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  1. What???? Yo, hook me up with some of that sh*t you smokin!
  2. if you simply have a rich downdown, then it'll end up being a paper city of rich spoiled 20 somethings. Developers need to turn a profit and I don't think anyone would tell them that thats wrong. I think the government really needs to step in and do what NY does and offer tax incentives and discounts to developers so they can sell some of these condos to middle income people (lottery system). Either that or a government subsidized housing initiative. Whatever way you do it, having a strong middle class as well as upper class in downtown is the way to go. If its rich, then its exclusive and hen
  3. AirJay78

    The VUE

    haha, yea, the bare trees make me want to go back... But I think I'll give it a few years and come back when the Vue, soliare/plaza, paramount, and Dynetech go up. Either way, I'm plannin on keepin my home on the east side of town and then selling it later on for a condo in downtown. So Orlando is still my home away from home. Can't beat a view like that of NYC tho... Oh yea, and your right, that is LES... or what they call it now... LOHO
  4. AirJay78

    The VUE

    PICTURES PLEASE!!! I'm in NY and I can't see none of the progress... so sad! Although, I have to say that the skyline out my bedroom window is pretty sweet in itself
  5. A birdy told me that home prices fell about 10% in Orlando. Is this true? If so, do you think this will affect the condo boom and its preconstruction prices downtown?
  6. AirJay78

    The VUE

    Nice! I live in NY now but I still want to know all the juicy ino on my old town... so keep em comin
  7. AirJay78

    The VUE

    Your always gonna have icons that are built throughout the decades. But we can't make a building in the 1980's and use 2005 design concepts. You have to make it with what you know at the time, and that's what they did with Suntrust. Imagine a 2005 Toyota in 1988? Same concept! Now... As the decades go by, hopefully a city grows to have all types of designs that represent each and every decade. Thats when you have variety that makes a city interesting.
  8. AirJay78

    The VUE

    For those who say it looks too 80's... When did you want buildings to be put up? The year 2000 and up? NY starrted in the early 19th centry. Ew! How 19th centry of them! Lets knock them all down and start over so all our buildings can look 21st centry and all glassy! Yea, thats the way a modern city should look! How dare we build a building in the 80's that looks like an....... 80's BUILDING! LOL Sorry, I had to say that! Back to the vue! ;-)
  9. AirJay78

    The VUE

    I find the hate hard to understand as well. It's probably not the smoothest of designs, but none the less, its decent enough to fit in for being the tallest in downtown. I think the problem most people are trying to touch on is that its kind of average and doesn't have that "ooo ahhh" appeal. And that's probably true. But that doesn't make it a bad building. I'm in NY right now... When I look at the midtown skyline out my window (i live 17 floors up in downtown manhattan), I see plenty of "ordinary" or average buildings that don't give me the shock and aww that the ESB or the chyrsler building
  10. AirJay78

    55 West

    I always thought that it meant once its going above ground level... hense the word "vertical"
  11. Food is obviously a big thing for us here. I hope more resturaunts and small dinners are incorporated downtown. A nice authentic italian place would be awesome on church street after it is remodeled (whenever that will be). As a matter a fact, it would be awesome if that part of downtown or any other can be turned into a resturaunt row of sorts. Similar to 50 something street on the west side in manhattan.
  12. Try the olive gardens pasta with chicken con broccoi dish. The cream sauce is spectacular. Also... TGI Friday's whole chicken breast with rigotini topped with pesto. I haven't had that one in a while so I don't know if thats been changed. Who'd a thought chain places can have great recepies
  13. I'm a NYer. NY pizza is what I look for in fine lunching . One place on central just before u get to summerlin is actually pretty good for a thin NY style slice. There's one more place I know that actually has awesome pizza. However, its not downtown. Its in the winter park/maitland area just south on lk howell ln off of howell branch rd. Parallel to the west of 436 in the windixie plaza. Its small, but I tell u, the slices are awesome! Brings me back. off of 192 in kissimme is a place called napoli's. all u can eat italian buffet. Been there once. Awesome italian and seafood.
  14. AirJay78

    The Plaza

    Is it just me or does it seem that this project just might be a bit wide/large for the area? I don't mean in height, I mean just pure mass. When you stand on magnolia, or even on the front side on Orange ave, it just doesn't fit in proportion to its surrounding buildings. Now, I'm a big fan of this project, but I just wanted to point that out.
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