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  1. Haven't been on this thread for a while, so I just saw the post by CUTiger11. We have lived in HP for a little over a year now, and are very happy, for the most part. Neighbors are as friendly as we expected, love the location and the park. I am hoping that soon there will be something that I can walk to other than the Y. We did expect there to be shops and cafes; hopefully that will come at some point. Schools are Pelham, Beck and Mann.
  2. I actually found the notes form the planning commission- I think it was from May of this year. The name of the subdivision is Braydon, and it is being built on Rocky Slope Rd. I didn't find any details of the builder or types of homes, however. I would love to get info if anyone knows!
  3. Can anyone give me info on the other new subdivision in Verdae? I can't find any info online. I can't recall the name, but the sign said "Homes form the upper 300's", and sales are to begin this Fall. Thanks.
  4. Just looked at the latest report on the proposed Bellhaven subdivision; am I correct in that it was approved with the latest changes?https://www.greenvillesc.gov/PlanningZoning/PlanningApplications/Applications/2013/AUGUST/PlanningCommission/08-08-2013/SD-13-120-RockySlopeRd-part1-BelhavenVillage.pdf
  5. Ok. So there still is a chance that Ryan Homes will be building in Verdae. Wish I could make the hearing.
  6. Gman 430- I see that the planning commission is holding a public hearing to discuss the planned subdivision in Verdae- does that mean they are still considering it?
  7. Very exciting! Thanks. Can't wait for a cafe or coffee shop!
  8. The link doesn't work, gman430. Where can I find info about this?
  9. That is great news, gman! When I first met Rick Sumeral, about a year ago, he assured me that he would not allow Ryan Homes in the development; guess he was willing after all but the city isn't!
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