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  1. The stairs/elevator in Crossings sort of obviated this so I don't think too many people in the neighborhood will be devastated anyway. They should just widen the sidewalk on one side of the Demonbruen viaduct and be done with it.
  2. The bar was always super dead so I never bothered going and I never use room service. They did have one of those in room espresso machines and would bring new pods for it every day and the room had a shower and bath. Maybe it is a generational thing as I didn't like the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Ray either, I'd rather have an interesting room and bar and no spa or room service. For example I'd take the Hoxton in Williamsburg over both and it was materially cheaper.
  3. I am going to be fascinated to see what is done with garage space in 20-30 years as car ownership fades out.
  4. The last time I dug through the DTC the intersection of 8th and Division is allowed to go to 30 with bonus and being on that intersection means something like within 100 feet. So my guess is without some appeal these are maxed at 16.
  5. These lots would fall into the 16 story max with bonus I believe.
  6. I'd guess even if they could, which @smeagolsfree is probably correct in that they can't, it'd make for a nicer homeless enclave and they wouldn't do it for that reason.
  7. They’re filling the barriers with water now.
  8. I moved in mid September and I'm super happy with the unit and my view in particular. I also concur that the backside is ugly as hell, it is tragic anyone has to see that coming down 8th towards downtown.
  9. I've only been to the annual ones, Tom does a great presentation it just tends to be the same one every year.
  10. Yeah, the GRA sprung from the Buckingham thing a few years ago, if you've been to one of the GBID meetings it is basically the same thing but without Tom Turner making the same jokes every year.
  11. The GRA only seems to wake from the dead when Barbara is pissed about something, scooters seems to be the issue now.
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