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  1. The first theater show I was in was The Little Mermaid in 2006 by Playmakers. It was all in the Shaw Center and I'm honestly surprised it's already been ten years since its construction.
  2. Yeah I can't wait to see your face when the IOC president say's, "The International Olympic Committee awards the honor of hosting the 35th Olympiad in 2032 to the city of...Baton Rouge.". All you are is a troll that I will crush!
  3. Oh, okay, that makes sense.
  4. The CitiPlace one is inside B&N. It's known as the B&N Cafe, but it's sponsored by Starbucks.
  5. No, went there today.
  6. Stop being such a negative nancy...gosh. Does not matter how expensive the homes are, just be happy it's actually being built.
  7. New life planned for damaged structures on Spanish Town Road: http://theadvocate.com/home/9002247-125/new-life-planned-for-damaged Nice to see some restoration projects happening here, hopefully this will trigger more interest in this area.
  8. Yes, for the sake of development I would. That's how much I care about downtown development, I would let a company rip me off so Baton Rouge could become a bigger city.
  9. should we let blocks sit in the heart of downtown undeveloped and rotting away?
  10. I guess so, right now I'm just bogged down by my other classes and extracurricular activities.
  11. Oh thanks I forgot about those...I think a few more top notch anchors are all Downtown needs. After that just let it go and grow into something of it's own. Sorry, I just could not help myself. Something like that, maybe selling blocks downtown for cut prices to make it very affordable to build there.
  12. So no gifs? They make everything more...how should we say...entertaining.
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