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  1. A few more from the Westin perch with bonus South Park in the distance.
  2. From my vantage point on the 24th floor of the Westin.
  3. From on top of the Dowd parking garage.
  4. Just got back from Dallas and felt the need to share the view from my hotel room. Dallas is a pretty cool place and it definitely has a lot of character. Some elements like the historic west end, lots of quality restaurants, museums, aquarium, preservation of architecture, and multi-line light rail system would be welcome here. That said, there were a lot of homeless people (they were nice, and I never had an issue, just an observation), the light rail cars were super dated, dirty and small, the aquarium enclosures were too small for the animals, and there is seriously underutilized green space. There were paths that suddenly ended and a few random benches. The only shade was under the massive bridges that crossed the area. It was next to a river so it may flood a lot but still. Lots of unused potential. I apologize for not having more pictures but I was chaperoning high school children around so I was a little preoccupied.
  5. According to the presentation they showed us at the beginning, we are pretty far down the list currently. With the xclt trail and completion of the planned or proposed extensions we get a significant jump. Cities like Austin, NYC, boston etc. are at the top and we would make it into the top 5 or 6 if I remember correctly. If we just do the xclt trail, we will move about half way up the list of the 30 or so cities they had numbers on. I think eventually the plan is to have over 130 miles worth of trails which would put us in around the top spot but I doubt the money for that will be there any time soon.
  6. I was there early but there was still a ton of people piling in and putting their dots and notes all over the maps. I particularly enjoyed making my own recommendations on the interactive map they had in the snack room. You can still access the map for the next 3 weeks and make edits but I can't seem to find the link. The area of the map I was focused on was from Huntingtowne farms south. As the cross-country coach for South Meck, I was particularly interested in the the access my athletes will have (in 2018 ) right off campus as well as the 5K course that will built on the county owned land right behind there. The tricky part its making it 5-6ft wide so that they can maintain it, as well as making it long enough to host 5K races and keeping it relatively dry throughout the year. Luckily there is an old park entrance beside the Little sugar creek off of Sharon road west that was abandoned long ago that will have parking and trail access. I really emphasized in my notes to them that my athletes need access from the school because we are not allowed to get on the sidewalk and run down to that entrance(I am trying to change that, but CMS). Hopefully the people that live beside the little sliver of county land leading form the school wont mind hundreds of kids running by their house. Ill buy and put up the fence myself if I have to . I did want to mention that there were some pretty iconic looking ped bridges that they were giving as examples from other cities. While I like the idea of having an iconic bridge that can be seen by tons of people, I think that making the XCLT trail and expanding and connecting existing trails is a more prudent use of funding, and from what I heard from other people, that is the general consensus.
  7. I went back to the CBJ article to see if it said anything specific about the 6th/7th floor and sure enough it did... "The development will feature, studio, one- and two-bedroom units ranging from 650 square feet to 1,250 square feet. Most of the apartments will sit atop six levels of structured parking, but those first six floors will have residential units on the front side of the building, Klein says. The seventh floor will contain the amenity center for the complex, including a saltwater pool and clubhouse." - CBJ
  8. Here are some pics I took today driving by the new suntrust/apt complex.
  9. So I live about a mile from the mall, and the new Suntrust regional center is just being thrown up there so quickly. It will look interesting once its done. I do agree that there should be some sort of public transit (besides busses) going to the mall area. In Minneapolis they have just one LRT line but it ends inside the mall of america. I do realize that MOA is much larger than South Park as I spent 7 hours in the thing and still did not get to see everything, but being that South Park is the largest in NC (and arguably within 250 miles) and retail is so sluggish to catch on uptown, you would think with the influx of people to the South Park area on a daily basis, there would be a big enough need for it.
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