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  1. Harry Strait

    Westin Aloft and residences

    This project is officially dead. I understand the new plan is another cheesecake block with a top floor cinema complex. The apartment tower and hotel project like financing which is white they broke ground on phase V because there was a office tower involved which Clark Nexsen is going to occupy on the top floor!
  2. Harry Strait

    The Wave

    City is waiting for financing from Michael Jenkins or else the project is going to fall thru like the rest!
  3. Harry Strait

    City Walk

  4. Harry Strait

    Town Center needs a Welcoming CinemaPLEX

    I heard by a friend that works in town center that Block 9 will be like the cheesecake factory block but will consist of a Cinema Complex on the top floor.. This should be a pretty interesting development. I thought it was going to be a midsize tower but we are due for a downtown cinema complex to draw the crowds in. Columbus movies is outdated and news to be replaced with a expansion of town center to the east.
  5. Harry Strait

    Virginia Beach Arena

    The Mayor says he is anticipating the Arena will break ground by Jan 2015
  6. Harry Strait

    Walmart at Town Center

    I can not believe they are putting up a Walmart near town center. I was hoping it was going to be a huge mixed use development to compliment with town center. We don't need anymore walmarts. lol
  7. Harry Strait

    Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    It all boils down to the cost and a broader perspective.. Maglev is cheaper..
  8. Harry Strait

    Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    The tracks is what I was referring too.. lol
  9. Harry Strait

    Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    Actually Virginia Beach wants their own future transportation system that doesn't rely on heavy rail like the traditional lightrail system.. They want something that will flow and without congestion.. it also makes financial sense and good on the environment..It would also show that Virginia Beach is for the future with a future MEGLEV system.. 300 Million beats 1.5 billion for a lightrail that runs on a street when we could have a elevated system that doesn't disrupt traffic..
  10. Harry Strait

    Block 11 Tower Progress

    How do i post recent pics on here?
  11. Harry Strait

    Block 11 Tower Progress

    I believe the tower is going to be 16 Stories actually after they add on the crown! Looks like they are adding another floor to top it off.
  12. I always thought it would be nice to have a more modern downtown Cinema PLex with spot lights and a grand Digital Marquis to blend in with the thriving town center!. its becoming downtown and a modern cinema complex is in demand... Maybe they can buy out the Verizon lot and move the movie theatre complex to the left next to Central Park. My vision would be a 4 story Cinema complex with a LED fountain to make it more inviting Maybe at the other end of Main street they can have the Grand Cinema Complex with another Fountain with a sculpture with Med sized Sculpture and different colored LED lights..Columbus Movies is just too blahh and out of place..
  13. Harry Strait

    Block 11 Tower Progress

    It's at 8 floors now :-p
  14. Harry Strait

    The Wave

    Town Center is more of a place for locals but tourists are welcomed. Town Center gives us a urban city feel! The oceanfront caters to tourist. Us locals like being away from tourist and have a sense of place to see our locals and friends alike!
  15. Harry Strait

    City Walk

    Thank you Harry for your message and interest in the project. We were hired by a developer many years ago to provide conceptual designs for the property. The developer at the time did not obtain funding to further the project. The project has changed hands and we are no longer contracted or involved at this time.