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  1. Neigeville2

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    Yes to water features, something this city has far too few of.
  2. Neigeville2

    Soccer in Nashville

    I would like to start an anti-fairgrounds movement. You can't tell me everybody loves the noise from races and the generally crappy state of the place, and the bitter vendors demanding taxpayer subsidies. Soccer or not, this should be turned into a nice park or something.
  3. Neigeville2

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Below, the building on the right (at Church and 3rd) is a parking garage. This street is beautifully activated, narrow, well-enclosed and pedestrian friendly. Parking structures are not inherently bad, but there is a twofold problem, IMO, 1) they aren't required to be built with street activation and 2) they are usually in places like that huge campus of hospital buildings above. I don't know if there exist any such corporate or hospital campuses that aren't dead zones, but I haven't seen one. I am of the opinion that cars ruin everything, but it's not because of the garages. We just need to require if they're on an urban street they need to address it property. I really would like to see the DT library's parking get some retail spaces embedded in the ground floor facing onto Commerce at least. I think it could be done.
  4. Neigeville2

    OneC1TYNashville Mixed-Use Project | UC

    The big risk factor for mosquitoes is open containers like buckets and tires, puddles, little pools too small to support fish and tadpoles. Most small fish eat mosquito larvae in preference to all other foods so a pool is actually luring them to their deaths.
  5. Neigeville2

    805 Lea, 35 stories, 375 residential units, retail

    I like it, despite the clear glass. It still looks better IMO than tall buildings with framed windows which I don't like at all. The rooftop looks awesome (never been there, but the pics are amazing) and the diamond pattern which only emerges when seen from a distance is a cool and subtle effect.
  6. Neigeville2

    MSA North & East - Montgomery, Sumner, and Wilson Counties

    As far as I know it just means "I swear"
  7. The people who move in here could have a lot of fun on Halloween.
  8. Neigeville2

    Soccer in Nashville

    I'm exactly the same, I can't make myself care about watching other people play a game. I also can't grasp these social events where people sit in a yard in lawn chairs and sip beer for hours while babbling away about nothing. And the beach? Boring...I'd rather walk in the woods or visit a museum or just about anything at least slightly active. Well that's encouraging, at least they're not making any friends.
  9. I'm of the belief that while the render is heinous, that's just because of bad graphics and lack of parallax in the static image. When you're actually going by this building, assuming all the curves and angles survive to the final execution, it's going to look cool and have some unusual play of light on the surfaces.
  10. Neigeville2

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Trust me, before google maps you literally had no idea where you were once you got 100 yards from your hotel. That city is a maze, and that's absolutely my favorite thing about it. Fortunately when you're tired of wandering, all you have to do is find a tube station and you're back on track. Meanwhile, it kind of forces you to be about the journey and not the destination.
  11. This is way better than what we were shown before, in particular the building looks far more permanent resting on a base (however small) and the upper floor provides a kind of cap. I'm not enamored-it still looks ill-proportioned but not enough so to be interesting, and sort of like a community college--but we'll see what it's like when the exterior finishes are on. For what it cost, it's crap IMHO. Compared to many museums in other cities it's just sad.
  12. Neigeville2

    Ideas for Nashville

    This is a case where I strongly agree with the height limit. I admire the way the CBD rises like a mountain from the riverfront (what do you think those people on the bridge are taking pictures of?) and I love Markhollin's idea for a building that echoes the brick facades and arched windows around it. (Also, those old buildings used small ledges and columns that broke up the facade in a beautiful way, and notice how well the lost building activated the street) A very tall building would be fine in lots of other places, for example the height limit in Sobro makes no sense at all, but I don't want a wall of tall buildings at the riverfront.
  13. Neigeville2

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    and the lack of rail connections throughout the US. Our cities are too far apart for high speed trains! But not too far to drive...
  14. Neigeville2

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Good article. Frankly I have nothing but contempt for Musk and I'm sure he's selling fairy dust here, but it'll be interesting if he gets into a put-up-or-shut-up contract with Chicago. He gets the most uncritical fawning reactions claiming as his own, various old ideas that he clearly hasn't thought through. I'd rather people study why these cost reductions have already been achieved in full-size subways in Stockholm, Seoul and Madrid, as the article states. I suspect it has more to do with politics and management than technology.
  15. Neigeville2

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    I'm excited as hell about this