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  1. Southwest announces new nonstop service from Nashville to: Portland (ME), Portland (OR), San Juan, Norfolk, and daily to Omaha.
  2. I think you're forgetting the thousands of tourists that come to Sevier County on a daily basis just to go to Dollywood and then drive the 1-4 hours back home.
  3. Maybe not as casual as what you're seeking, but for great Lebanese food we do have Epice.
  4. It may be the only triple branded Marriott with an AC Marriott, but it's not the only triple Marriott. I recently stayed in one in downtown Houston. Courtyard, Residence Inn, and Springhill Suites all under one roof, in a beautiful, renovated 1921 building.
  5. Sounds like this is a school project. His facebook page says he doesn't graduate until 2021.
  6. As of yesterday, Steven Goff, soccer writer for the WP, tweeted that 31,000 had been sold. There is a great deal of unhappiness at the high ticket prices for a friendly, $55 for upper-level corner, $85 behind the goal, $125-400 for lower-section sideline .
  7. Sounds like a bad experience, for sure. Despite your unfortunate experience, Graze turned into a truly exceptional restaurant that this vegetarian greatly appreciates. I'm glad they worked out those early kinks you experienced.
  8. I think it's possible to exaggerate in either direction. 30 years ago I was a 19-year-old Vandy undergrad with a fake ID and I thought downtown was amazing. Dancing several nights a week at The Urban Lounge on Second Avenue, eating lunch at Windows on the Cumberland watching barge launches, shopping for great rugs at the salvage stores south of Broadway. Yes we've come a long way, but nostalgia for the Nashville of 30 years ago, even downtown, is not all misplaced in my opinion. I'd gladly trade the pedal taverns for the adult bookstores and honky tonks of the '80's.
  9. I drive Davidson to and from work every day. I actually love the industrial vibe. Of course, I also love Dickerson and what's left of its grittiness. I'm not worked up enough about it to complain on the EN FB page, but I will miss it when it's gone.
  10. I believe the plan will be to sell alcohol, but only in club level seating as permitted by the SEC.
  11. With two of the major investors sitting on the Vanderbilt Board of Trust, it's looking more and more like a combined MLS/VU Football stadium at the Fairgrounds. As a fan of both, MLS and VU, this will be very disappointing to me.
  12. The native flowers/grasses under Stix are looking really nice at the moment. They are finally mature enough to blend with the sculpture and over the last couple of days have helped me to have a better appreciation for the Native American inspiration for the piece.
  13. The survey made it sound like alcohol sales inside the stadium might be limited to a Club area for Vandy games.
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