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  1. its also the area where trucks load and unload, all of their compactors are on that second level at the top of your circle. the ground floor may be able to be changed on the far right side, but, the elevation ramp for our trucks starts on the bottom left side, then goes to the second level.
  2. I love that they are using that great location and building, I just wish it was a better restaurant. I hate the term "new Nashville" but, that restaurant is the epitome of that term.
  3. I really think The Diner ended up being a handsome structure
  4. you would assume they would make a killing off of that property, its in a prime location
  5. I dont care how long you have lived here, it's easy to forget just how beautiful our surrounding areas can be. That photo from Joelton proves that.
  6. anyone care to guess?
  7. "Orchids and Onions" The Scene has weighed in on nice and ugly architecture in our city Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I really hope this is a step in the right direction to getting them out of that location, I had given up hope that it would happen in my lifetime.
  9. locked article at the moment
  10. so, would they have to remove homes for this, or would it go on the Bailey and Cato lot?
  12. I still do this when the option is available. Penn Station Subs is a place that comes to mind that offers it.