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  1. Jayvee

    UP Fantasy Football League?

    Yeah Yahoo is the best. For sure.
  2. Jayvee


    Look at Icon in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. That’s what I believe will be similar.
  3. Jayvee

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    It's happening everywhere around this project except for Park Ave, as per the approved plans
  4. Jayvee


    To be fair, Mack Rides coasters are no more expensive than B&M (Intimidator, Fury 325, Afterburn), but yeah, any new coaster is going to cause hype. This will probably be around $30ish million which is the going rate for a new large scale coaster.
  5. Jayvee

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Considering the amount of apartments, office SF and retail SF...nah, but man oh man it’s a giant deck
  6. Jayvee

    Good New Restaurants

    They are and it is
  7. Jayvee

    Good New Restaurants

    La Belle Helene opens tomorrow. The hype is real. The hype is deserved. Most beautiful spot in uptown, and IMO all of CLT.
  8. Jayvee

    Good New Restaurants

    Yelp would HIGHLY disagree
  9. Jayvee

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I am honestly shocked that space is still sitting, yet New Bern Station is filling leases before it is even done with construction.
  10. Woah is this some new kind of building where the parking is at the top? Seems very inefficient....but cool!
  11. Jayvee

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    You misunderstand. I mean why waste money on a stadium that will be 40% full consistently
  12. Jayvee

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Why waste money on a stadium for 20k people a game?
  13. Jayvee

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Well I could have also done based upon average attendance as well, and it would still indicate Charlotte would be in the way bottom half of the list. To even compare or think CLT attendance would ever compare to the likes of St. Louis is just insanity. "Market" doesn't always matter (see Charlotte and the NBA). Those cities you mentioned (Milwaukee, KC, etc, the markets we are bigger than) have entrenched baseball fanbases. Not only is Charlotte a transient city where most people likely already have their own teams, the cities that have newer teams (Arizona, Colorado) are still not a level where it would be worth it here. Wouldn't you rather tax sports dollars funnel to the Panthers and Hornets? A MLS team makes way more sense than MLB. And for the record, Cleveland is a bigger media market than Charlotte (for now)