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  1. Not really. Those units have access to the Deca pool though.
  2. Siding with Apaladin here. The level of baseball is lower than Greenville deserves. And yes, the venue and experience are top notch other than the ball. Interesting that the minor leagues are contracting right now. Baseball is hurting like any other sport, and parent teams are consolidating to help with expenses. And a lot of that has been centered around proximity (or lack thereof) to the parent. The city investing more for a Single A team far from Boston doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully a longer play to attract a higher level team at some point.
  3. Go on...Curious as to your position here...
  4. 15th will be the top floor. 2 parking floors will be S2 and S3, no 13th.
  5. Former Sears Roebuck building. Escalators are apparently still in there.
  6. From a numbering perspective, the odd sized floor is Main, or 1st. Below are P2 and P3. So they are on the 8th floor from a designation standpoint. There will be no 13th numbered, and it will top out at the 15th with the penthouse condos. So Exile and GMan30 correct, there are 6 more floors to be built, 16 in total.
  7. Correct. Blaze will be upstairs, ground level. Neat had a soft opening about a month ago. Speakeasy vibe, very cool.
  8. If you have ever tried to use the pavilion for a private event, i.e. wedding, you know that it is a crap shoot with the amphitheater behind it. Unless you are willing to buy out both venues, you risk a loud event ruining your event. Which is why it is rarely used. This a logical move with a beautiful building.
  9. Agree with the above. We work with a lot of restaurants and hear a common complaint. There just isn't enough service industry talent in Greenville for the demand. If a restaurant becomes slow and income drops, or they don't like a manager, employees will leave be employed elsewhere almost immediately.
  10. Some call this supply and demand. The expense of downtown will help other areas grow to meet the price needs of certain industries like retail and restaurant. Per the story this helps the West Village, or whatever we call it now, and downtown Greer. Without rising costs there is no incentive to build and expand, both of which help clean up blighted areas and increase the tax base. I personally view this as good news.
  11. Starbucks will be a Starbucks, but not a corporately owned store. Employees will be under Hyatt.
  12. Not a developer, but I disagree. I know more than a few people that contemplated moving downtown, only to let a pet, or lack of a yard dissuade them. We looked at the Brownstones a few years back, and that was our problem as well. 6 units wont saturate this market.
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