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  1. What a bunch of jerks. Talk about tired, discredited neo-liberal BS.
  2. Copenhagen, a city comparable in size to Nashville, has just completed the circle line of their Metro. The system is entirely grade separated, self driving (no operators) and has frequent service 24 hours a day.
  3. It's not clear to me if you're saying our climate is too hot, too cold, or what, but it's not that different from Paris and they have many examples of far more ambitious greenery incorporated into buildings. First 2 are Paris, #3 is Madrid.
  4. I'd like to see Nashville set aside some narrow lanes for ROV's.
  5. To each his own, but it is literally incomprehensible to me that anyone could hold this opinion.
  6. This may be a dumb question but I'm not sure if that's a typo, or if you're editorializing, and if so, about what?
  7. One of those rare cases where the final building is actually much better looking than the renders. Hopefully those are full size trees and not dwarf or fastigiate variaties. There is plenty of room for them and this plaza will be much more pleasant shady in summer/sunny in winter, than as a scorched earth blinding hell contributing to the urban heat island effect.
  8. What killed this plan was the antis were extremely well funded, provided with precise data and able to mobilize their voters-they were out knocking on doors selectively based on voting and demographic data. The pros were not remotely prepared for what it takes to win an election nowadays. I don't think there was anything wrong with the plan, only that the organizing and mobilization of voters should have been far more aggressive. No one once knocked on my door or sent me any literature. The anti-tunnel people are just misinformed, and unfortunately nowadays it's impossible to educate people if they prefer to believe nonsense. You have to out-organize them and outspend them. The financial plan was also premised on the idea that both the state and federal governments would be stingy, but those governments change every few years, and political players move on or age out, so we'll see what happens there.
  9. I'm not a Stix hater, but I'd swap it for this in a heartbeat. It would have to be larger, say 40-50 feet, and up on a pedestal to protect it from drunken vandals and to inspire the fear and awe it should. Illuminated from below at night.
  10. Nonsense. New York's subways are bored through granite below sea level. The most difficult material to drive a tunnel through is soft, silty soil that collapses into the hole as you go. Limestone is a perfect tunneling material. Edit: rereading this, I feel "nonsense" was a rather rude word, I should have said "Not so" or something. I apologize, it just irritates me how much this particular myth gets spread.
  11. Unfortunately in cities like Houston with few zoning restrictions, people accomplish many of the same results with a huge proliferation of deed restrictions: forbidding rental units, forbidding further subdivision of the property, etc. This kind of thing is a selling point to buyers since it forces prices to continue going artificially higher. It would take a pretty fundamental change to the system to stop it since anybody can put pretty much any restriction in their deed as long as it doesn't discriminate against a protected group.
  12. I really wish we could bring that red and black terracotta ornamentation back. I like it a lot more than the glazed white terracotta you see in Chicago. We have a little in Nashville but it seems no one has built that since.
  13. I remember these places from my childhood in St. Louis, the Planetarium, the Jewel Box, the Muni Opera. Forest Park. Nashville needs more of this, the Frist and Centennial Park and Cheekwood are great, but you go to St. Louis and Cleveland and other old Northern cities and there is a huge generational legacy from the robber barons that we don't get from Beamon and whatnot. I know there are rich people in Nashville, why haven't they invested in this kind of public good?
  14. There are many cities where gondolas and aerial trams are a part of the public transit system, I think it would work great if we had a loop running both sides of the riverfront which could be used by tourists but also by locals just getting around, like the free buses on 16th Ave. in Denver.
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