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  1. The thought of anybody being a long-time resident at the Stadium Inn is mind-blowing. I can't even begin to imagine. But I digress ... Being almost next door to Nissan Stadium, this would be an ideal hotel to cater to sports/football fans: Incorporate sports decor, add a cool sports bar/lounge, maybe shuttle service to Top Golf, some tailgating in the parking lot on game days. This place could pay for its renovations pretty fast.
  2. Ditto. Metro's bizarre decision-making process (or lack of one) opens it up to frequent criticism.
  3. I give Hyatt Place a pass since the bar for design in that area wasn't very high when that hotel when up. But as for the Margaritaville Hotel -- they saw how that neighborhood was booming and had a chance to do something impressive, but they didn't even match the Hyatt Place in terms of exterior design. Massive letdown. Back on topic: The Drury blends in fine but is hardly inspiring in its design, which seems about typical for the Drury properties that I've seen around the Midwest.
  4. I like the scooter solution. And it only took Metro 16-18 months to come up with.
  5. I noticed over the weekend that the sidewalk on BOTH sides of 12th Avenue is now blocked off by barriers. I also saw people attempting to walk up that narrow street Saturday, dodging traffic as they went. I sympathized for them, because it looked dangerous. How does Metro think it's OK to have the sidewalk on both sides of a narrow street blocked off to pedestrians, especially with a popular restaurant and bar at the bottom of that hill? (The photo is just to show the area in question.)
  6. Maybe this will motivate the 1100 Broadway (Tennessean site) developers to think bigger and bolder, too.
  7. The exterior definitely lacks a Florida vibe, being that it's a beach-themed hotel. But maybe that's for the best.
  8. It's a pretty good indicator of the changing neighborhood when a Chik-fil-A and Orange Theory Fitness move in.
  9. ^^^ They did a fantastic job perfecting the "dive" look for that motel. Not quite my taste, but definitely fun and kitschy. I hope they do well.
  10. Kudos to the future employee responsible for cleaning the countless face imprints, bare butt imprints, urine, and vomit off those glass windows every Saturday and Sunday morning.
  11. I'll join you as a curmudgeon on this issue, but I place blame equally on Metro and the scooter companies: Metro acted thoroughly helpless to do anything about the issue month after month until scooters became a real danger, and the scooter companies acted as though dumping hundreds upon hundreds of scooters downtown would be a harmless way to make a buck. Had Metro reacted swiftly and responsibly when the first batch of scooters arrived downtown, and had they initiated serious talks with the companies early-on, we might've had better rider precautions, more designated bike/scooter lanes, proper signage and markings, and designated drop-off/pick-up points by now.
  12. Based on the renderings (and the fantastic Southern Drove Services photos posted above), would this be an accurate outline of where The Landings site will be located, along with the future River North area?
  13. Looks like a news conference is scheduled for this morning, according to local TV. Some of the details: https://fox17.com/news/local/13-acre-13-million-square-foot-development-announced-for-nashville-on-cumberland-river
  14. Whatever does eventually build in that tiny lot wouldn't rely on anybody driving downtown for it. They'd have to rely on foot traffic from the hotels and apartments already there. And actually, a Waffle House next door to a Four Seasons really would be yet another classic juxtaposition for downtown Nashville.
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