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  1. time to get that sensor cleaned bud
  2. bhibbs

    Nashville Public Art

    come in off of West End and it's in the front right corner of the park
  3. drove by there last night and planned to come back on here and ask what that was going to be....should have known Mark would be on top of it.
  4. shameless post, but, with the above being said...if anyone on here works in operations/logistics and your company is hiring, please slide into my messages and let me know!
  5. "In return, the company is receiving up to $102 million in incentives from state and local agencies. The state of Tennessee is giving a cash grant of $65 million, as long as the company creates these jobs in the next seven years. The city of Nashville is also giving up to $15 million. Amazon will also receive tax credits against its franchise and excise taxes."
  6. by the time those buildings are complete and they are ready to move in, I will have operations experience with one company for 10+ years, hopefully they will like that when they see my resume....
  7. i feel like most on here wanted amazon to come, but, were afraid of the logistics nightmare that big of a move could create on our infrastructure.....seems like we are getting the best of both worlds, Amazon ~light~ you could say.
  8. bhibbs

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    not only is the building ugly, now its trying to kill people...
  9. Meg Garner‏ @NshBizGarner FollowFollow @NshBizGarner More The deal is approved 4 to 3. Jeff Haynes, Susannah Scott-Barnes and Michelle Steele voted against it.
  10. Fifth + Broadway‏ @FifthandB 6m6 minutes ago More Some exciting progress to look for in our latest aerial images! We spy a helical ramp for the office parking garage, the apartment tower amenity deck pool(!), and the third story of the retail podium coming together (with one more retail floor to go).
  11. SMH, I always knew there was something off about you...the truth finally comes out.
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