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  1. ctpgr34


    Gall Sewing & Vacuum Center has moved into the MC Sports spot
  2. Actually will be called Mad Grub (not a fan of the name) opening later this summer- madgrub.com (not much info on the site yet)
  3. Looks like it is close to completion
  4. I thought there was something regarding the GRCC sign somewhere, but this is the closest I could find- I found it today on the GRCC Facebook page
  5. Grocery, banquet, and condos are the hope
  6. I have heard this will be Quimby House. I can only find that it is listed as such further down in a Google search and there is a landing page here- www.quimbyhousegr.com
  7. It sounds like most teams are moving to having the minor league team in the same city for the convenience of having players being able to practice together and slide up to NBA or down to minors easier. I am guessing a NBA team isn't has worried about the profitability of the G-League team.
  8. It was a Tiki place years back, Tiki Bob's???
  9. I took his question as you don't see- Bissell Place, Bissell Arena, Bissell School of Veterinary.......
  10. Updated, I like the top windows, they match the church
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