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  1. Move the weatherball back downtown
  2. This definitely helps with the lines weaving through aisles and the main aisle
  3. I have not been to Plainfield Meijer in quite some time, but they are renovating the store. Looks like they just started.
  4. 10% make it to the majors, so basically 2.5 of the players on the team you would see in the majors
  5. It is done, I drove by yesterday but was unable to take pics
  6. Switchback Gear Exchange is adding a coffee shop inside their space as well
  7. The "grass" looks great too, very welcoming
  8. There were moving trucks at Creston on Wednesday....
  9. Regarding Creston Brewery, rumor is Saugatuck Brewing has bought it
  10. Sweet Pics! Devos Place needs a little cleaning once we get back to "normal"
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