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  1. I was wondering does anyone have any pic's of the old South Park Mall? I know we have a few photographers on this board so I was wondering if anyone had any pic's of the old South Park Mall they can post and share I know reading threw some old topics that a few of you grew up in Bossier and Pierre Bossier Mall, I for one grew up in Shreveport / Keithville and spent many days at South Park Mall. Does anyone know how I can go by finding some old historical pic's of South Park Mall. Also, does anyone know if the local media / news covered the building and opening of South Park Mall in the 1970's I've been on a huge growing up nostalgia kick these last few years
  2. My name is Chris, 29 years old. Life long resident of the Shreveport and Keithville areas. Just sign up, I currently live right now in Shreveport, right off of Wallace Lake Rd. Found this forum while doing a Google search on South Park Mall. Glad I found this forum, I may not be able to offer alot but I see there is alot of really good people on this forum. I was reading all threw the forum yesterday before I sign up. I'm glad to be apart of this forum
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