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  1. I think the CBJ article is putting an inappropriate negative spin on Morningside. The facts on the number of units and building types actually ties back to what the developer described to us in the neighborhood meeting several weeks ago, which I was pretty excited about. The article mentions 400 units which is exactly what we were told in the meeting. They did mention that this was less dense than originally proposed with the previous developer, but 400 units within 6 blocks is still pretty dense. Also, the article describes that there will be a 4-story building, a couple 2-3 stories, as well as the townhouses and carriage homes - again, this is exactly what they described at the meeting. The thing that sounds the worst in the CBJ article is the term "surface parking", but the parking was described as being mostly behind the buildings and then street parking at the curbs. It sounded like a very urban and pedestrian friendly approach. And they even talked about having a variety of architectural styles along with an emphasis on landscape design so that it won't look like just a boring row of homes and standard apartments. I am still staying positive on this one!!
  2. Did anyone notice how they cut down 3 of the new trees? I walked by yesterday and the first 3 trees closest to Tryon have literally been chopped off so that only the trunk is left. What the heck happened there??
  3. Went to the meeting about Morningside Village last night. They are planning for Phase 1 now only, which will cover 6 blocks, primarily along McClintock. It will have an extremely diverse mixture of building types and styles - 400 total units in 32 different buildings. They will all be rentals for now and no retail. I am bummed about the lack of retail, but they do seem to be confident in the next phase having potential for retail, which would be about 2 years out. Phase 1 will start construction sometime in Q1 2014. I am hoping they will have some designs published in the next week or so, but they explained that the design will be very unique and fit in well with the neighborhood. It will have a mixture of brick traditional, bungalow/craftsman, and modern/funky styles. They put a big emphasis on the landscape design, including hardscapes like courtyards of various sizes, that will pull it all together so that it looks like a cohesive, yet still eclectic, neighborhood that evolved over time. It will include 2, 3, and 4-story apartment buildings, as well as townhomes w/garages, and duplexes. The 4-story building will have a 1st floor with full amenities, including pool and fitness center. This gives them the option to convert the 1st floor to retail in the future. Overall, it sounds like a very cool project with a lot of character. They have a great team with a good portfolio of projects and most of them have actually lived in Plaza Midwood for several years in the past. Northwood Ravin has done things like Birkdale Village. The architecture firm did the Southborough residential project by the Lowes in Southend. The landscape designer is the same one that did Romare Bearden park.
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