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  1. HavingAhoot

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Fuller and Michigan Starbucks and retail looks to be starting.
  2. HavingAhoot

    New projects on the West Side

    yeah the brick on what was the white house looks great as well. This image is from 2011
  3. HavingAhoot

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Anyone hear anymore about if scooter rentals coming to GR? How do you guys feel about these? I see pros and cons; I love to see the entrepreneurship creating more transit options and being part of a solution. But I wonder how these work in winter months and if they would become too messy on the sidewalks. I've used them in other cities before and found them convenient but some cities like Boston and New York have restricted them. https://fox17online.com/2018/10/05/mobile-scooters-could-soon-be-coming-to-grand-rapids/
  4. HavingAhoot

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I keep hearing this place is good, I just rarely find myself over there. (Bourdain was my favorite human I've never met.) I have a feeling this Ginza will be more of a sushi place over a ramen place but lets hope. Looks like they have a bar being set up. I like that.
  5. HavingAhoot

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Looks like its grand opening is today! http://ginzasushiramen.com/ Let me know how it is if you go. I will be gone til sunday.
  6. HavingAhoot

    New projects in East Hills

    I noticed the sign for Blue Bridge Gaming moving in the old antique shop of Fulton and Diamond
  7. HavingAhoot


    Here is the revue article. I thought they did a good job explaining the learning curve that will happen. (Can you guys see these?)
  8. HavingAhoot

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

    How cool would it be if they had it go from in the museum to the outside, crest around the carousel and over the river back into the museum on the other side! 500ft of track come on guys let's make this happen. Historic, unique and and fun.
  9. HavingAhoot

    Hey, what's that?

    I'll search my old phone tonight cause I had a few of me sitting on a child's bed with burnt walls behind it, asking for a lifetime of haunting. Also a few from the rooftop.
  10. HavingAhoot

    Hey, what's that?

    This is one of the few subjects I actually have some tiny inside information on. I used to work for the Raideau restaurant/bars for awhile. Recently they have decided to sell off Bulls Head, Dukes and I hear Gardellas is next. The Brothers are in their late 50 early 60s now. Anyway above the Bulls head was old apartments before there was a fire in the 1940s. I have been on the upper floors and roof top and it is like a creepy blast from the past. everything was left after the fire...everything, cribs, jars of food, magazines, perfume. One of the owners had the idea that they would remodel it one day and retire on the upper floors. He said they have some sort of visual height rights or something. meaning they could build up but the neighbors can not. IDK guess the value became too much to consider the remodel.
  11. HavingAhoot

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    I took the architecture boat tour this summer in Chicago and was really impressed with what they have done with the river. I used to be in chicago every weekend 7-10 years ago and I didn't remember any of this activity. I was a impressive and pleasant surprise with hope that GR could do something similar soon.
  12. HavingAhoot

    New projects on the West Side

    I really like the looks of them! 8/10 I have only heard good things about the ICCF so lets hope they look as good as they do on paper. I believe ICCF is doing the old eastern elementary school as well. Glad they saved that building from falling to shambles. Nature and no maintenance gets to a building realllly quickly.
  13. HavingAhoot

    New projects on the West Side

  14. HavingAhoot

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I think it will be a nightmare to get in and out of for people northbound. I think those people will just learn fast not to make it their coffee stop. I drive past certain gas stations and bagel beanery depending on the direction I'm headed. BUT I think the sheer number of people coming off the highway heading south on fuller here will be more than enough to keep a place with the demand like starbuck afloat. Its insane 7-9am and 4-6pm. It has to be one of the busiest off ramps in the Grand Rapids area.