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  1. Switchback Gear Exchange is adding a coffee shop inside their space as well
  2. The "grass" looks great too, very welcoming
  3. There were moving trucks at Creston on Wednesday....
  4. Regarding Creston Brewery, rumor is Saugatuck Brewing has bought it
  5. Sweet Pics! Devos Place needs a little cleaning once we get back to "normal"
  6. Saw this on 20 E Fulton, it's a bit blurry, don't take pics and drive!!
  7. I think you got it! This looks like the video garage
  8. MI BIZ charging for access now
  9. County employees taking advantage of the new lot
  10. Looks like UP scared them off!!
  11. One would hope he would not come back to a spot he messed up before and mess it up again. He would not be able to do anything in this town if that happened.
  12. Hopefully this one happens..... North End Lofts, formerly Quimby Corner, is proposing to construct a new multi-story (three) mixed use development at 220 Quimby Street Northeast. The development will provide increased density at the site and provide new residential and commercial options for residents and patrons along the Plainfield Corridor in the Creston Neighborhood and within the Creston Business District (the "Project"). The Project will include construction of a new three-story mixed use building that will contain approximately 8,100 sf of first floor retail and commercial space, 18,800 sf of residential space located on the second and third floors comprised of 36 units consisting of 18 studios and 18 one-bedroom apartments.
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