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  1. GSP International

    Whoa, just heard that President Elect Donald Trump was headed into Greenville as part of his victory tour. Apparently he was totally disgusted by the "downscale" Dunkin Donuts at our Third World airport (he said it compares unfavorably to Juba International Airport, South Sudan which has NO Starbucks at all). He was also very disappointed to find no Trump signs at the entrance to our fair city (what were we thinking?). President Elect Trump was also appalled to see a Cabela's as he approached Greenville but he understood that Joe Dirt and the rest of his inbred family needed a place to call home and so at least they have Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop or Bubba's Sushi and Bait Shop or whatever....hell, them Greenville rednecks need a place to call home....some of us fools thought we were making progress but apparently Dunkin Donuts, Cabela's and/or Bass Pro are relegating us to a second or third class city. If only we could have a Saks or House of Bijan on Whitehorse at the entrance to Greenville that would give a great first impression of our town... Edit: BTW, have spent a lot of time in Boston...it sucks
  2. GSP International

    While I'm not a Trump supporter, I have some good news for you mallguy...the election is over tonight so the signs will be coming down and your "tolerant" friends can stop judging you because they saw a sign from a candidate they oppose on their way into our fair city. Maybe we could persuade visitors that Bass Pro Shops is a prestigious guitar store...wake up man, you're in South Carolina, people hunt and fish, more than half of them will probably vote for Trump, and Dunkin Donuts isn't default southern redneck...have you ever been to Boston???
  3. GSP International

    Maybe we could get a mini Cheesecake Factory, that would class us up!
  4. Greenville Photo of the Day

    Oops, I left it there. Guess I "took nothing but pictures and left nothing but footprints...." Found this horseshoe in the construction area for the Swamp Rabbit Trail River Street underpass. Wonder if it goes back to horse and buggy days...
  5. Greenville Photo of the Day

    Found this horseshoe in the construction area for the Swamp Rabbit Trail River Street underpass. Wonder if it goes back to horse and buggy days...
  6. Mall history questions

    This site has a lot of good commentary about the mall history of Greenville: http://www.deadmalls.com/malls/greenville_mall.html
  7. The West End

    Finally pulling the plug on Reedy Point... http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/downtown-tourism-center-reedy-point-project-canceled/
  8. The State of Downtown Retail

    So has anyone been to the The Playwright? The atmosphere and interior design are excellent but I have been disappointed with the food every time. They need to get it together soon! Also does their main sign bother anyone else? The Y and W in PLAYWRIGHT were installed backwards... the weighted side of the font is to the right and it should be to the left. If you're a font-nerd or graphic designer this will drive you crazy every time you drive past it.
  9. West Greenville Village

    I would say the Arts District is "emerging", not "struggling". Guess it's a glass half full thing...
  10. Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    There are probably other reasons for the selection but is Verdae space cheaper per square foot?
  11. Publications about Greenville/Upstate

    Couldn't agree more...the classic Sticks and Jaundiced Chair Vibe. Hopefully people base their votes on what they know...
  12. CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    Just posting here to see if my comment is legible in the new format, because the comments above are jacked...
  13. The Rumor Mill

    Got nothing to say, just wanted to be the first to comment on the new format. FIRST!!!
  14. Well spoken, hopefully the city fathers/mothers listen...
  15. Main at Falls Park Dr

    I also love the look and scale but I'm curious about parking (though residential units will be limited). Is there not a requirement to provide parking?