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  1. Any updates on the roll out of either Google or AT&T? Feels like there's been near complete silence, and I can't find info on which areas will see service soon.
  2. I'm going to dispute some of what you mentioned in part 2. There are certainly some graduate programs which rank somewhat well at the national level. And there are some faculty are well established in their fields. But the reason why international students make up more than a fifth of all graduate enrollment isn't because of the school's reputation abroad. First, there is limited interest in computing and engineering disciplines among domestic students in the US, especially when it comes to computer science, information technology, and certain engineering fields (electrical and mech
  3. Ok, maybe I am seeing this incorrectly, but it looks like the gold line has ROW in those images. No?
  4. CO article on Bardo and Yume: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/whats-in-store/article162536028.html
  5. At the rate this is going, I expect my neighborhood will see Google Fiber sometime in the early 2200s.
  6. UNCC is terminating their on-campus transit agreement with CATS and moving to run the service in-house, starting this fall. Name is tentatively "Niner Transit". The university is purchasing a number of new buses that will carry UNC Charlotte branding, but those won't be ready until 2018. The new service will include 3 lines (silver, green, gold) serving more of campus than the current arrangement with CATS, and will include extended operating hours and greater route frequency. The University is also launching a bike sharing system called "Charlotte Wheels", with 10 rack locations & 10
  7. Heard from a trusted source: 5 stories, stick-built with podium parking. Quick Trip out front.
  8. It's a thought, I guess. Although I'm not sure why you argue that a city can't have both great urbanism and an efficient public transportation system that offers access to lower-middle class and working-class individuals. Your argument, and correct me if I'm wrong, seems to be based on the premise that such a system isn't cheap. I'm just basing that on the fact that both of the articles you link focus on cost. But is cost necessarily a problem? Look, I think we all agree that government waste is a concern; we all want government to be run as efficiently as possible. But don't we also want g
  9. Just FYI: this degree planning stuff isn't secret information. It's published on the University's website: http://provost.uncc.edu/curriculum/planning "Request to plan" means given the green-light for the academic department to plan out what that degree program would look like, and obviously the request to establish is the actual OK to create the program.
  10. It's not as toasty if you enter through the center field gate.
  11. Thanks. I now have a subtitle for my forthcoming coffee table book, "The Parking Decks of Charlotte: Uptown Stunners"
  12. That's no pond, it's a reservoir of beige paint for all of uptown.
  13. The CO article once again mentioned CATS' plan for a $6 billion splurge on additional light rail lines. Given extremely low interest rates, and that bonds are typically fairly easy to pay off over time due to inflation (not to mention expected future tax revenue as the city grows), would a bond referendum make sense as opposed to another tax hike? I'm sure the annual debt service would be significant, but could the city afford that in order to fund the full build-out?
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