for two parcels at 1106 and 1108 Davidson Street totaling 7.97 acres along the river. Reason for zone changing request is because “neighborhood is becoming less industrial and more residential”.





    The parcels that Samaritans Recovery Center sit on are prime real estate (I know, Captain Obvious). There are some beautiful old growth magnolia trees on them that I would hate to see all cut down. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, grilled_cheese said:

    The best part about people that drive these are:

    1. They don't live here, likely live in Montgomery or Rutherford
    2. They're not used to driving in urban or dense environments with pedestrians
    3. They dislike our city for our politics (except for the schwill beer and music made for toddlers)
    4. If they're here, they're likely driving under the influence because they are too dumb to understand the ramifications
    5. They are awful people


    I drive  a full size truck (not that big though lol). I have three children that would not fit very well into a smaller truck and these kids will only get bigger. I live in the urban core and have for over 15 years. I did not depart to the suburbs because I had kids. I am also renovating an older home and needed a truck for that purpose. Speaking of stereotypes, not everyone is in thier late 20's/early 30's with only a fur baby to take care of and drives a Honda Element . The awful person part is debatable, might want to ask my wife

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  3. 2 hours ago, grilled_cheese said:

    I remember when whichever dev bought that, several years ago.  What would be a good fit there?  What do we need?

    Shopping at the Inglewood Kroger can be an unpleasant experience. 

    I have lived in East Nashville/Inglewood for almost 13 years and have never had an issue at Inglewood Kroger. Do I wish they had a few more amenities? Sure, but I'm still happy they added fresh sushi, lol. I have also had very few issues at Eastland Kroger and I suspect I would have at almost any grocery store, at least  occasionally.

    The worst Nashville Kroger I have ever patronized was...drum roll please... the Belle Meade Kroger. It was a real $hithole back in the day. The meat always smelled in the summer and there was trash everywhere, all the time.

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  4. So does anyone know if the new development at Riverside Village will even have a commercial/retail component? I would hate it if it was only residential. Going to miss the Fond Object building (and also the affordable/kid friendly shows they had in the back area) although not the rest of the brick o block structures.  I was all for the proposed development that was shot down by the NIMBY's without a cause. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, etimer13 said:

    I'm so sad about this.  There isn't a better place to throw darts and the bar staff have always been first rate.  I never even minded that I reeked of smoke when I left. 


    2 hours ago, WebberThomas4 said:

    Fencing going up around the Hill Center Greenwood (Publix) site. I hope this means demolition isn’t far behind. 


    I apologize if this is common knowledge or already discussed but has Publix confirmed involvement in this development?

  6. Quote


    So is there anywhere to see how each state representative voted? I am particular interested in how the representatives that represent the areas that would have been affected (metro Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga) and the outer laying counties after these locales where taken out of the "mix". I was all for owner occupied. Non owner occupied is an abomination to already established residential neighborhoods. It is troubling that Air BnB and their 7 lobbyist still pushed this just on Nashville when it when it was clear other areas/cities were not going to be affected.

    To me, the worse thing about non owner occupied houses is not the possibility of large parties or loud people. It is having empty houses sitting around when no one is there. No one starting families, no neighbors, no kids using the local schools. This is not a residential neighborhood, this is a commercial district. I am trying to raise kids in an urban neighborhood, I want them to have friends and I want to have friends and good neighbors. Unfortunately, the fox has been let into the hen house. Money has been smelled. My opinion, this will absolutely wreck neighborhoods like Lockeland Springs, Edgefield, Germantown. The ones closest to downtown. EDIT: At best, another reason for people to move to the suburbs. At worst - They will become fake neighborhoods.

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  7. 5 hours ago, WebberThomas4 said:


    Behind a paywall, but Bajo Sexto Taco and Emmy Loves Pizza (from Brooklyn) being eyed for Riverside Village. Right now, the developer is seeing if the current buildings could even support two restaurants. No word on the status of Fond Object or the other tenants. 

    Also, the proposed 61 condo unit development has been reduced to 8 town homes and 19 workforce priced micro-units. 

    Besides the Fond Object building, pretty sure the rest of the buildings aren't much more than some cinder blocks cemented to each other. There was rumour earlier that Fond Object was moving into the old Bailey & Cato house but I am not sure how reliable that was. I had heard it from some restaurant employees nearby. 

  8. 10 hours ago, jmtunafish said:

    Any idea what international company this is talking about? 

    Developers in East Nashville are in final-stage lease negotiations with an international company that wants a sizable chunk of office space near the popular Five Points district.

    Should the deal come to fruition, the company would occupy 25,000 square feet of space at The Wabash, redevelopment occurring at the former Fluffo mattress factory. There, developers Dan Heller and March Egerton are building a four-story building with a 120-space parking garage. It's a sign of the evolving growth in East Nashville, which is across the Cumberland River from downtown and has been one of the hottest parts of the residential real estate market for a few years now. In addition to more office space, several apartment complexes also are under construction.

    Heller said the prospective tenant would be signing a long-term lease for all of the office space in The Wabash. The building also contains 15,000 square feet of space for retailers and restaurants.

    "The user will be well-known to your readers," Heller said. "They're an international company and this is their first foray into the Nashville market."


    Please don't be Air BnB...bye bye neighborhood. 

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  9. 42 minutes ago, WebberThomas4 said:

    Not complaining but I just Googled mapped and the Biscuit Love in the Gulch is literally 3.4 miles away. Shorter as the crow flies.

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  10. 18 minutes ago, Edgefield D said:

    Thanks Webber. I had typed a response...but it merged it with another post? I'm still trying to figure out the way this site works?

    It's odd that even Kroger doesn't seem to know when the least is up? If they've spent that much on the store...the bulk has to have been the gas pumps. I lived in Goodlettsville when Publix moved in and I know that Kroger's updates are reactionary....so I'm hoping the Sprouts is a catalyst for getting some things done to that Kroger.

    I would totally buy this. When the Publix was first rumoured to go where Sprouts is going, Inglewood Kroger all the sudden put in a sushi bar and fancy mushroom bins. When that never happened any more upgrades seemed to have stopped although I'm glad the sushi bar was put in.

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  11. 40 minutes ago, TnNative said:

    Here is an update on the massive Chicago based Monroe development on the East Bank. Site plan is showing Cleveland Street extending over the interstate through the development and bridging over to 2nd Ave in Germantown. Looks like Berry or Grace Street is also extended over the interstate with another bridge to 2nd Ave. Slated to begin in the spring.



    Apologies if these details have already been discussed here. 

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