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  1. I wish Raleigh will just fill the whole east side of downtown full of row-houses, shops, and apartments. The bones(grid pattern) is already there and it seems like no developer wants to do anything of that nature.
  2. That's weird the site plans on Raleigh's website says 13 stories. I know there were some issues with parking spots. I heard rumors they might inclued couple floors for a parking deck.
  3. Yea I say build rowhouses up and down all of southeast Raleigh with corner stores. They need to make it for middle class too. Right now I have a townhouse in North Raleigh but I would love to own one in downtown but not for anything over 250k.
  4. This was the original Edison project with four towers on one city block. It was two 39 story towers at about 575ft and two 29 story towers. The whole project was canceled due to the economy. Now the "Edison project" is the Skyhouse, Edison office tower and Edison apartments. The Skyhouse is about 260ft 23 story apartment tower. Edison office tower is going to get built right in between Skyhouse and PNC tower standing at about 225ft, 13 stories. The Edison apartments is going to be built on the other side of the parking deck. Edison apartments are only going to be a 7 stories hoping for a grocery store on ground floor. With Publix announcing yesturday they are interested building a store in downtown. hmmmmmmm Picture below is Edison apartments. Edison Office tower Yes and Raleigh is about to be in a building boom. Skyhouse as you know broke ground in December. Another project called the L Building broke ground last month too. L Building is only going to be 7 stories high. Charter Square south tower is going to break ground next month. Its going to sit at about 215ft and 11 story LEED office tower. Residence inn is going to start soon and its a 11 story LEED hotel. Yea a LEED hotel kinda cool. There is another project no one is really aware of yet. Let me share with everyone. Its going to be a 9 story hilton garden hotel built next to the L building where the tire shop is. In the glennwood south area there is a 8 story apartment building that has been under construction for about a year. There is another 6 story apartment building called "The link" going up soon in the glennwood south area as well. There is a three story restaurant that broke ground about a month ago in the glennwood south area. In the warehouse district Critrix is under construction. Old warehouse being turned into an office building at 4 stories. Just a little fill in for you about Raleigh's projects.
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