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  1. V & F lasted there until a fire destroyed the new car dealership, BK took its place. The used car dealership was where Kingmas is currently, north a bit.
  2. drove by one today and I am guessing the city, painted over them. In a different color :/
  3. I see the vandals are out, they marked a few of the new trash cans that have been placed throughout the Plainfield corridor. Can't have nice things
  4. The owner of the building renovated the upstairs into an apartment and lives there. Currently he is using the first floor as his carpentry shop I heard Sun Title is keeping the Plainfield location for classes or events.
  5. I did talk to the restaurant and they said they decided to keep the one side and lease the other due to low number of employees/help. The North Quarter is offering basically a 50/50 split on the costs of storefront renovation costs. They took advantage of it.
  6. Cannabis retail and processing facility
  7. It's LA Huasteca, they are making that into their new dining area. Kitchen will be the current site.
  8. I don't see that happening anytime soon. They have invested a ton into the course/clubhouse and membership has increased with an influx of young members over the last 5 years.
  9. Speaking of Dr Grin's, Creston Brewery has an impressive line up of comedy talent lined up throughout the year.
  10. Move the weatherball back downtown
  11. This definitely helps with the lines weaving through aisles and the main aisle
  12. I have not been to Plainfield Meijer in quite some time, but they are renovating the store. Looks like they just started.
  13. 10% make it to the majors, so basically 2.5 of the players on the team you would see in the majors
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