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  1. I didn’t think the prices were any different than any other higher end offering in South End. That’s just kinda life in the area now. The Chicken and waffles are my favorite in town. Decor is pretty great in that it’s nothing like anything else and it’s nice to have a true all day restaurant in South End.
  2. Misread. Thought you meant optimist was coming to design center, which is not happening. As far as it coming to CLT overall. Possible but not sure. Don’t think so though
  3. That's an INCREDIBLY dated sentiment. And just wrong.
  4. This, unfortunately, is fake news.
  5. Can’t happen soon enough
  6. They already are expanding up to brass tap but i dont see why they cant continue to expand lol
  7. The Brass Tap in South End closes tomorrow. Meh.
  8. There’s one remaining (two if you count the one in NOVEL and one in the mill building). Also Sephora is opening December 9
  9. Yup, same with TB and same with Newton and Newton. They're only doing themselves and their families a disservice, they are the only ones they are stickin it to. I hate when local social justice warriors hoorah them for not selling, because while I appreciate the sentiment, they are only hurting themselves long term.
  10. Cam was placed on the IR. Done for the season. For the best, shoulda happened before he cost us 2 losses lol
  11. And here...we...go...
  12. Facelift on 230 S Church is actually getting ready to get going soon
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