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  1. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    This is what Murfreesboro ought to do (if it had the vision and the pocketbook San Francisco has!) Some of the existing stations are getting housing built next to and even on top of them.
  2. How will the Amazon HQ 2 change Nashville?

    I've heard this said, that Metro's approval process is burdensome, yet we don't seem to be losing any development because of it. And if anyone could deal with it I'd think a huge company like Amazon would have the least trouble.
  3. I think 1212 and the office building next to it are gorgeous.
  4. ^^ Something medieval looking about this.
  5. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    This would be to repeat the mistake Austin made-building transit where the tracks already are instead of where people need to go. Austin has decided not to build any more light rail because of the disappointing ridership on the one line they built, which only goes off to one side of downtown. With the tunnel plan, our downtown will have three stations, 5th and Charlotte, 5th and Lafayette, and above all 5th and Broadway, directly in front of the arena, right where they are likely to attract the most riders.
  6. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I think this is taking a false equivalency too far. There is such a thing as being pro-truth, everything is not subjective or relative, and in the billionaire/oligarch economy there are endless "think tanks", astroturf groups and paid shills doing nothing but muddying the waters on every issue; I'm thankful to anyone shining a light on them to try and keep the debate honest. It's not like "big transit" has its tentacles in everything the way the Kochs, Mercers etc. do. I'm encouraged by the fact that local pro-transit forces seem to have done their homework and preparatory work on this and are ready to quickly (even preemptively) respond to opponents. Dean's approach to the Amp looked kind of like, hey, well, let's build this, uh...West End is a major street...uh, BRT seems cheap... whereas Barry's plan seems pretty thoroughly thought out, in practical terms as well as politically, which makes me optimistic.
  7. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I just want to add, the tunnel doesn't inconvenience anybody except for short stretches of cut-and-cover at either end, the boring itself will be so boring no one will know it's happening. BART was all cut-and-cover and studies have found commercial activity on some affected streets didn't return to prior levels for 30 years. That has to be factored into the cost. Elevated would be less disruptive and 5th Ave is resilient, but you are saving money by dumping some of the costs on landowners and residents along the route. and that is also costing the city revenue.
  8. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    1) Not quite that much, rule of thumb from what I read is elevated costs about 30% of subway. 2) The tunnel will also carry the rapid buses in the same ROW, allowing buses and trains to cross downtown in 4 minutes regardless of traffic, I doubt if an elevated track would share this functionality although maybe that's a possibility. 3) There is also a serious engineering constraint in this alignment because trains cannot handle steep grades and there is a big hill between Church and Broadway, an elevated train would probably end up running way up in the air in front of the convention center and 5th and main which no one would like. Which brings me to 4) it won't happen because every resident and business on the route would fight it. I'd love to see elevated trains running down the pikes (or even just a few flyovers like a bridge on Nolensville going over the Woodmont intersection), but shutting down the narrow ROW of 5th for construction and then hiding all the beautiful facades behind a concrete ramp with buses and trains running down it is a horrible idea not to mention a political impossibility. And if anyone tries to scare you with tales of the $4.5 billion 2nd Avenue Subway in Manhattan, the tunnel and tracks-thru granite-were only $975MM of that, most of the price was the stations and I think they way overspent on art & architecture, the pictures don't look that great.
  9. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Point of order, those aren't trees, it's bamboo, which is actually a grass. But very cool nonetheless. It really shows what you can do with a seemingly tiny space.
  10. This looks like their mall stores, like at cool springs. Here's what I was hoping for (I hope these display, the coding on this site keeps changing...)
  11. So it looks like we're not going to get the flashy H&M facade that other cities have, despite being next door to a neon extravaganza. The signage looks "tasteful" to me and that's not a complement.
  12. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    You had me scared for a minute, I thought you were talking about that beautiful historic garage at Church and 3rd, but this is around the corner behind Hotel Indigo and on Banker's Alley, right? Banker's Alley and 3rd ave both could use some street activation. I'd love to see Nashville with a network of alleys like Melbourne Australia. Hopefully they will redevelop with some vision and imagination.