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  1. Their beer is distributed worldwide...
  2. Same thing with Hatties, Owens, Phat etc etc. they ain’t comin back
  3. It dosent and it wont. Wish them the best but I see this hitting the bites the dust thread.
  4. They got a multi million dollar build permit for the east building this week, its a go.
  5. It is important to note that this was NOT a covid-related closure. They were operated by a billion dollar company. There was a company leadership change and it was decided to get our of the retail/restaurant business all together.
  6. It’s to note that this is SUPPPPEERRR early and if it goes forward construction won’t start until 2022
  7. They’re opening this weekend and held a soft open this past weekend. Nice little space and soliddddd beers
  8. There is a location uptown by Tilt and Solis Southend has their 2nd location, I believe this will be 3rd. Randy Moss is an investor and they got TONS of money behind them
  9. Beer is actually quite solid. Finding out about the rebrand now.
  10. JJs closed and yeah b.Good is next. Its a shame for that great retail price. b.good just isn’t .... well.....good. And JJs never caught on for whatever reason. Rhino kills it though. Just gotta have the right concepts in there. A cocktail bar would be a great fit for the b.good space if you ask me
  11. This is just for marketing purposes. It’s likely this won’t shake out this way.
  12. He might have been mistaken the seltzery for another brewery
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