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  1. Interesting for sure. The scaffolding appears to be right where each of the existing stanchions are, so this is still pretty encouraging. Not sure what else the scaffolding would be for other than prepping for the next level of the crown. By the way, thanks for the pics Mark!
  2. Sure looks like stanchions to me. Never really made sense where they were gonna put the sign with that small of a crown. Keeping fingers crossed!
  3. Drove by downtown this morning and I couldn't tell for sure cause I was so far away, but it looked like there were putting up more stanchions on top. Can anyone confirm?
  4. My guess for the LED lights being so dim is due to the Encore tower next door. They probably anticipated a lot of whining from the residents if they were too bright.
  5. What Chris posted from wiki clearly says 649 rooms + 24 suites. 649+24 equals 673 rooms. Don't know where the face palm emoji is but if there was one I'd add it in here.
  6. I've come out of retirement just to say the L&C tower is just about the ugliest building in Nashville. I can only hope that sometime in the future something is built that will completely block it out. It's ugly as sin just like the Keeble building was and that's why nobody other then a select few here on this forum cares that it's being put out of its misery. There are countless of beautiful buildings built around the country in its time, the L&C is not one of them. NOTHING about that tower says.....wow, now thats great architecture right there. Lol! If this building was in NYC it would have been demolished a long time ago. End rant....bottoms up guys....see ya!
  7. 1212 was $80M. this HTML class. Value is http://www.bizjourna The Sobro is $91M. this HTML class. Value is http://www.tennessea
  8. ^Agreed. I never thought I'd say this, but it's just too tall. At least for that location anyway. 150'-200' tops should all that be allowed there IMO. I don't like how it will block out the SoBro, Encore and Bridgestone towers. The office tower itself would have been fine. Other than that it looks very boring, bland, cheap...you name it. I'm very disappointed with this tower to say the least. Going back into hibernation now...Peace!
  9. Well dang, I didn't know they took the towers down. When did this happen?
  10. Nice shot Vrtigo! Can't wait to see Paramount and the old convention development take shape. I know I've said it a bunch of times, but man I really hate that ugly communications building (or whatever it is) on 2nd Ave. I wish that thing would just go away lol. The red building in the middle of this pic without any windows and has those stupid cones atop of the radio towers is the one I'm referring to. It would be nice to see that converted to condos or apartments or something.
  11. Nashville halts future development on famed Music Row http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/blog/real-estate/2015/02/nashville-halts-future-development-on-music-row.html ^I'm sorry but that's a bit ridiculous.
  12. How bout some pics from your office in the AT&T building? It would be nice to see the progress of projects like the Amphitheater, SoBro and Bridgestone with such a great vantage point.
  13. MDHA targets late-summer start for Jefferson Street apartments
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