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  1. Not suprising. The place is set-up like a casino, encouraging all attendee's/guests to not leave so they will spend all thier cash within the confines.
  2. Just noticed the other day that the former "Feed The Children" warehouse on the East Bank near Davidson Street is now a Beaman Automotive Parts Distributive Center. Not sure if it is replacing the one by his back office and sales lots on West End or just another addition.
  3. Amp route gets test drive http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/2014/06/24/amp-route-gets-test-drive/11322867/ Of interest - "...Others asked why Woodland Street would connect East Nashville with downtown when James Robertson Parkway would be easier for buses to navigate. The current proposal calls for wider roads at Woodland Street and Fifth Street to accommodate buses’ wider turning radiuses."
  4. WATCH FOX 17 THIS MORNING! TUNE IN or STREAM NOW! 05/13/14 05:06:49 AM The next generation of traffic has arrived in Nashville! Not only are we giving you a chance to win a NEW Beaman Toyota Camry, our new 3D traffic monitoring system, helping you arrive on time. We're also tracking the potential for some showers today and severe storms tomorrow. click here for more On the Fox 17 News site this morning. It took me a minute to realize they were talking about the 3D traffic monitoring system.
  5. Yeah, I scoped the bike/walking situation to the new Sounds stadium from East Nashville. Doesn't look very safe. As a "casual urban biker" it does not inspire confidence. The ride to Greer (from East Nashville), while longer and with more hills, looks a lot safer than this bike ride. Oh and they really need to widen the sidewalks on the Jefferson Street Bridge.
  6. It's funny. I'm in one of the areas that Google fiber would probably be installed. And literally, my internet speed has pretty much doubled tonight. I have never seen it so fast (I have AT&T basic service) and have had this service for years. Hmmm wonder if that has anything to do with it?
  7. Probably not following up on the last post about City Winery but here are some renderings on the Eater - Nashville site. http://nashville.eater.com/archives/2014/02/20/city-winery-nashville-now-has-renderings.php
  8. Must be all that copper...
  9. Very cool bhibbs. They did do a great job and I'll be there often. Filled up on Mayday Evil Octopus and the 10 year Yazoo IPA. Both very good.
  10. Finally, downtown development that addresses 1st Ave, the river and the East Bank (even if just slightly)! Glad to hear more is on the way. Maybe we can invite Carl Icahn down for happy hour on the veranda.
  11. Went to The Hop Stop the other night and filled up two growlers. Pretty great you don't have to trek to Frugals now.
  12. Apologies for going off the current topic. I used Lyft for the first time last night. Really good experience. A car arrived at our house within 4 minutes. The driver took my wife and I to a house in Whites Creek. When it was time to leave, another driver arrived in about 15 minutes to pick us up. We were using an introduction membership promo, but I'm guessing it would have been at least 15$ to $20 cheaper than a cab (including both ways). You know what your fare is before getting into the car, and also with the elimination of cash as payment, it cuts down on possible sketchy scenarios with the driver and with the driver's customers.
  13. Agreed. I would have liked to see the first leg go to at least to Douglas/Cahal or even Litton/Trinity Lane in East Nashville (For what it's worth, the East Nashville YMCA is near this location). Of'course there's no corporate booster/cheerleader like St Thomas on the eastside sitting on the turnaround in this area but I think it would really help boost the initial ridership. Unfortunately, I was working every night and couldn't make any of the AMP meetings.
  14. Welcome NashDevelopment (from a former lurker as well)...two things I really like about this is 1) it is replacing a gas station. 2) Across the street is Advance Financial's Corporate HQ, also a branch of Advance Financial, and a building housing thier IT staff. I'm sure they are OK with it as well considering what it will do for thier property values. Maybe it will ease thier iron grip on that intersection/area and something more appropriate will move in.
  15. Okay, maybe not just in...ha...I see it was posted on the West End Summit thread...I'll get the hang of this one day!
  16. HCA drops West End site...to anchor mixed use project in North Gulch - Charlotte at 11th... http://www.wsmv.com/story/24245943/hca-shifts-plan-for-200-million-development-to-charlotte-ave HCA will invest about $200 million and will still plan to relocate about 2,000 jobs to downtown Nashville. The project, for now, is expected to take about three years to complete and will be part of a larger 32-acre development called Capitol View that will eventually include offices, residential space and other developments.
  17. It was nice matching faces with names and meeting everyone today. Hope to attend many more in the future.
  18. I heard it was going in the empty lot next to 5th and Main. Now pass that bottle of booze back over here!
  19. There's plenty of existing infrastructure in Brentwood/Williamson County. They can convert some of the mega churches (bonus: plenty of parking but no widening of roads, it would ruin "the character"). I'm sure Mike would be OK with that. Pretty sure some of those churches are larger than the White House and some Capitol Buildings.
  20. I can highly relate to your friends predicament. All your equity cancels out looking in the same neighborhood and the the orginal larger houses near the urban core have really appreciated. Let's not even talk about the new builds. There is an option of adding on I suppose. But then you might have to manuever through zoning if it applies. We'd be sitting pretty if we decided to move to LaVergne. lol
  21. When did "starter homes" start going for $275k to 300k? I was happy to buy my East Nashville fixer upper for under 100k in 2006 at the height of that housing boom.
  22. The Harding Place sidewalk project slated to begin... http://www.wsmv.com/story/23920202/harding-place-sidewalk-project-slated-to-begin-soon
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