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  1. pgsinger

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    They have over $28 billion in AUM, so there are bound to be some dogs. I think they also own 127 West Trade...the Hooters Building.
  2. pgsinger

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Vision Ventures sold this to CIM Group a while back. CIM is a group out of LA that has an extremely mixed reputation . They have done some very interesting projects on the development end, but as a manager of properties I have heard nothing but bad new from them.
  3. Rezoning signs are up. I do not think this was there prior to the meeting referenced above, but it may have been. We also got an email a week or so ago about drilling on site, in and around the parking lot and gravel lot behind the paved lot. I assume that was geotechincal related...assuming Phase IIs, if any, were completed earlier.
  4. pgsinger

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    I am pretty sure that is just trim placed on the outside of the window. The others will soon match it.
  5. pgsinger

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    They were in Phoenix too. I thought they were severely overrated. The price was about $1 less than a really amazing burger at any number of other places. Or $3 more than a pretty comparable burger at other chains. But it did very well, so I must be in the minority.
  6. pgsinger

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Yeah, do a search for an AIA Form G702 if you want to see what the calculations look like. Usually, the contractor gets 90% of cost of the work completed in the specified interval. The interval is usually a month as this is usually the contractor and developer's interest period on their respective funding. The remaining 10% is referred to as the retainage and will be paid out at completion. This insures the developer (and/or its lender) has leverage over the contractor to insure completion and a cushion for any failures to complete the project as designed. The contractor may get some of its fee in paid in each draw or it may have it withheld until the end, this is entirely negotiable. Usually only the profit is held until the end, as everyone is incentivized to make sure the contractor can pay its bills and people.
  7. pgsinger

    The River District

    I work for an SFR REIT that targets the affordable housing market (see Freddie Mac's recent large SFR loan). A $300k SFH is not affordable. That price point does not even come close to affordable. We are in the $125k range. I also do not think the price point needs to be anywhere near that level to draw people out here. The economy of scales the developers get by building these and other units will seriously drive down the cost of construction. Furthermore, people in this market (affordable housing) will commute from here to live in a clean, new house, they can afford. Finally, remember that affordable means different things to different people. Freddie Mac qualifies affordable as a home that someone earning 80% of the area's median income can afford. To put that into perspective, Charlotte's median income is about $53k, and the starting salary of a CMS teacher is just over $40k...or about 75% of the median income. With respect to vinyl, almost all SFR REITs and institutional investors, including the ones targeting the affordable market are incorporating LVP (luxury vinyl plank) or similar product. I had it in my last house, and I absolutely loved it. It looks good and is resilient as hell. It costs a little bit more upfront (but less than hardwoods), but you get way more savings during subsequent turns of the house.
  8. Update: Most tenants are moving out on or before February 28, 2019. The e-cigs tenant is currently waiting for their new space to be completed then they are out. That is significant because they are by far the largest tenant. To my knowledge, there is one tenant with a lease that extends substantially beyond February, 2019. That tenant and Spectrum are in buy-out negotiations. I would expect the buy-out to be substantially final in the next 30 days. Is anyone actually attending the meeting tonight?
  9. pgsinger

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    You forgot the blue font!
  10. pgsinger

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    I have no idea why I never walked down to the end of the hall for pics of this one...
  11. pgsinger

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    They could do it across the street. Let's get our hopes up for their future expansion across Tryon...
  12. pgsinger

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Do you really think this is mostly Uber and Lyft? (not blue I am actually curious) I would love to see granular data that could be used to compare ridership on days with good weather versus days with bad. I would also be interested in comparing that data to ride counts and trip routes on dockless bikes and scooters. When I moved back to Charlotte in April, I moved into the Silos. I didn't have a car, so I was probably not representative of the average Charlottean. However, I usually took the train to work just south of Uptown. If you recall April was fairly cold and wet by our standards. When the weather got better, I rode a dockless bike to work most days and would take the train when it rained. Eventually, I bought a bike to commute. Looking around on the rail trail in the morning, I get the sense that there are a lot of commuters taking those modes of transport over the light rail. I also assume that those people that choose to ride a bike or scooter to work are probably more inclined to take the train than most normal people. If the city does not already get the data from the bike and scooter companies, they should require that for the license. If they really want to build out a green transport system, then more data on variable means of transport would be very beneficial.
  13. pgsinger

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    I think it looks great. I am completely clueless on this stuff. I just find the map for Charlotte incredibly easy to use to access all the projects. I am 99% sure there is already a substantially built out map for Durham. I just have no idea who it was that maintained it where the link is to it. Try asking for help in the Charlotte development maps thread. Those guys know their $hit. Tagging a couple here so they know what you are working on. Maybe these guys can give you some direction. @dubone @archiham04 Just know that everyone in the community appreciates the time and effort put into these things...especially people like me that don't have a lot to add but get a lot out.
  14. pgsinger

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    I forgot you had posted the design showing where the promenade was going. I thought previously some on here had expressed a hope that the promenade would align with the East Gate.
  15. pgsinger

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    The Onion from the other side. The fi rst pic is standing in the middle of the East Gate...There definitely will not be a promenade in line with the entrance. I think this was mentioned as a hope for this site a while back.