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  1. Once Opus and (hopefully) other higher rises come to fruition on Broad, I think a lot of the NIMBY resistance to height will fade. People will realize that 25 stories isn't going to destroy their version of Richmond (or even impact it) and it makes the city look and feel more dynamic.
  2. Would it be possible to fold the Greyhound station into a GRTC bus transfer center? Seems like that would be ideal and would create seamless transfers between local and long distance transit.
  3. Randolph, especially the blocks just south of the downtown expressway, could be transformed into the Fan south. Restoring the street grid and constructing modern row houses that give homage to the more traditional Richmond style would make it a really desirable neighborhood. This would showcase Richmond as a place that draws from its past to build a dynamic, sustainable future. Randolph does feel disconnected from the rest of the city. A block or two of park placed above the downtown expressway would change that (I know it's a longshot). Meadow could serve as a prominent commercial corridor with 3-4 floors of apartments on top of street level retail. With a little vision, it could be another dense, highly urban neighborhood.
  4. This. The City, Henrico, Chesterfield et al need to band together and market RVA. If a corporate office/relo chooses Henrico over downtown, it's still good for the metro. Same for a distribution center in Hanover. It means people, jobs, and disposable income. While political integration of Richmond and the counties is unrealistic in the near future, they need to form an alliance and think as a region, even if it is only for marketing. Doing this will let the world know that the Richmond MSA is open for business (after all, the Commonwealth is routinely named the number one state for business).
  5. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/08/24/redevelopment-with-26-condos-planned-for-office-building-site-on-libbie-avenue/ Nice infill project on Libbie. I really like how Libbie between Grove and Patterson is morphing into a higher density, pedestrian friendly area. Would imagine that this will appeal to down-sizing empty nesters.
  6. Even if the canals aren't physically connected, a seamless pedestrian connection would be a decent consolation prize. For canal kayaks, canoes, etc., they should create an easy portage option.
  7. Developers plan to build apartments in final two Locks buildings - Richmond BizSense Last phase of the Locks. Looks like a good project and several hundred more residents on the Canal Walk is a good thing. The commercial aspect is nice. Hopefully they will connect the canal segments too.
  8. Just to be clear -- I want Richmond to have taller buildings. However, I don't think they are essential to it being a great city.
  9. Like many on this board, I would love to see Richmond throw up some 600' buildings; however, a shorter but dense urban core makes for a better city than a few sparkling, disconnected high rises and a few major league franchises. Richmond has several advantages over every large Southern city with the exception of New Orleans (which is no economic threat to anyone). Richmond was a "big town" before the automobile. Therefore, its core reflects a 3-5 mph pace. Richmond is a pedestrian-centric city by nature. Atlanta, Jacksonville, Nashville, Charlotte (the epitome of generic) and Raleigh are not. Additionally, Richmond oozes charm, history, and depth and boasts a plethora of historic neighborhoods and buildings. These take generations to create and cannot be faked. Skyscrapers might look impressive, but they are ubiquitous and do not add nearly as much to the character and desirability of a city. Take New Orleans -- when people think of that city, do they think of a few high rises in the CBD or do they think of the French Quarter and Garden District? Richmond is the same way with the Fan and Church Hill. Charlotte, Raleigh, etc. are monuments to prefabricated quick and easy. Richmond isn't. If Richmond fills in its vacant lots with 10-30 story buildings, it will be a prosperous, dense city that will score well in livability (like many European cities of a similar size). If this happens, Richmond won't care what the upstarts are doing.
  10. A 20,000 seat arena could attract the ACC tournament at least once. UVa has never been the "host" school in the way that other classic ACC schools have, save Clemson (who couldn't care less about basketball). It's also an easy drive from DC and Tobacco Road (which really matters in ACC thinking). That's how it would have to be marketed. Still a longshot though.
  11. Lacy-owned properties on Arthur Ashe Blvd. being sold for apartment project - Richmond BizSense Another potential project on AA Blvd. Lots of surface parking will vanish. Hopefully, Buzz and Neds will find a suitable new location.
  12. One aspect of the City Center plan that I really like is the inclusion of a high school. This tells me that there will be serious family population growth in the surrounding areas. A truly urban public high school will be a first for RVA. Having lots of families with high school aged kids in urban core is another step towards Richmond becoming a national city instead of a regional one. Heady times indeed!
  13. If I could choose one, I'd choose London.
  14. What’s next for Bow Tie Cinemas site after failed pitch to become a casino? - Richmond BizSense Article on potential Bow Tie development. I really hope that the theater stays. Looking at the photos, there are a lot of surface parking lots to be developed. Pushing SA style development down Leigh would be great. While I realize this is unlikely, building a three level parking deck could provide all the parking Bow Tie needs while freeing up more land to develop. On another note, the Bow Tie block in Monroe Ward is ideally suited for a major vertical development. Hopefully they can make that happen instead of sitting on a parking lot for another decade.
  15. So much of West Broad could be redeveloped like this. Peachtree Road RVA!
  16. Dillon's Rule needs to be revisited. Agree that it is a hinderance and creates inefficiencies and redundancies. It's more pressing for smaller independent cities (Buena Vista, Emporia, Galax, etc.) than Richmond or Norfolk. Columbia and Clifton Forge were absorbed into their surrounding counties recently. Richmond would be much harder but I agree that it is necessary.
  17. Totally agree but even if we "only" get a 300' architecturally pleasing building, I'll be happy. CoStar is serious about its commitment to RVA and whatever they do will be an improvement.
  18. There are some beautiful homes in Petersburg. I must confess that I have never really given the place much thought. That needs to change.
  19. Nice. Looks good and subtracts a surface parking lot.
  20. I would like to see a competent, honest city government whose primary objective is to make Richmond the best place in the United States to do business. If this happens, a lot of other chronic, seemingly unsolvable problems will be solved.
  21. Any chance that it's Alaska?
  22. 9-story, 130-room hotel planned next to Short Pump Town Center - Richmond BizSense Another hotel for Short Pump.
  23. I'm hoping for both. To your point about commercial space -- it would be a great place for a (or several) cafe, restaurant, or bar, especially with outdoor seating.
  24. I think that this lot will wind up being what was originally proposed. Instead of a 2023 occupancy, it will be a 2025-2026. Dominion isn't selling the land and it is fully committed to downtown. Yes, the temporary gap in the cityscape is unfortunate, but what takes its place will be an improvement and will certain improve the pedestrian experience. The parcel is perhaps the most visible, prime piece of downtown undeveloped real estate. It won't be vacant for a decade. Just my $.02.
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