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  1. Yeah divine barrel kills it. Their product compared to bold wasn’t even close. Barrel is infinitely better and the market agreed
  2. I don’t think so but there will be a market correction and those that are mediocre/sub par will be left behind
  3. It will do both (retail and built to support). But Preferred has owned it since 2015 at least, and just ugh
  4. well you are SOL there. Although Small Bar is taking over the Keg & Cue space on S Tryon....soooo maybe there?
  5. They’ve been crushing it. And I disagree!! I love day drinking in CLT
  6. The Charlotte location isn’t even in the same universe as the Asheville location. It’s a shame.
  7. Yeah, but there's no way that's happening lol
  8. The interwebs seem to agree with our early assessments
  9. Way under construction. That manager doesn’t know ish lol
  10. Gotta say, Callie’s was meh. Good not great. Nothing special at the very least.
  11. Nope planet fitness is going further down tryon. and they plugged up that downstairs space to public access, its storage now
  12. It has not. COULD be under contract, but also more likely a ground lease is in place, not a total sale.
  13. Yeah JJs uptown has also majorly scaled back hours. It’s a bummer because Rhino and B.good do really well. I guess it just wasn’t the right concept for the space.
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