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  1. Interesting. I always wondered why they started to remodel these out parcels if there was an intent to sell. Hopefully they still plan on selling.
  2. That's pretty cool. I need to check it out next time I am there. I think I read they are adding a rooftop too.
  3. I heard a rumor a few months ago that it was going to be a pizza/brewery type place with a rooftop. If that happens I am sure it will go over well.
  4. When I opened the link I was able to read it for a second. It looks like a coffee shop that will roast its coffee on site.
  5. I am not sure but I am interested too. I think that shopping center should have some potential as the area changes. I would also like to see a Blackhawk type of store in the shopping center too. It's nice to see that Visart and Tommy's Pub have survived over there.
  6. I think she does and I hope that she will sell this property soon too!
  7. I saw that... Can't Edens or some other company come in an buy this property? It's such a waste.
  8. Good news... It seems the Victor Shaw house on Mecklenburg will be saved. It's near the entrance to the country club. It seems that some of the land behind the house may be subdivided for new homes. Also, I noticed the main house in the Cramer Estate is 'contingent'. Also, is there still a rumor that the country club will go through a makeover/expansion? I think I read a rumor about that a few months ago.
  9. Thanks for introducing me to the Charlotte Ledger! Also, great news on the Levine property. Seems to be similar in size to the Ashton in South End.
  10. So, I assume this should happen tomorrow? The tweet above says July 9th.
  11. That was fast! I never even tried it out and I used to go to Healthy Home a lot.
  12. That’s good. I always had a feeling the use for the site would be something the whole neighborhood could use and not just office space. I guess I hoped for a restaurant. I still think saying no to the pool was a bad idea.
  13. Very cool. So will the whole property become office space? I know they are adding townhomes too. I hoped for a restaurant but the topiary office sounds good too.
  14. Sounds like it. Too bad he won't sell the whole building. I would also assume that PR and Jack's share a kitchen? If so, I wonder how that would work out? The whole place needs to be cleaned up.
  15. I took the survey. The first part is about potential improvements to BofA Stadium. At the end you can opt into a MLS questionnaire. I think they are basically trying to gage interest.
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