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  1. Agreed here. this is was a placeholder of sorts for the investor presentation.
  2. LOL ah yes, its all coming back to me now
  3. aweeee someones big mad they are irrelevant and dont know what they are talking about
  4. Correct, the garage will not be able to support a structure on top. Confirmed by architect.
  5. who saw it and didnt like it? i dig it for sure. so glad someone else put it out there finally lol
  6. The owners was extremely difficult and off putting when I spoke with him a few months ago. They are not doing cocktails or food, and they dont seem to have any interest in addressing the gross toxic workplace allegations against the owner either. No thanks
  7. Nor do they have ABC. I was really confused when they announced that date, their inspections don't indicate they are ready...even 2 weeks ago
  8. Oh I don't agree with them, just found it funny. They didn't go to Carowinds. They didn't go to the White Water Center. They didn't go to Crowders. Yeah there isn't many tourist destinations in the 'downtown proper' area but yeah, if you take out the LAs, NYCs, Miamis, Bostons, Chicagos...there really isnt much to do in any peer city either.
  9. Yeah its pretty much a generic club unless you go early on saturday or during the week...Club RC otherwise. Really lost everything that gave RC its identity, but $$ speak loudest
  10. I am my own delivery app. I never ever use them. It's easier to just pick it up yourself. Fresher too.
  11. Add this to the “didn’t make a year” list: Rocket Pizza on morehead closed. I’m not surprised. Not surprised by Bocado either.
  12. It’s weird cause they just posted about their Mother’s Day brunch but yeah wouldn’t be surprised. Weird concept, never caught on and just wasn’t good.
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