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  1. pgsinger

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I must have been confusing the details of the 2 bed version. Still seems wild to me how much that is going for.
  2. pgsinger

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    The end unit is a 2,100 sq. ft. 3 bed / 2.5 bath. w/ 1 car garage. The ground floor bedroom is tiny, barely an office. They are asking $630k... at least 3 months ago they might be sold now.
  3. pgsinger

    Amazon HQ2

    Anyone seen a coffee house around here?
  4. pgsinger

    Amazon HQ2

    Harrisburg is the capitol of PA...must be a UNCC grad... Sorry...I had to do it...I promise I am not really an A$$hole. Obviously a simple mistake. I have plenty of highly successful friends that went to UNCC. And we all remember the no class classes at UNC...
  5. pgsinger

    Spectrum SouthEnd Mixed Use Project S Tryon St.

    I am surprised no one has complained about the parking deck fronting Tryon... Or is it possible they still put retail there? They do have pretty decent size sidewalks going around it though. 18 feet on Tryon and 1 feet on the others. I am in the building on this lot now, so I will let you know when they move us. There is a rumor they might move us mid lease to another one of their buildings nearby...300 S. Tryon?
  6. I don't not think this won't be not completed.
  7. pgsinger

    Optimist Park / Belmont Revitalization Projects

    Do you mean the owners are unwilling to sell it? Or they are having issues trying to sell it?
  8. pgsinger

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    I have heard that CIM is a pretty awful landlord, at least with this property. I have had some other interactions with them, which have not been that positive. They seem to acquire assets with only a rough sketch of what to do with them long term. Then they languish with no real plan. See their acquisition of Cole Capital for a prime example of how not to manage a business.
  9. pgsinger

    New Hotels in/around Uptown

    Yeah, but twice we have had back-to-back non-losing seasons... ('05-'06 and '08-'09) Hoping 2018 breaks the chain on winning seasons.
  10. pgsinger

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    I would love this but I think it makes more sense as a hotel pool. See the W in Scottsdale for the model. Bottle service by day, no DJ. Then upscale lounge by night. Easily pays for itself. Alternatively, around the corner is Maya Day and Night Club. Some thing like this could work in Charlotte. Completely different scene than VGBG, but I think the Music Factory is the right spot. The pool makes for a nice setting all year. Of course Scottsdale also has the luxury of having its own luxury airport and being a 60 minute flight to Vegas. Pretty much every major DJ has played there in the last 3 years. If you like Aoki, go check out his youtube clips of jumping off the DJ booth into the pool at Maya.
  11. pgsinger

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Doesn't a development in this area actually make it less likely that a similar development would come to Meyers Park in the near term? It seems like this actually insures that future mid to high rise development on this side of town will occur along the Gold Line and specifically in this quadrant of not Cherry, Elizabeth, or Meyers park. By focusing growth here, there is actually less likelihood of development like this in an area like, Selwyn Rd. and Woodlawn or any other nearby location.
  12. Yeah, I like the turf for high traffic areas. Definitely better than concrete and real grass won't hold up. I agree with the heat island comment, but I doubt this was a question of synthetic turf versus real grass. I would be willing to bet this was a debate between concrete pavers and synthetic turf, in which case I am all for the turf. Plenty of places have executed this well, you just need high quality turf, and proper maintenance as you do need to wet and rake it to keep it looking good.
  13. Great! Thank you both!
  14. Any more info on this? I was looking to put an offer in on a place in the area. Just wondering how likely the Publix is?
  15. pgsinger

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    This is likely the reason there is a fence along the rail out of the Uptown vicinity and no fence in Uptown. From the transit station to 7th St Station (and maybe farther North), there is no fence.