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  1. Main Street is developing at a fine clip and 6th and Main would be a good addition. However there are some significant drawbacks to that location. From a pedestrian's viewpoint that is a very treacherous an uninviting spot. You are basically surrounded by major streets, highways (40& Ellington), the run down Citgo etc. Traffic is very congested there and its pretty dangerous for pedestrians. I'm sure the building will do wonders but it would certainly be the case that the building would drive foot traffic and not the other way around. I often think it would be cool to live in 5th and
  2. I think any discussion of Sun Belt construction activity has to include Houston. More new housing starts in 2014 than the entire state of California and 3rd most high-rises under construction in the country behind NY and Miami. I've read of stories of people are driving up to job sites and paying construction workers $100 cash to come over and work on their project. Very competitive.
  3. Bridgestone Americas plans to move its HQ to a new office tower that Highwoods properties would build south of Broadway. Groundbreaking Tuesday at 4th and Demonbreun. Project will go on 1 acre that Highwoods recently purchased from Tony. All via the Tennessean.
  4. I've been to Bosco's twice in the last year. The first time we had an excellent server who talked us into getting the special that night and it was fantastic. The second time I got one of their pizza's for lunch and it was very mediocre. So a mixed bag to say the least. However tt was a unique joint and I am sad to see it go. As for the beer aspect,I am disillusioned with the state of the craft beer movement in general. There is nothing craft about craft beer anymore. There is a new brewer and a new seasonal around every corner. Hardly anything feels unique or special anymore.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Great recap. Hopefully the issue of crossing the I-24/LP/Cumberland divide will get the bulk of the resources here. I also hope that the young bike enthusiasts crowd remains respectful of stakeholders at these types of meetings. They could end up shooting themselves in the foot if they get up and spout off about the latest and greatest NY Times articles about bike lanes.
  6. I assume this lane would not extend west beyond 5th street. Unfortunately I feel like this is where a bike lane is most needed. Things calm down a good bit once you get east of 5th street. A bike lane would be nice between 5th and five points although getting one on Woodland all the way across the Woodland St. bridge would be the ultimate win.
  7. Just a PSA that Monty's Barbershop is opening a second location at 4519 Charlotte Pike. The space has apparently operated as a barbershop for a very long time but has been vacant for a few years until now. They are supposed to open this week. The original location is the Nashville Arcade. I can personally say that for my money this is the best haircut in the city. No ego, great conversation, old school barbershop treatment. Any man (or woman) should do themselves the favor of getting a quality cut and shave at a place like this.
  8. The industrial design of this interior has really been in style the past few years. Burger Republic, Hop Stop, Pub 5, Barista Parlor all come to mind. Is this a style trend or is it really more cost effective to not finish ceilings and purchase industrial lighting and minimalist furniture? Persoanlly I think it is starting to saturate the market in terms of new commerical spaces. Every single new business and restaurant that opens seems to kind of look like this now. Does anyone else not like the cold and ominous tone of this style?
  9. There was something in the Tennessean today about how the Mayor left the AMP off of his capital improvement budget "by mistake". And therefore the council has to vote on it as a seperate stand alone vote. Smells pretty fishy to me. Even so I'm not sure if this budget is even a real binding document or just a formality.
  10. They've had a Cook Out just off campus of UT in Knoxville for a few years now. It was decent at 2 a.m. after a night of beers and you can't beat the price but as soon as you taste the food you'll stop wondering how they can afford to make their prices so low. The shakes are decent though.
  11. 23 story luxury apartment tower at 641 Division St. Groundbreaking planned by the end of the year. The Gulch will be rivaling the core in terms of density in 5 years at this pace. http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/real-estate/2014/05/29/gulch-nashville-apartments-crescendo-growth-development/9710153/
  12. Tennessean article http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/real-estate/2014/04/25/heritage-ceo-franklin-apartments-happen-gone/8146627/ Basically the CEO of a health group in Franklin is threatening to move his entire office (19 doctors 75 total employees) elsewhere if the proposed Nichol Mill Lofts development is approved. He is concerned about the increased traffic. The office already tells their patients to be an extra 30 or 45 minutes early to appointment due to existing traffic. It's refreshing to see a business finally come to grips with what it means to be located in a sprawling
  13. Remember that all of Tony's projects have to go through the 12 step program before breaking ground. We must be getting close as surely this is step 9 or 10.
  14. They are likely looking to play to the music industry crowd and are likely planning to host a lot of conferences and events involving the entities located on music row. I don't think they are shooting for the family of 4 from Springfield, IL coming down to see honky tonks. Not to mention the price of entry for the plot they are building on compared to the core.
  15. That seems enormous for an elementary school. Any idea what the current enrollment is?
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