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  1. to me, I think if it just had better lighting it would make a world of difference. that is really my only gripe with it.
  2. more cranes at the airport
  3. -edit- already posted
  4. sorry for not going back through this whole thread, but, where will this be located at within the Gulch? -edit- the article sort of helps, so it will be sort of ~behind~ the Laurel House building facing 12th...right?
  5. the Snodgrass is my vote.
  6. was in ATL this weekend, and still just as impressed by this beaut as I was the first time I saw it.
  7. wow....way to be mean to the new guy!
  8. opening a thread only to say to myself "I dont remember posting on here yet....?!"
  9. so....Dave and Busters?