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  1. Catholic Central putting money into their campus- http://www.grbj.com/articles/87586-downtown-high-school-launches-10m-fundraising-campaign
  2. Interesting parking ramp (I assume it is parking).
  3. I just called, no laughter. Understood the frustration of having all those spots reserved for public parking and would put me on a waiting list if I would like. What I figured would be said.
  4. It was so frustrating today trying to find a parking spot in the Gov ramp
  5. Why can we not get one in GR?
  6. 56 N Division, Keeler Building
  7. Was thinking the same thing. The website lists Dick DeVos as Emeritus Trustee on the Board Trustee page. Guessing the they were just looking for a DeVos connection somehow and were reaching.
  8. Apartments along the Beltline- http://springsapartments.com/knapps-crossing/
  9. Moosejaw extends for an additional year-http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/03/moosejaw_sticking_around_in_gr.html#incart_river_home
  10. Mlive article with some renderings- http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/03/downtowns_long-vacant_keeler_b.html#incart_gallery
  11. They started digging on Monday, these are from yesterday. The little building was gone quick
  12. They were in the 40 Pearl a few years ago, just a branch I believe
  13. The owners have a few restaurants and are also in real estate. This restaurant will be totally different than the ones currently open.
  14. What about on the Library lot? City owned could benefit Eastside of the city
  15. I will have that issue with the new hotel on Monroe, my office looks right at the site