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  1. Creston Neighborhood

    Anyone know if anything is still happening with that jazz bar that was had planned on going near the new Citizen restaurant? I think it was supposed to go in the old Coral Reef building??
  2. Creston Neighborhood

    Oh boy I hope they don't mess with a thing and keep the food and beer as is. But who knows maybe they will add some faux balconies and grey steel siding.
  3. New projects on the West Side

    I guess there is Grizzly Peak Brewing in Ann Arbor that is under this ownership too and basicly is North Peak from what I'm told. Maybe "North" will be something like that restaurant with North Peak's Beer.
  4. New projects on the West Side

    North Restaurant or North Peak Brewing???
  5. Blue 35 - 35 Oakes - Heartside Manor/Merten Hotel

    I was there last night. Decor and service was great. The Liquor order never came in and was slim pickin's but I'm sure that will be fixed soon and hopefully wont turn people away.
  6. That alley way with the pop up bars, art and cafe lights was something pretty cool too. GR needs more of this even if it gets critiqued being "Hipster".
  7. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    IMO it'd be nice if they would start applying this to the Michigan street development. Especially between Union and Houseman with all the people walking around this area now.
  8. Not true I've been up there several times now and have never been a guest.
  9. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    Looks like there is a public hearing to put in a bar and rooftop deck on the old Lords chapel across from Bob's and next to Birch lodge http://grandrapidscitymi.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_LegiFile.aspx?Frame=&MeetingID=3700&MediaPosition=&ID=4596&CssClass=
  10. Martha's Vineyard

    Camille building always look awesome... well if they are occupied. I think he owns that abandoned repair shop on the corner of Michigan and Lafayette and maybe one or two more on Michigan?
  11. Lakeshore Projects

    Muskegon plans $15 m convention center downtown. I like that they are planning on this, moving some of the college downtown, cruise ships and building condos. Beginning of a positive change for them...? http://www.grbj.com/articles/88818-muskegon-plans-15m-convention-center-downtown
  12. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Well If doesn't work out we can always have the worlds largest Knights Inn.
  13. New projects on the West Side

    When is the estimated completion date for this project?
  14. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I live in DT GR and work in for Ottawa County and in the last 2 years I've noticed traffic on m45 getting worse. So much so I started taking Fillmore on my ride home to avoid the constant stop go headaches and replaced them with stop signs that are expected. With that said I still think belt line has it worse.
  15. Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Surprised that they still haven't announced the grocer or and of the stores coming in yet. Maybe it just seems forever cause I'm in the area. kinda a in sight in mind sort of thing.