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  1. its wild that the hundred year old Ryman bldg has more angles to it then these modern buildings we are getting.
  2. it is not, its actually the guy who runs the Nashville weather twitter page, Im pretty sure he works out of that building, he posted that photo today when the storm was rolling though. I wish that was where I worked, I'd probably make a little more money than I do now...
  3. bhibbs

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I’m still upset that this isn’t being built in Nashville Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. this is so wild to me, when I was in HS school at Stratford in the late 90's the "South 8th Mafia" were hands down the worst gang in the East Nashville area, now that road they all lived on is going to be a school. really glad to see this area get a nice fresh face lift.
  5. bhibbs

    Soccer in Nashville

    without the 27 votes the entire idea of getting a team is dead at that point, correct?
  6. I knew the partenon was reconstructed later on, I guess I just had my wording off. I had no idea the KOP building was in Franklin, is it open to the public?
  7. REALLY wish those other building were built to be permanent structures
  8. bhibbs

    The Gulch Projects

    came here to post the exact same thing when I saw the NP on twitter
  9. bhibbs

    Soccer in Nashville

  10. they have been moving their furniture in for the last two weeks, they are pretty close to being done
  11. i love that they have to build both at the same time, no half assing this one...lets get it out of the ground already