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  1. Now open and very solid. Really enjoyed my gyro
  2. As a fellow Greek, I am also hyped about this, wish the menu was a bit more extensive though. But its fast casual, i get it
  3. Can confirm both, more details soon
  4. I think in todays environment I am more than happy to pay $8 a pint to keep people employed and businesses afloat.
  5. That's weird, they were still posting stuff online this month
  6. For clarity; Vana is at the corner. Brass Tap is gonna be a place called Vinyl
  7. We already went over how unnecessary a pool is, and would be even more of a waste of space...the pocket park here is great and will be used MUCH more than a pool.
  8. Especially in a post-covid world. The only hotel pools that are used are in Las Vegas or at amusement parks lol. 10000% not a missed opportunity for them.
  9. It hasn’t been sub station 2 for years Or so. It was TECHNICALLY “sandwich sams” but same family as sandwich max. Max took it over prob 4 months ago
  10. Unfortunately, there is not much they can do there, on one side is the pole for the rail road crossing signals, and on the other side is the guy wires for the electric/wire pole. One of those 2 things would have to move in order for them to widen it.
  11. I am dreading this thread over the next few months
  12. It's a double edged sword, people completely get shut in, tons of local businesses are going to be impacted and many won't survive (unearned closers). On the other hand, people need to stay the f in their homes and not freaking bar crawl. I am so disappointed in half (??) of the city's population (re: yesterday).
  13. It’s quite insane how not seriously this city is taking it.
  14. Correct, this was something that was cooked up before Grubb had it under contract, so this will just go in the files of what could have been
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