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  1. Age of employees is a huge factor here as well, most 50 somethings have an empty bedroom they can use as an office, but a 22 year old may have roommates playing video games while they're sitting on their bed with a laptop trying to work.
  2. Prior versions had two large medallions on the front which have been deleted, making me sad. It's okay, in a tasteful, dull kind of way. Everything seems to tend towards the banal as it reaches actual construction.
  3. What is it about lack of trees that gives things that Stalinist vibe?
  4. So pedestrian paths to parking. Paths for pedestrian parking would make sense only if pedestrians were going to stand in that path all day.
  5. I love the stone/brick work, it adds an exuberant Victorian feel to what otherwise felt like a dull and timid psuedo-Oxbridge imitation. I wonder if/hope we're moving back into an era of liberally applied ornamentation-we're definitely seeing some lovely brickwork on several new buildings. I especially like the irregular veins of stone on the sides.
  6. The criss-crossing wires and the tilting pole give a a quaint, developing world aesthetic.
  7. Another swimming pool of death! And this one looks larger and more terrifying than the other.
  8. What a bunch of jerks. Talk about tired, discredited neo-liberal BS.
  9. Copenhagen, a city comparable in size to Nashville, has just completed the circle line of their Metro. The system is entirely grade separated, self driving (no operators) and has frequent service 24 hours a day.
  10. It's not clear to me if you're saying our climate is too hot, too cold, or what, but it's not that different from Paris and they have many examples of far more ambitious greenery incorporated into buildings. First 2 are Paris, #3 is Madrid.
  11. I'd like to see Nashville set aside some narrow lanes for ROV's.
  12. To each his own, but it is literally incomprehensible to me that anyone could hold this opinion.
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