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  1. Just addressing my personal experience. Some nice folks, lots of rude or distant/indifferent ones and for me the rude ones outweighed the pleasant ones. Little of the relaxed openness you feel in Nashville or even more so in California where you have pleasant conversations with strangers at bus stops and whatnot all the time. It affects the overall tone of life. Restaurant service can be robotic, impersonal, in a way you never encounter here (I'm told service in Norway, Austria, other germanic/scandinavian countries is even worse, I've never been). On balance, interesting to visit but I would not find it an engaging place to live my everyday life.
  2. ^All a matter of taste, I couldn't disagree more. I think they are fine examples of the architecture of that period, and I hate the way people throw away the past. I think this spic-and-span, shiny new pseudo-oxbridge stuff Vandy is building now, while very pretty on the surface, is hollow, it doesn't have the soul of the stuff it imitates.
  3. Will we be able to see the statues? It doesn't look like you can approach them. I don't like it.
  4. I think it looked handcrafted, richer and darker in color, made with local stone and not bright white concrete and smooth spotless brick. But I am also sure it didn't look as good as it does now. Antiquity gives something permanent to a building that it can never have right out of the box. Plus this will probably never have the great landscaping that is typical of many English buildings.
  5. I'm not criticizing the design, I'm just saying the things it's based on are cool in very large part because they're old. This spic-and-span look is incongrous. It'll look better in a hundred years.
  6. Something like this needs to put on a hundred years of stains and wear before it comes into its own. This looks like they bought an imitation Oxford fresh off the truck from Lowe's.
  7. Just have to say I did not find this to be the case, really really did not like the English at all. not at all.
  8. Basketball is ruled by a clock, baseball is ruled by its own internal logic, it takes as long as it takes. I fight a clock at work, I don't need to do it for leisure. But I'm in the minority. People that drive for a living usually want to watch NASCAR, where cars drive in a meaningless circle and go nowhere, I guess it's a metaphor for their lives. People that race against a clock for a living want to watch boring games like basketball where people race against a clock. I seriously think basketball is the most boring activity imaginable. What do people see in this? I like baseball because it takes me out of the stupid pointless clock-bound rules that have taken over every aspect of our lives.
  9. As far as I know Hohenwald, Lake county, Perry County doesn't have a state income tax, high property tax, state or city minimum wage or "excess regulation" but somehow I don't see the same rate of development as in Nashville.
  10. Wired has an interesting article on automation in the construction industry, which is lagging for a number of reasons. We really need to do something about construction costs, overruns etc. It seems to cost much more to build large projects here than in other countries (particularly subways/light rail). According to the article, where robots come into their own in construction is in highly complex projects and ones that keep changing. This suggests that we could retain some interesting features now being tossed out because of costs. Frankly I'm surprised that 3D printing hasn't already made ornamentation extremely cheap, or maybe people are just taught anti-ornamentation dogma in architect schools. A 3D printer ought to be able to toss out a Beaux Arts facade pretty effortlessly.
  11. From that list my choice would be tilia cordata (for the flowers/fragrance). One tree I'd like to see more of is Stewartia pseudocamellia, do you know where any of these are being used locally and how they're working out?
  12. Tickville? Unless there's a more opportunistic parasite that comes to mind.
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