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  1. We should be in 3 days a week but it isn't enforced (yet). I rarely see many people on my floor. I don't mind going in but I also live close to Uptown. Plus, working Uptown is kind of nice except paying to park!
  2. Activity has definitely picked up but there is a ton of room to grow. I would say the Uptown Y is only about 20-30% full in the morning vs early 2020 and honestly not many people I work with are taking the company's order to return to work seriously. Yesterday I was maybe 1 of 5 people on a floor with maybe 400 cubes. It's kind of depressing to go in on days when it is completely empty. I think companies can figure it out as long as if they set and enforce rules that are equal throughout the company.
  3. You are right. I wonder if they backed out or are trying to sell property? I thought they were supposed to construction before summer started. Hopefully it doesn't end up being an empty lot!
  4. RTP is on a roll and good for them! It will be interesting to see how many other well known tech companies they can add to the area. Hopefully Charlotte can pull some better jobs too. I know we just got Centene and Robinhood but it seemed more focused on call center/ops. Maybe with the new grown RTP can move up the list for a MLB team in NC!
  5. Every time we drive around we comment about how there is trash everywhere now. Happy someone else noticed it. I hope it isn't the new normal.
  6. From what I understand the person who will own this location lives in the neighborhood.
  7. As for the sign, the neighborhood association sent out a poll a few months ago to vote for the new sign. I remember wondering why they wouldn't just reassemble the old one so that the two signs matched. I haven't seen the poll results but I think it will be something different.
  8. I found it on their Facebook page. I would personally like a Laurel Market there but doubt that would happen. It will be interesting to see what ends up there though. I also read where someone though Hong Kong closed in the space with Akahana (sp?). Seems like that building is about to get "refreshed".
  9. True. I guess I was just hopeful for something bigger in that spot. Should be a good get for Rock Hill though assuming the HQ/Training Facility goes there.
  10. Agree. Seems like Eastland gets the shaft again! Maybe they can rework the proposal again? I wonder if people are really going to be thrilled with an Elite Academy and and Atrium Health facility that both only employ 20-30/each. I feel like we should be able to do better.
  11. That spot is hard b/c of the parking but somehow Bakersfield has made it work. I still miss the old East Blvd.....
  12. That's great! We tried it out last Friday and there were some people already using it. I heard Thomas Street Tavern may reopen soon which could help fill the seats. Great idea though!
  13. I thought the conversion of Thomas St (in front of Dish) transitioning into outdoor dining fizzled out. PMNA's Facebook page just posted that the picnic tables are being placed and it should open this weekend through the end of November (for now). Glad this is still happening. I walked through the area last night and noticed a lot of the picnic tables stacked around the green building across from Thomas Street Tavern. Would anyone know if that company actually built the tables for the project?
  14. The power lines in Plaza Midwood are in the alleys.
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