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  1. The problem with this place is not the food,Food was/is great. I believe the problem is a combination of marketing and service/management. I've only been twice, but part of the reason is I never think about it even while walking by sometimes. Also when mentioning it to people a lot of the time the reaction I get is "whats Chez Olga??" Then the service part: When I last went I walked in to the empty restaurant and sat myself down and waited for what seemed like a very long time while hearing ppl in back. to the point I looked to make sure they were still open. Now I know its not Bistro Bella Vita but just could use some more organization and marketing imo. I'm glad they are getting help but I hope the food stays flavorful.
  2. Anyone know what going on at the Bridge st and Indiana ave Superwash?
  3. I love the looks but this intersection continues to get messed up. they gave up on the pedestrian markers and now the trees.... thumbnail.jfif thumbnail (1).jfif
  4. I moved here 15 years ago and was told about the city's conservative ways and would have to say I think its way over emphasized that grand rapids is very conservative; and over the years I've been here its progressively got less conservative to the point I don't ever really notice unless Trump is in town. That said I work in West Olive/Allendale area and GOOD LORD its noticeable in every way. (All hail Rush Limbaugh-All hail Rush Limbaugh) Anyway they are going to town on this Blue Line #50 stations!
  5. I like the arena looks and the location yet. I doesn't feel or seem like a 25 yr old building to me and what would a new building bring? I would be happy with a remodel, completion of the bowl at this point. Mainly because I've lost hope to get a pro team here. I'd also be happy with my high hopes of GV going D-1 and having basketball and hockey downtown.
  6. It has been getting quite rusty... I wish they would just complete the arena bowl while they are at it.
  7. This Highway shut down tho slightly aggravating has made my morning commute much more interesting and sometimes almost enjoyable. I switch between Michigan/Bridge and Fulton st just to take a look at this building as well.
  8. You can take you dog to tin cans patio.
  9. The steel has really been going up quickly too! With 196 closed I'm "forced" to drive through downtown and with the amount of building staring I find doing I will cause an accident by the time August is through.
  10. I've been doing GIS at the Ottawa County Water Resources office and Dan "York creek castle man" Hibma has been in our office three time the last two weeks. The little I've been told is that there is a lot of opposition and hoops to jump but he has a huge state grant, a lot of money and he and his wife know the strings to pull. I think he's currently trying to grease as many skids as possible.
  11. Where was the Rapid bus station then?
  12. so is Shake Shake coming or not.... I dont need cheesecake, I NEED Shake shack!!
  13. Hmmm I wonder why? Enough complaints from neighbors wanting the woods in their backyards is my guess.
  14. Right now its like... Too $hort... Good not great.
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