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  1. Does anyone know what Belmont is doing at 12th and Wedgewood? I know the school of Medicine is going in on 14th/13th and Wedgewood but wasn't sure what all they had planned at the corner where the old gas station used to be, they have staked out some stuff and out up a couple of block columns.
  2. Beaman Body Shop property under contract, developer plans mixed-use district. Article from Nashville Biz Journal below: An Illinois developer is under contract to buy Lee Beaman’s auto shop property, with plans for a mixed-use development in tow. Marquette Cos., a real estate company whose website lists $1.9 billion of assets in its portfolio, plans to buy the 6.8 acres at 1000 Hawkins St., which currently holds the Beaman Body Shop. There, the company aims to develop “North Edge,” a four-building mixed-use district, according to Metro filings submitted this morning. Current pla
  3. Noticed tonight that the gas station at 12th and Wedgewood was demolished. Not a great picture unfortunately.
  4. Has anyone heard if Envision Edgehill is still progressing? I haven't heard anything about it in a while.
  5. Does anyone know what the estimated start (or target finish date) is for the Edgehill projects? I didn’t see an estimate in the proposal but I may have missed it.
  6. Here's the latest from the 12th and Wedgewood Project:
  7. Here's the latest over at the Twelfth & Wedgewood project, photos courtesy of Nashville Drones.
  8. Thanks! I've been following this thread for a while now, will definitely contribute where I can!
  9. They are supposed to start blasting in this area next week. I live right there on Wade and they put a seismograph in my front yard to monitor the blasting vibrations. Excited for this project to finally get started!
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