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  1. To be fair, it has yet to have a competent operator lol
  2. This is correct, should be some news by end of Q1
  3. Just FYI the apartment aspect is just massing and not representative of the final product
  4. Ears must have been burning. Land use was approved today
  5. even more expensive now! It was $2.5m last year i thought? $3m now.
  6. Moxy got its building permits, exciting
  7. CATS getting their crap together is a MASSIIIVEEEE assumption lol. But yes, I see your point. They would 100% have to close Trade/Elizabeth to cars and add signal prioritization, otherwise forget it. That said, if they do those things (get their crap together, close the street, signal prioritize) I do LOVE this option and would fully support it as the best option. Touche on Portland and SLC
  8. I mean, yeah underground through uptown would be INCREDIBLE. But you'd almost have to operate on 2 schedules then. If you are in Matthews and relying on it to get to the airport, you will never be able to because who knows how long it would take to get through uptown. The only way i see it being possible is if, yes, they completely close Elizabeth/Trade to traffic but you would still need a ton of pedestrian controls and the train would still need to go super slow. It all just doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Pardon my ignorance but how would connecting to the gold line tracks even be feasible? The gold line is RIDICULOUSLY unreliable, and even if they closed Elizabeth/Trade it would still be a tough dedicated ROW wouldn't it? I feel like to have a line that goes from a suburb across town to the airport, reliability and on time is key. What am I missing here? lol
  10. Also to note the original developer BPR has sold the development rights/land to this new JV
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