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  1. Wuuutttt. Aix is doing that concept at Optimist Hall, wonder if they’re bailing on that
  2. Nope no renderings, too early, no final planet yet.
  3. free article coming out tomorrow morning lol
  4. I actually think it’s a good thing. Having a ton of vacant existing space is NOT good and keeping the buildings full is what keeps new ones being built. It’s a win all around
  5. Well there hasn’t been any paperwork yet on a sale. And there would have to be an assemblage for a demo of that building to make any sense. That entire block has 9 different owners so unless there’s some major underground behind the scenes work, id maybe count this as a slow business over anything else ??? the person who owns that building only owns .4 acres on the site.
  6. Stonewall is closing for an entire day to pour a 1200 yard mat foundation concrete pour for the JW, thats awesome
  7. Yeah I have NOOO idea what’s going on here. They haven’t had an inspection in quite some time. Usually that’s money related
  8. Insanely cool and interesting. What an incredible undertaking
  9. I’m still confused. It seems like nothing will change with the blue line unless you choose to do the on board thing.
  10. I don’t take it to mean the platform payments will go away, right? Seems like this is just another option, like if the train is coming and you don’t have time to buy a ticket, you can get it on the train. If it’s on the train only....yeah that’s dumb
  11. Something tells me after this initial burst, this thread will go dormant for quite some time lol. Hope I’m wrong
  12. The Moxy hotel will be 10 years old by the time anything happens here
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