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  1. CRVA? Does that stand for the Charlotte Regional Visitor Authority? That was just a guess... do you know if they currently have something to promote the city?
  2. It's been a while. Got the gimbal installed with landing gear, but still no fine tuning yet. This was my first time flying over water so my heartbeat almost shattered my ribcage. The Charlotte stuff starts at 30 seconds in.
  3. Holy crap, I live on Atherton, just 1 block south of Iverson. I am seriously worried that all the crazy development going on across from Lowes is going to make traffic a nightmare. I have not seen any plans for updating South Blvd to more lanes or a divided road. I just saw the post about Camden Southline and I'm scared. At least I should be able to get some aerial pics.
  4. I am buying a 2 axis gimbal this week. You should be seeing a lot more video in the next month.
  5. RVA2CLT& Mazzo, great panoramas. The "Indepedence Day" storm one has some seriously awesome reflections on the building. I took the liberty to play around with the curves and straightened the horizon & crop it in Photoshop. Awesome shot man.
  6. I just noticed this yesterday. Can't wait... I live about 1000 feet from the site and can't wait. I really am nervous about all the new traffic though—I hope they put in dedicated left hand turn lanes.
  7. Thanks everyone! Urbanity, thanks for sharing (and sourcing) the "ground level" view of the stadium. It looks like it will be a beautiful stadium. Here's another!
  8. Wow, thank you for the crazy nice compliment. I think I need a gimbal!
  9. Guys, check this out: A little shaky cus I don't have a gimbal, yet.
  10. Definitely illegal. And endangering everyone's lives. I take safety and legality very seriously. Plust I don't have a gimbal yet for video! :-P That said, I think the only way could could do this is if you had a film permit and it was for non-commercial use.
  11. Do you mean the mall or the general vicinity? It's a large area, so if you could give me a map with the view/angle you'd like I can probably get it done. It just has to be a safe location—no trespassing and not near any people.
  12. Thanks for the compliments guys. I have another shot I'll put up later today from last night's outing. Anybody got some good ideas for aerial shoot locations?
  13. Took this one after work earlier tonight. Can't wait for the new stadium and park to be finished!
  14. I live one block from the new colonial building and about a block from "the junk (1504)"... while there is a ton of building going on, I pass it multiple times a day so it's not as jarring as seeing the progress a week apart. Thanks for the pics! I can't wait for Publix to break ground. DID SOMEBODY SAY AERIAL PHOTOS?! Lol, I can launch from my house for routine updates
  15. I have been scouting areas using google maps satellite view. I really only need a 2ft x 2ft area to take off/land but its the safety part of the equation that dictates an open space. I have also noticed there are a bunch of prime areas to shoot from that seem to have hazardous power lines strewn across the field invalidating the locations. Tonight should be a good sunset and I've got a location planned out.
  16. Lol, thanks guys. I am using an H550 hexacopter frame (DJI F550 knockoff) with a GoPro 3. Your offer is pretty sweet—we could shoot some 3D cityscapes!! My profile picture is a thumbnail of it. I recently moved here from San Francisco, so I don't know all the secret spots; I'm on the lookout for awesome aerial shooting spots. How do you embed youtube clips in the forum post?
  17. Hi everyone, thanks for the compliments on my aerial photos. I just started this but hope to get better. I was directed over here by a few people from reddit.com/r/charlotte. I went out flying last night and got this... :-)
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