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  1. https://lanthorn.com/86792/sports/moving-on-up-gv-athletics-disputes-football-recruits-claims-of-a-move-to-di/ This was news to me! Anyone think if they move to D1 they will expand the current one in Allendale, build a new one or even move the stadium to a downtown location?
  2. I surprised that the retail at Rowe building across the street is still not taken years later. Hopefully this campus will make this intersection busier with foot traffic.
  3. Boy do I have an itch to see some renderings and find out the amout of stories added on this project. I almost always like what Sam Cummings and the CWD has done.
  4. I know one is from the famous painting Nighthawk..
  5. I may the odd man out on this one but I'd prefer the architecture of Secchia building over the New Gand valley building. I looks like someone took left over bathroom tile from a early-00's bathroom reno and stuck them on the sides and the mixed bag of windows randomly throughout... : / That said the only large scale new buildings I love are Van Andel institute & new Flat Iron style building
  6. I used to have a studio on the second floor. Had a lot of fun. Had all sorts of neighbors, people doing wood shop stuff across the hall, photography, sewing/clothing, a band played/practiced late a night. I grab a founder growler and just hang out. Anyway the one I had and the others I was in all had a ceiling garage heater that you could use. They had a community bathroom in down the hall and a cool old freight elevator. I may still have a key ha
  7. I always thought the City Water Building would make a wonderful aquarium building. I know this isn't the location they are thinking but this building is too nice to not be enjoyed in a better way. Belle Isle has a cool aquarium that is in a awesome building.
  8. I like to think of it as a larger Rosa Parks Circle. It a location where not just music happens but an allure to get people over there then create business and atmosphere. You could do thing like sledding skating, Ice sculptures in winter, Taste of GR, laying out on a sunny lunch hour ect. Now is this the BEST use for the city IDK? Would a Ballpark or whatever the other ideas be anything better? An area that draws people to it sure creates a lot of other business around it.
  9. I would much rather delay 6 more moths to a year than half ass this project. I mean its already been like 10 years so lets do the river right.
  10. Its funny you say this cause a friend of mine said he had heard tacos too. The city website for permits says laundromat. Al Tamminga building had an application for a Marijuana dispensary I think. I hope a taco bar goes in!
  11. Seems to me they have a lot of work to do yet if they still want to finish up by April.
  12. I rarely use the Ottawa off ramp but was surprised this new building definitely has a "Boom you are downtown!" feeling. I like it it has a good density feeling right off the highway.
  13. Agree but better than before. Have they completed the alley way work yet? To me that had the most potential.
  14. Looks like the small bar in back of New Holland main floor is looking to become a Cigar Bar
  15. I dont know how the intersection has held on with all those new venue additions last year. I really hope that make it through all this.
  16. Unfortunately it looks like Allegiant dropped New Orleans! well at least I cant find it on their site right now. That was a great January get away
  17. Not what I had hoped but hey I like the Newark add. I take it. Was hoping for a Seattle.
  18. This would be cool. I always have left to run an errand while doing my laundry at College/Michigan. I think this one said it will be an unattended laundry mat
  19. (Small news) I noticed the old car wash on Michigan and Eastern has be getting work done to it lately. I was wondering when that would be redeveloped. did some digging and unfortunately all the work is to just turn it into a laundry mat. I know there are already plenty f bars and restaurants on this strip but if I'm being honest I was hoping for another.... or at least better than another laundry mat.
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