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  1. Ok, so more than likely BS. I had not heard of this rumor, so I seriously doubted it. Not that I am super well connected, but I assumed a Publix in NoDa/Plaza area would make huge waves on this forum.
  2. I heard a rumor that Publix is looking at taking over the location of the Food Lion on the Plaza at Matheson. I have no idea how good this source is, so I thought I would check in here. Any accuracy to this rumor?
  3. Does anyone know what they have been doing on the Little Sugar Greenway just south of Morehead? See picture below. It looks like some form of infrastructure work. I walk by it everyday, so I am curious about it. Also, now that Atrium's expansion is approved, do we have any final details on the renovations to the greenway between East and Morehead?
  4. They are already taking reservations for units. They have been for a few months.
  5. I will share this link here. While I think it is a long shot, I think removing the Belk Freeway and replacing it with the silver line underground would be ideal. If you read the article below, Portland Oakland is looking to do a similar multi-modal underground above ground combo and add to it affordable housing and mixed use development. I am not sure how wide the freeway is, but it seams like a light rail line can fit in there potentially with some vehicle lanes and development over the top. @JacksonH This article also have a link to the Congress of New Urbanism's Freeways without Fut
  6. Have we given up hope on this being a Kimpton given the Spectrum connection.
  7. pgsinger

    UP Forum Meetups

    I will be around on the 24th but I am out of town the weekend of the 22-23. Anyone else?
  8. pgsinger

    UP Forum Meetups

    Sorry guys, I was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my feet in the Colorado River drinking a Lenny Boy Ground Up Coffee Stout. Any change we can get a mid-Feb meet up? Or maybe a quarterly thing and do April?
  9. I think you misinterpreted my statement, and I do not think any of your points demonstrate an inaccuracy in my statements. I completely agree with the points you are making. Roads are cheaper, period (particularly if we use cleaner fuels). However, the cost of using a road is more than simply the cost of building a road. For example, we subsidizing parking costs by requiring too many parking spaces to be built. The cost to build those parking spaces increases the cost of rent, which results effectively in a tax on people. If we did not subsidize parking, then parking would be more expens
  10. We can all discuss our own preferences of transit options, but thanks to the beautiful diversity of this country (and forum), we will never have consensus. In my opinion, I would much rather see these conversations (particularly at the policy creation level as opposed to dinner conversations) focus on the subsidies provided to the various options. Currently, there are numerous subsidies in zoning ordinances and tax expenditures that greatly benefit cars. This disguises the true public cost of driving. This makes obtaining public funding for other sources of transit (bike lanes, designated
  11. Pics or it didn't happen! Thanks!
  12. A video board would already have been approved in their plans, correct? Particularly if they already started building it. I don't think it is a video board.
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