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  1. The first time I hear someone call it "Historic West Town" in earnest, I'll probably punch them in the face.
  2. http://www.wkrn.com/story/23765054/starbucks-morning-coffee Robert Randolph playing a promo show at Fifth/Third Plaza at 8AM this morning. Pretty cool for a Wednesday.
  3. I do like the fact that Southern Land plans to relocate thier HQ to Davidson Co.
  4. I think good news as well. Aquinas is a higher profile academic institution that already has a solid presence in Nashville and will utilize this prime location to a much greater extent than the former owners. That college always seemed a bit out of place there, even before "It City" status. I would like to see the day that NADC moves to another location and something more "city" appropriate moved in. I'm sure it will take a lot more years of improvement and rising commercial real estate values on the Gallatin Road sector to make this attractive to NADC, but if any learning institution is suburb appropriate, I would think a diesel/mechanic school is.
  5. Yes and there's some dump truck activity as well...looks like they have done some minor digging in the greenspace that fronts Hermitage Ave.
  6. Spotted a crane behind the large smokestack this morning.
  7. Neat old building with original hardwoods and great original interior bricking. It didn't appear the tenant at the time put a lot of money in renovation, they probably knew it was living on borrowed time...
  8. Zoo plans $130M expansion for African exhibit http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/print-edition/2013/07/05/scorecard-zoo-plans-130-million.html Although the zoo has improved steadily over the last decade, it still seems behind a lot of it's peer city counterparts...This is great to see and I think a good indication of the health and prosperity of the city ("...the zoo had a record year in 2012, with 778,000 visitors..."). My wife and I bought season passes this year...
  9. Judging from the beer prices at the Turnip Truck-Gulch last time I visited, this was the only location in Nashville that actually might have needed a discount beer and cigarettes store.
  10. Nice...I like how a city block magically springs up from that used car lot next to Marche...
  11. "Bel Air Providence"? ...I just threw up a little bit in my mouth...can they at least attempt to make some kind of local connection of the development with the land/area? What I'm really looking forward to is Rancho Sante Fe Indian Lake... "Guerrero believes the system could not adequately serve Bel Air Providence and that restaurants, retailers, corporate office users, apartment developers and homeowners would not invest in a development served by septic tanks." Ya think? Sounds like this guy is just a tad bit patronizing...
  12. Porter Road Butcher is opening a location in an old Mrs Winner's building on Charlotte Pike across from Richland Park. http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/blog/2013/05/porter-road-butcher-coming-to.html http://www.nashvillescene.com/bites/archives/2013/05/13/porter-road-butcher-to-open-new-shop-on-charlotte-avenue
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