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  1. my uncle owned the building that is now home to The Hop Stop, those of you familiar with that area may remember "Hibbs Printing" as it was there for many years. the stores im talking about a literally right across the street from that building. During the summer I would work there and help out as a kid. I remember countless drug deals gone bad and seeing two shootings personally. needless to say, I wouldnt shed a tear if they were torn down tomorrow.
  2. id rather get rid of the sketchy convenience stores that are right there, they are such an eye sore
  3. work going on at the CC
  4. the units facing north are gonna have some damn nice views.
  5. On the Nashville building boom: "I think we've seen the peak," says Metro Codes Director Terry Cobb. "There, I said it." Tweet from Tony Gonzales from NPR Nashville Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. thats the old night club which closed down, at this point every time I drive by it seems as if its become a hang out for the homeless and those that are living at Room In The Inn.
  7. I think this is the correct thread for this:
  8. can we safely say the arena was the first catalyst to help start the first construction boom downtown, and now the convention center is the second? Do we believe we would have ever gotten a hotel this nice in stature and design without the convention center?
  9. if only the tree werent right there, I would somewhat agree
  10. that is the correct bridge, it went through a facelift over the last couple of years and looks really nice now.
  11. im a thief, what can I say
  12. I am all for them cleaning up Dickerson Rd, as it stands right now its a total eye sore.