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  1. Henrico EDA approvals set stage for massive GreenCity development - Richmond BizSense Another hurdle cleared for GreenCity. *Sorry if link doesn't work -- it looks strange but is working for me.
  2. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/11/01/dozens-of-homes-around-libbie-mill-to-be-demolished-for-projects-next-phase/ Libbie Mill taking another step towards its next phase. The transformation of that part of town is mind blowing.
  3. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/10/27/sauer-center-developer-snags-last-piece-of-the-puzzle/ Sauer Center progress. This has the potential to be the next big locus of development. It is the crucial connection between the Diamond/SA and the Fan/VCU. Maybe we'll see a few buildings crack the ten floor ceiling, especially on Hermitage/Leigh.
  4. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/10/26/union-hill-infill-project-would-add-13-apartments-potential-restaurant/ Another infill project. Hopefully the restaurant happens. I love the idea of Richmond having neighborhoods with pedestrian friendly amenities.
  5. This is a placeholder. I suspect Dominion didn't receive much of a response from its RFP and this is a medium term measure that allows it to keep its options open.
  6. Construction firm building new HQ, 26 apartments near Rocketts Landing - Richmond BizSense Nice to see development spreading north to Williamsburg Ave.
  7. Hopefully London will come sooner than ten years. While certainly a long flight (and long shot), I could see Emirates launching a RIC-DXB route. RIC could be marketed as a backdoor into DC/NOVA. Emirates doesn't appear to have a traditional profit/loss focus. It functions more like a loss leader for Dubai so perhaps RIC could be an attractive East Coast destination from which to funnel people and business through the emirate.
  8. Newport seems like an apt comparison, given that folk music, like jazz, is not a mainstream genre. It'd be great if Richmond carved out a nationally recognized niche in the music scene. The RFF further demonstrates how Richmond hits far above its weight class when it comes to amenities.
  9. Aside from what you mentioned, a big takeaway is that a serious player with no ties to the area thinks that Richmond is a good place in which to develop and invest.
  10. As the CVS parcel increases in value, hopefully it can be redeveloped into an urban CVS (ground floor retail with lots of floors stacked on top of it). Having a readily accessible drug store is a good selling point for a neighborhood.
  11. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/10/05/six-story-apartment-building-planned-beside-willow-lawn-on-city-county-line/ Some more Willow Lawn infill. That area is becoming quite the density outpost.
  12. A two year program that every citizen must complete before turning twenty-five would be great. Park work could be one aspect, but so could many other things (elder care comes to mind). In my vision, people wouldn't be able to serve in the region of the country in which they were raised. Rural inhabitants would have to spend some period in cities and vice versa for urban dwellers. Only those serving in the armed forces would be exempted from this.
  13. This is good news. I interned for a firm in that building eighteen years ago and it needed a renovation then. Glad to see that it's finally happening.
  14. This. Every win for Metro Richmond moves the area that much closer to what we on this board dream to see in Richmond. Winning begets more winning.
  15. Thanks @Icetera. The book is called "The Phoenix of Upperville." It's a political/legal mystery that deals with how history (esp. the Civil War) and place impact our present times. The link to the publisher, Richmond-based Brandylane, is https://www.brandylanepublishers.com/product/the-phoenix-of-upperville/. There's a summary there as well as a purchasing option. It's also available on Amazon, B&N, etc. Thanks for letting me do this.
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