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  1. hokiehigh

    Charlotte Tech News

    Looks like no plans to search for a replacement though. Probably good news for NOVA and Nashville. I bet Cuomo is pissed!
  2. hokiehigh

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Basically I care because I like soccer. No harm in that! Heck, I like the Checkers even though it isn't the NHL and the Knights even though it isn't MLB.
  3. hokiehigh

    Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

    I'm surprised they are moving forward. GF laid their lines in Plaza Midwood to the power poles a few years ago and never connected to any of the houses. It would still be nice to have a few more options.
  4. hokiehigh

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Does anyone know how the focus group meetings went? It's interesting to see how this plays out. I am not that informed on what's going on with the MLS but it seems like the final expansion slot will go to St. Louis, Sacramento or San Diego? Supposedly we could pass them with a better plan and with Tepper's money? There also seems to be another round of expansion in the MLS to get it to the same number of teams as the NFL. I guess we could wait for second round?
  5. hokiehigh

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Yep. Seems like something may be happening. Isn’t Tepper/Panthers supposed to meet with the city soon about possible stadium renovations? I think it would be smart to get a Team now rather than wait until the MLS possibly goes to 32. Also it would give Raleigh more time to get their stuff together.
  6. hokiehigh

    SouthPark Mall

    Clarks is closing next week. Seems like they are closing all of their NC stores and focusing on online.
  7. I didn't even realize those buildings were sold. I assume it will be apartments.
  8. Interesting. I always wondered if someone would lease it. I guess they bought the whole building and will add on?
  9. That makes sense. I assume they are close to starting. I didn't notice any work around Christmas when I went to Green with Envy. I will look again this week since I take Hawthorne to get to work.
  10. You all are probably already aware but Kickstand is closing due to construction. I am not sure what type of construction though. I thought they may build something in the back parking lot but I can't remember where I saw that.
  11. hokiehigh

    Southwest Virginia News

    75 new jobs in Bluefield, VA PEMCO expansion 290 new Coal jobs in SWVA and Southern WV - still skeptical about this though. 290 new coal jobs
  12. hokiehigh

    Blacksburg/Montgomery County

    580 new jobs coming to Montgomery Country. This area seems to be on fire with job growth lately. Maybe it will spread to Roanoke? Also, 220 additional jobs in Reston. Cloud Computing jobs in Montgomery County
  13. Not yet. I would also like to know about the place across from Sushi Guru. It looks nice!
  14. Two new retail spots are coming to Midwood: Pinhouse in the old Midwood Cleaners building: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/142217/pinhouse-self-serve-beer-bar-plaza-midwood/ Snooze will open beside Yafo: https://www.charlotteagenda.com/141342/snooze-am-eatery-restaurant-breakfast-lunch-brunch-in-plaza-midwood/
  15. hokiehigh

    UP Fantasy Football League?

    I should be able to do it. If not, I will do Auto Draft. Thanks for setting it up!