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  1. The larger issue in this redevelopment is this. The parking lot on the south side of the building is the only way to the back dock of the Renaissance. It will be interesting to see if the Renaissance will have to negotiate with the Masons Lodge to open their back wall and allow entrance to the Renaissance dock via their parking lot fronting Broadway.
  2. I spent 7 years in the hotel industry. Many of our guests are not here for the typical entertainment offerings. I dealt with many from Europe and Asia on a daily basis. They were here for business, education, government meetings, healthcare initiatives and the like. They did not have the services they needed: 1) Efficient public transportation 2) Downtown Shopping and Retail 3) Groceries and open air markets Some would go to the Farmers market, but they could not walk to this right out their front door. Other amenities that they are used to when they come major cities in th
  3. Yes, many developers are only interested in making money. That is the American way unfortunately. I hope to go to Paris this fall to experience the architecture and street life there. The USA needs to be more like Europe. Our culture is skewed to one of consumerism rather than conservationism. If we adapted the European model of architecture and design, we have structures built to last a lifetime, rather than structures that are torn down every 20 years or so.
  4. How is commenting we have a small skyline negative? How does that make me unhappy? You don't know me very well at all. In fact we have never met so that statement is actually quite unfair. I will be at the forum meet tomorrow, so when you get there we can chat. In any case, we are a nice quaint small southern city. There is nothing wrong with that. If your expectations are for more than that, than your expectations are too high. I have spent time in London, Edinburgh, Toronto, L.A, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Atlanta and other large cities. I in no way expect Nashville to ever be those c
  5. It's not ugly, just realistic. Your point well taken, but Green Hills filed lawsuits to stop a condo building. Some in East Nashville have killed projects due to their own inability to see the entire picture. Yes, there may be some negatives but if Stonehenge pulls out, Ron is right. You will get nothing because no other developer will even try to work wit you and you will be stuck with an urban waste land. If you take the approach of some cities, developers can build what they want on their own land without your input. As long as they are not building sex shops and the like, they could b
  6. We heard the same thing over here on the East Side in regards to East Side Heights. (across from the Nazarene Church.) A lot of these wealthy faux hipster kids over here on the East Side are against everything. Look at the hell they started over a 2 1/2 story building next to Bongo Java. It is the same in Sylvan Park. A lot of these people are trust fund children who are used to extreme wealth and privilege and when you tell them a dense apartment building of renters will be moving in, they freak out. Back in the 1970's Bellevue was a sleepy bedroom community. When dozens of apartment bu
  7. Agreed, but it is what it is unfortunately. It's also better than a surface parking lot and a dilapidated old garage and crumbling abandoned building.
  8. Nashville news in next American City: https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/nashville-london-syracuse-transit-expansion-underground
  9. Nashville makes the news from Next American City: https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/nashville-london-syracuse-transit-expansion-underground
  10. I loved the tower 38 stories and 605 feet but financially not feasible at this time. This would have been a statement tower, but in the end developers build what money allows. It's like when one buys a car. You either buy the base model or add on upgrades if you have the funds. Tony has been great for this city with 6 downtown towers (6 if you include his work on Bridgestone) and numerous projects in midtown and Belle Meade. Without Tony, we would have a lot less. It's only recently that outside developers have had an interest in Nashville.
  11. Original home to Fidelity Federal when Judd Collins used to do their commercials. Opened in 1968 I believe when this was still considered a tall building. Yep, one 50 story tower after another in Manhattan. So many huge skyscrapers over 600 feet I cannot even count them overtime I go up there.
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