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  1. I wish Raleigh will just fill the whole east side of downtown full of row-houses, shops, and apartments. The bones(grid pattern) is already there and it seems like no developer wants to do anything of that nature.
  2. Yea I say build rowhouses up and down all of southeast Raleigh with corner stores. They need to make it for middle class too. Right now I have a townhouse in North Raleigh but I would love to own one in downtown but not for anything over 250k.
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    Tower Two

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    401 Oberlin

  5. <p>underconstruction</p>
  6. <p>underconstruction</p>
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    The Lincoln

  8. <p>underconstruction</p>
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    L Building

  10. <p>underconstruction</p>
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  12. <p>proposal</p>
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