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  1. I surprised this Whitewater being turned down hasn't got more attention and angry mobs. Seems quiet, and telling friends about it their reactions are either; "I had no idea" or "figured".
  2. I've been to those as well and yeah place is a cool labyrinth! I wonder if is tore down on the far south end or saved. This could be a very cool area/neighborhood that is under utilized atm.
  3. Restore the rapids plan has this changing, bike path, kayak access, park & small band shell I think. Then if I remember I think the old building just south of the clearwater place is going to be apartments soon.
  4. MLive article: They received help from the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority, which in 2019 provided the business with $45,000 to help cover Ambiance’s lease.
  5. That too bad but hopefully is has another great life as something else. I got married here and it was exactly what we were looking for. Hannah and Joey were great
  6. It's going to feel much wider when done compared to current.
  7. I believe the large bar (middle/main floor) was brought here from ?Germany? or someplace in Europe and was from the turn of the century or earlier. The upstairs bar if that's what the article is talking about i don't know much about. That main floor bar is a gem and would be a bummer to see gone.
  8. Looks like a place called GinGin Lounge looking to come to Bridge street.
  9. Ha I've been checking this weekly the past few month. I have family in NY we visit during the holiday/winter but might be going Delta this time. Also Noticed they dont have the > New Orleans flights any longer since 2021. We took that twice to get out of the grey W Mi winter. I messaged GRR about it and they said sometime to the matter of we are waiting for more information on this as well.
  10. I think the GRReddit was where the problem was on the "leak". I enjoy reddit but I enjoy this threads conversation much more.
  11. Hahah That name. The General Wood Shop nice!
  12. From what I hear, the big issue is that the conference/catering kitchen is shared with the restaurant. I guess this is a major problem for many places for not wanting to get involved.
  13. The Guest House will now be BlueDog's Expansion.
  14. What does Kellogg produce in GR? I see Morning star/Kellogg building off 28th street. Is that it?
  15. It will be flat top/fried foods. To go exclusively I think. I think they are working on a mural in the east wall too. (friend of a friend)
  16. As far as I know he does own a few places on Belknap. (Source is a friend of mine who is friends with Angel)
  17. I'm ALWAYS complaining about how the NE side needs/could use more tacos
  18. I wonder how close that cedar spring 2nd brewery that is across the street is to opening? I looks done.
  19. Looking a little deeper it is just a Tru by Hilton Cabbage shed is a off the beaten path gem.
  20. Hilton coming to West Shore Drive @ parcel = 70-16-16-100-130
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