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  1. Well... SC Gov. Haley: Transgender bathroom bill not needed
  2. I think it's also important to highlight section 2.1 that prevents municipalities from raising the minimum wage. What does that have to do with bathrooms?
  3. Salon just posted a good article. There’s no way the governor’s backward measures legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ individuals can stand I don't know if that's what you're looking for...
  4. Charlotte, 1975. Cropped from the larger map here: http://maps.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/historicmaps/
  5. Filling the gap. Also, who knew you could rent wheels? Amazing time to be alive.
  6. Copied from a post on Lakewood Trolley's Facebook: "The cars are important, because they provide physical proof of early 20th Century American ingenuity and the development of Charlotte and Charleston as New South cities. While the two cars never ran in Charlotte, they were built in Charleston and ran there until 1938, the same year Charlotte dismantled its original streetcar system. Pappanastos found the cars in 2011 and worked with their owner to have them shipped to Charlotte in 2013. They have been behind closed doors ever since. The Charleston cars were brought to Charlotte as part of a strategy to connect West End neighborhoods with the vibrancy of uptown and call attention to the amenity of the Stewart Creek Greenway and green spaces of the west side. The Savona Mill, once served by the Piedmont & Northern Railway and Charlotte's streetcar system as a destination between uptown and Lakewood Park, sits in Seversville just a mile from Cedar St. in Third Ward. The tracks that used to carry streetcars to the mill are fully intact."
  7. On the crosswalk topic, we need these guys in Charlotte. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=14&v=UqhUeDTAyYs I really don't understand why people can't stop at the line.
  8. If they haven't met already, someone needs to introduce Lynn Wilson to Larry Bumgarner. A perfect match of negativity.
  9. Does anyone know why the Panthers haven't taken down the screens from the fences around the practice field? They weren't taken down last year either after the season was over.
  10. Since this is open to the public it'd be a good idea for those making changes to backup the map from time to time - Click the envelope, 'Export to KML', 'Download', save it as text It's way too easy to delete elements and way too big of an internet to trust everyone.
  11. So I saw this mentioned in a letter to the editor on the O's website: BILL DRAFT 2013-TQz-22. After reading it and also reading various articles regarding it, it would seem that our humble public servants are about to remove the ability of local municipalities from enforcing any tree ordinances on private land. The obvious winners would be the developers who will be allowed to clear-cut with impunity. So much for our 50% tree canopy goal. Last year was full of horrible ideas, looks like this years short session will be more of the same. (Forgive me if this has already been mentioned on UP)
  12. The UPS man just dropped "Charlotte - Then and Now" at my door. Very neat, and a bit depressing. Thank you for the recommendation!
  13. Giving credit where credit is due. Hopefully the image won't be taken down... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genoa_City_%28The_Young_and_the_Restless%29
  14. This was an ASC project that went in a couple years ago and I'd hardly call Wesley Heights a ghetto. I've walked my dog through Frazier Park and under that pass countless times and have never felt unsafe. There is an occasional panhandler at the I-77 exit and the gas station can be a bit sketchy on weekend nights (they have security now) but otherwise the area further up Trade to JCS is much cleaner and nicer than you might expect. http://asccharlotte.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/passing-through-light-connects-communities/
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