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  1. I admit that I don’t know much about traffic engineering, but this discussion raises three questions for me. 1) Who uses 131? It is mainly commuters coming in and out of the City to work, or is it mostly traffic just passing through? 2) If it is going to be relocated why not also relocate all of it between the section between M-6 and I-96? 3) Can realistic changes be made to keep it where it is but still get the east/west connectivity that has been discussed here? Personally, I would rather see 131 get moved west of Wilson Avenue and be a connection to I-96 and turn the existing 131 from M-6 to I-96 into a regular street. This will slow the traffic down, disburse it onto the other collector streets and encourage the development of rail and RBT. Why we are at it, the same thing should happen to I-196 to have it start at M-6. Why bother with this bits and pieces approach. Dream Big Otherwise, I think they should just upgrade the existing 131 in place. Personally we find it easier to just take local streets. It might take a little bit longer to get into downtown, but there is so much more to do/see/and experience.
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