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  1. So much regret for not getting a picture of it....
  2. Maybe we could start a Go Fund Me or something to fund increasing the height of the tower because at the rate it's going the observation "tower" will be a milk crate in the middle of a field.
  3. Some drone shots of the mural would be awesome, (hint hint).
  4. TOTALLY agree, I'm happy to see growth but if growth outstrips the communal excitement and aforementioned fun our city provides it will be a net loss for everyone. I can always go to Atlanta or Charlotte if I'm that desperate to see multiple cranes... (although a crane at the Gateway site would be cool)
  5. Unfortunately the way the Affordable Care Act and other healthcare initiatives have been structured the only way to survive long term is to acquire assets and get big. Small hospital systems are gonna be extinct.
  6. I work at a large local hospital, the operating rooms skip from 12 to 14.
  7. So, uh gman don't ever vote for that Dorothy Dowe lady. (mission accomplished)
  8. OK, I get that affordable housing is important...gentrification and all that. What I'm wondering (as a member of the 99%) if they make the project 10 % "affordable housing", how do I get in on that action? I can't afford to live Downtown, but maybe with "affordable housing" I have a shot. I probably make too much to qualify for "affordable housing" but not REMOTELY enough for the high end housing. What if I quit my current job and take a minimum wage job? Problem is even if I qualify, won't there be a huge demand relative to supply? How do you get picked? I would LOVE to live Downtown, but
  9. Great idea! Here are their emails: https://www.greenvillecounty.org/Council/ContactInfo.aspx I think these are the county members and my computer is blocking me from the city council site....hmm gman, please correct
  10. If that design is ultimately built this will be the biggest "miss" in a city with SO many "hits". They need to keep the helix design and bump it up closer to 200 feet. I know there isn't money for that but it would be worth waiting for a sponsor, a huge private donation (from GvilleSC), or even a gofundme page. The Liberty Bridge was expensive but was worth the cost because it's immediately associated with Greenville. The observation tower could be something special that visually connects it with Greenville (think Space Needle, Transamerica Pyramid). This is such an amazing opportunity, it wo
  11. This is a rare opportunity to take something from "cool" to " iconic".
  12. Sounds like someone has "crane envy"!
  13. OK, so I rode it this weekend (as well as several times before it was officially opened). The Orange Line to Hampton Station takes you to Washington Street (just south of Swamp Rabbit Cafe), you ride about 2 blocks on Washington Street then take the newly paved and wide segment to Hampton Avenue then about one more block to BFS. It's not a lot shorter than just getting on Hampton Ave past the Swamp Rabbit Bike Shop but not as sketchy. All in all it's an improvement and the crowds at Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Birds Fly South this weekend were HUGE, I need to come up with a business model for that
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